The Worst Days of My Life

by Breanna Caldwell 2 years ago in fiction

By Breanna Caldwell

The Worst Days of My Life
Rachel and Damien are chased around a serial killer for three days. The cops can't seem to catch him but that doesn't stop them from trying. 

Day One: The Note

Once a year on the cool, dark, and early morning of September, Alyssa would stand there listen to the wind whistling in her ear. Today was the anniversary of the death of her parents, it's been six years since she had last seen and spoke to them. Ever since she was ten, she lived with her grandparents. Her grandfather, who fought in the war, and her grandmother, who was a nurse during the war. Over the years she had lived with them, on top of the hill, in the mountains. She learned things like combat moves and how to make medicines and herbs.

Alyssa watched the sunrise as she sat down on top of the hill, where her parents got married. Alyssa softly sighed, as the wind blew her hair, and whistled into her ears. Alyssa's long, brown hair danced in the wind as she heard one of her close friends calling her name in the distance. She stood up quickly, almost stumbling to see her friend Damien, who she had known since she had moved with her grandparents. Damien and Alyssa quickly exchanged hugs, then a solemn silence for her parents. This is what they always had done on this date.

Damien softly asked the same stupid question."Would you miss me if I died?"

Alyssa always nodded followed by." Yes, I would, you're the only true friend I have up here, plus the only boy up here as well."

Damien always softly chuckled though they have said it a hundred times. Alyssa hugged Damien tightly and softly cried as he rubbed her head to calm her down. After ten minutes they let go and sat down and made small talk about how school starts up in two weeks though they say it should start up earlier so they don't get stuck at home or school for a month or two. Damien looked into Alyssa's hazel green eyes as she looked into his baby blue eyes.

Damien softly whispered into her ear, "Out of all the girls up here your the prettiest, Alyssa."

Alyssa blushed and turned away, "Thank you Damien, but that's not what we usually say."

"I know Alyssa but it's true," he replied and leaned closer to her face and softly kissed her cheek.

Alyssa's eyes widened as she felt his warm lips brush against her cheek. She froze as she was about too give him a hug as she heard a gun shot.

"That sounds like grandpa's rifle, let's go check!" She yelled as she started running down the hill.

Alyssa entered the house pulling out her small pistol as she yelled, "Grandpa, why'd you shoot?!"

She stood in horror as she saw her grandfather's bloody body lying on the floor clinging onto his rifle. Alyssa softly gasped as she held back her tears while she started to walk around.

Damien grabbed a rifle from the wall and headed towards the master bedroom."Alyssa, I found your grandma!” He called

During the time before he had called Alyssa was in her room seeing a mysterious message written in what seemed to be blood on her mirror, "I’m coming for you next." Alyssa heard Damien yell to her and she ran straight to her grandparent's room. As she entered the room she saw her grandma lying on the floor and her skin was a pasty pale. Alyssa took light steps towards her grandma as if she didn’t want to wake her. Alyssa got on her knees and checked for her grandmothers pulse.

There was a slight pulse as her grandmother's eyes shot open and spoke in a soft voice, "Run and hide my child if they find you, you’ll end up like us.”

Alyssa was sobbing as she hugged her grandma as she took her last breath. Damien stood and left the room to check to see if the rest of the house was clear. He came back and softly tapped Alyssa's shoulder. When she turned to look at him he had a piece of paper in one hand and held out the other. Alyssa sniffed as she wiped her eyes and took his hand and slowly stood.

"The piece of paper is a letter for you. I didn’t read it to be respectful to your property,” Damien said.

Alyssa took the letter, it read, “Dear Alyssa, if you don’t give yourself up in three days time, where your parents were buried we will continue to kill everything and everyone you love. Sincerely…”

Alyssa shook her head as she looked at the large X after the sincerely she then handed it to Damien.

He started to read it and glared as he sighed, "I will protect you no matter what, I think I’ve seen this signature before but I can’t recall at this moment.”

Alyssa headed back to her room and grabbed her school bag, emptied it, then filled it up with clothes, medicine, and food, then went up to Damien.

"Is it okay if I stay with you for a while, it’s fine if you say no…” She said and looked down then Damien pulled her into a tight hug.

"Of course, even if you were a stray cat that my parents didn’t like or want in the house, I’d sneak you inside.” He grabbed her bag from her hand then picked her up bridal style as he left the house.

As Damien carried Alyssa she closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep in his arms with her cheeks stained with tears. Damien entered his empty home and brought her to his room, which was the last door on the left of a narrow hallway. Once he entered his room he sat Alyssa on his bed covered her up and left the room calling his father, who was the chief executive of the police, and told him about what had happened. Later that night Alyssa woke up in the empty room cold sweat.

"Damien!” She called as tears ran down her cheeks.

Damien heard her and ran to his room and instantly pulled her into a tight warm hug.

"I’m fine don’t worry I won’t die hat easily,” he whispered in her ear.

Alyssa calmed down and took deep breathes and buried her face in his chest. Damien smiled and grabbed the bag and stood.

"I’m going to finish cooking and put this food away so it don’t go bad. I also called my father he and his team are investigating it at this moment and said that we might have to come in for questioning.” He smiled and left the room.

Alyssa sat in the room as she remembered the distinctive splatter of blood and how her grandparents were lying on the floor. Alyssa shook the memories away as she stood and grabbed a pair of faded, blue jeans, a pair of clean underwear and a large black t-shirt that had “Vampires Suck” written in large red bold letters on it and headed to the shower hoping to relieve some stress. She walked down the narrow hall and turned right for the bathroom as she took a quick glance towards Damien. Her heart started to race and she looked away and quickly went into the bathroom and started to run the hot water.

​Meanwhile, Damien smiled as he heard the shower going as he cooked Alyssa’s favorite food. Damien had remembered the first time he had met Alyssa. She was seven and he was eight and a half, she was wearing a small pink dress and he wore jeans and a regular, grey t-shirt. He had ran into her as she headed to school and since then he and her have walked to school and became best friends. Once Alyssa was done she walked out of the bathroom her wet hair was wavy and straight at the same time.

She walked over to him and smiled. ”The food smells good,” she said.

Damien smiled and nodded, "Thank you Alyssa but not as good as you."

Damien smiled and made the plates as he told Alyssa to go sit down. He soon brought over the plates and poured them some drinks. Alyssa smiled and started to eat as soon as he did. Then, the front door opened with a soft creak sound sending chills down their spines. The person walked in carrying groceries and smiled.

"Oh Damien you’re home and with Alyssa!” His mother exclaimed in her loud chipper voice.

Damien excused himself to help his mother unload the car.

“So Alyssa, what do you have planned for your birthday in two days?” His mother asked as she put away the groceries.

Damien returned to the table and went back to eating as he had made enough food for them and his parents. Alyssa shrugged as she wiped her mouth.

"I am not sure yet, but my mother had apparently left me something I am to open on this birthday but I don’t know if I can…” She mumbled the last part as his mother left the room.

As soon as Damien and Alyssa finished their food they headed to his room and watched a mystery movie until they passed out under the covers together.

Day Two: The Countdown Begins

The next day Alyssa woke up in Damien’s arms and decided to change into regular clothes while he was asleep. Once she was finished, Damien woke up and looked around to find Alyssa out of bed and heading to leave his room.

He sat up hearing his father knock on his door. "Son are you awake? You and Alyssa need to come to the station for questioning,” his father said.

Alyssa looked at Damien who was pulling on a shirt and smiled towards her. "Don’t worry, they will catch this person and make them pay for hurting you and your family.” He whispered in her ear as he unlocked and slowly opened the door.

"Okay father, let us eat first, then we will gladly go to the station for questioning,” Damien said as he could smell his mother cooking bacon, eggs and pancakes.

"Mmmm. Smells good like grandma did on Sundays….” Alyssa said softly and her eyes started to water.

Later on, after eating Alyssa and Damien were sitting patiently in the police department waiting to be questioned. After a few minutes a young cop with dark brown hair and black eyes walked up to them with a smile.

"Damien you are to go first in the questioning. Alyssa will go second and while you wait you can explore the department,” he stated and left with Damien.

Alyssa smiled with a soft sigh, stood and started to walk around wanting to get to know the place cause in college she was going to major in criminal justice and hopefully become a cop. While Alyssa toured the police station Damien was being questioned.

"Where were you when Alyssa’s grandparents were being killed? Who can confirm this alibi? Did you touch anything in the house? Why didn’t you call the police before you called your father?” The officer asked Damien.

Damien took in a deep breath as he answered in a clear voice, "On the hill where Alyssa’s parents were buried. Alyssa. Yes, a note. Cause my father would make it a number one priority instead of shrugging it off.”

The officer nodded and took down notes and smiled as he spoke, "Okay thank you Damien please send Ms. Alyssa.”

Damien nodded and left the room and instantly found Alyssa watching the officers moving about and doing various jobs. He tapped on her shoulder which made her jump.

He chuckled, then spoke, "It’s your turn to be questioned.”

Alyssa nodded and headed to the questioning room. Alyssa answered the same questions except for calling Damien’s father. "The hill, Damien, and yes my grandma as she was taking her last breath and my bag.”

Once all the questions were answered Damien and Alyssa left the police station and headed out for lunch at a near by café. They smiled and entered the doors and walked over to a booth and sat down as they skimmed the menu with out talking about what had happened. They whispered softly as they talked about the odd hand writing that seemed familiar.

Damien stood while he smiled holding out his hand and said, "Let's go see if we can go into the file room of the police department to look at the various signatures of past crooks.”

Alyssa gave a small nod as she took his hand. "That is, if your father gives us permission.” She replied and walked back to the police station with him.

When they reached the station Damien headed to his father’s office and spoke with him about what he and Alyssa intended to do. His father agreed but only if a fellow officer accompanied them to the file room as they verified the signature. Damien agreed as the officer from earlier arrived in the office.

"Officer Spears will accompany you there,” the officer said.

Officer Spears led Damien and Alyssa down to the file room. Alyssa looked around the large room that was cluttered with boxes overfilled with paper. Officer Spears walked up to a small desk which had an old, dusty desktop on top. He started to type something into the computer then told Alyssa and Damien to stay put as he retrieved the files.

While officer Spears was away Damien whispered to Alyssa, "Smells like no one has dusted in years.”

Alyssa nodded in agreement as she softly giggled, "It’s so dusty you can see where you have walked.”

Officer Spears returned many times with various boxes, by the time he was done there were about twenty or more boxes. Once he sat down, he started opening them and pulled out the letter that the crook had left and sat them on the desk for Damien and Alyssa to examine. Damien first examined the letters carefully looking at their signature. Alyssa checked the letters after him and shook her head.

"No, none of these are like the signature that was on the note.” Damien said sighing.

"Try an unsolved case,” Alyssa said as she had noticed each of the boxes had a stamp that said closed. Officer Spears nodded and returned to looking for the unsolved files.

This time there were more boxes and more signatures to check. Still no luck would come to the two. They left the police department and headed to Damien’s house. When they pulled up to the house they saw it was on fire and the fire department was already hosing down the house. Damien climbed out of the car and ran around trying to find his mother, with no luck, he returned with tears flowing down his cheeks as he held another anonymous note.

"They will pay for killing my mom!" He shouts and cries as he fell to his knees.

Alyssa climbed out of the car and rubbed his back as she softly hugged him, "I’m sorry, this is all my fault they want me not you or your family.”

To be continued…

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