Thoughts After Watching 'Velvet Buzzsaw'

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Thoughts After Watching 'Velvet Buzzsaw'


The overall film revolved around the painting of a dead artist who struggled with family issues and social skills. These paintings, later found and taken from the home of the deceased artist, are shared and sold around the world by consumers. However, it is later revealed that there is a mysterious force of evil behind these paintings, giving them some killer looks. In the end, the art was not consumed by the people, but rather the people by it.


There is much question as to why the art killed and whether or not the artist made this art with those intentions. However, I believe that these questions can only be left up to interpretation, given that we didn't receive much background behind the artist nor behind his reason for art. Of course we can try to interpret what his art may or may not have been trying to portray, yet we cannot have a 100 percent certainty.


In the film, the first death we see is the artist of the art himself, dead outside his apartment. We don't see or hear anything that really explains his death, only a body collapsed on the floor. Which makes me doubt that it was the work of his art that killed him. However, we do know that he was trying to get rid of his art, which could be a purpose as to why his art would kill him.

The art seemed to kill those who were taking advantage of it, and exploiting it. Artists who saw the worth of the paintings were mesmerized and frightened by what they saw on the walls of the exhibit. Many people do their jobs and do it so well that they forget the meaning behind what they do and only look for the way to make better profit from their work. I can say that from what I saw, only few people would care for the art rather than what the art actually gave them. Which leads me to the next question, what should art be?

Of course, I don't have an answer that would make everyone happy. As we see in the movie, art comes in many shapes and forms, and is not only paint on a drawing but it could mean sculptures and sounds and a certain view. Someone once said to me that art was what made your heart move. I can't say I agree with this, because as we know, every person is an individual that cannot be compared to the next. So what made move one heart move may not do so to the next person, and that art which moves a great number of hearts is considered to be the best. That's what it's always about, right? Being the best, seeing who will do what no one else has, or doing something better than anyone before. In any category, if you love something, you always want it to be the best, so that you are noticed and seen from places far and near. No one wants to be invisible. As much as the world is crap, you want to stand on top of it. Art is just another pillar for people to be able to stand on so that people have a reason to look your way. To those who move more heads—well it could be said that those are the "true" artists. Yet what does it mean to be a true artist, or be true at all? Intentionally or unintentionally, people don't understand one another or even themselves most of the time. We think we know who we are, but some days you wake, look in the mirror, and realize you're a completely different person than you were a year ago, or even yesterday. We grow and change so quickly that you hardly have time to tell.

The art shown in this film was meant to capture life itself. There were quite a few of holes in this film that were left open, yet I believe this was meant to be left opened to interpretations, as art is meant to be seen. Individualized to each person's view.

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