They Hide and Float

by Lena Bailey 12 days ago in paranormal

Inspired by Loey Lane

They Hide and Float

I was always taught not to fear ghost or spirits, we all had experiences through out the years and even made it a part of our time together to share stories. My grandma told me "don’t be scared of the monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up those don't want to be seen." My first experience happened when I was getting ready to head out for school. I heard knocking so I checked the doors and the windows but no one was there. Then when I went back to the bathroom I heard it again and it was coming from the mirror, I noticed it was moving as if someone was knocking on it.

One of the next "big events" was the night I proposed to my now wife. After we got back to my 14th floor apartment we got ready for bed and when we turned off the light I noticed a grinning face in the window. When I went to investigate I didn't see anything so I chalked it up to me being tired. The next morning I saw hand prints on the window and I can't explain it. I guess the spirits followed me from my childhood home.

Small things happened on and off through the years. When we moved, boxes would move on their own, even to other rooms. Then one night after we had kids I was tucking our oldest in and he asked me to check under the bed for monsters. I did so to humor him and to follow what my grandma used to tell me. I was not prepared for what I saw and heard. There, under the bed, was another version of my son shaking and he said "dad there is something on my bed." I stood up shocked and looked at the top of his bed and he was gone. I looked under the bed and my son was still there so I told him "ok buddy he's gone." He climbed up on the bed and I tucked him in. I checked the room for anything else not for him but for me.

My boys would hear or see stuff but when they looked there's nothing there. I think whoever is in my life has paranormal things happen to them too. I had a friend who was in a horrible motorcycle accident and lost arm because it was heavily damaged. The doctor told him he would feel phantom pain but he was not prepared to feel icy cold fingers brush against his missing hand and arm. He said this would happen along with the phantom pain on occasion. I hate that he is going through this but I guess that's the risk you take by getting close to me.

One night I was home alone and I had the ring app up on my phone incase something happened I wanted to see. I looked and there was a face staring right into the camera smiling painfully big. I asked "who are you and what do you want?" There was no answer I walked to the front door and there was nothing there, I look at my phone and it was gone. I instantly texted my wife and told her what happened so she could be aware. She was concerned but now expects this type of weird stuff to happen.

Weird things happen from time to time and I have come to expect it. I guess if there is anything new I will tell it but for now it silent or sometimes minor.

How does it work?
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