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The women in the white dress

by dartz 2 months ago in supernatural
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(True story)

The women in the white dress (play video down below while reading!!)

This happened to me just yesterday so its fresh in my mind. Im not quite sure what to think of it because it was just so bizarre and unbelievable. I might have just been sleep deprived, because you know, that’s the only way I can make sense of what happened.

So last night at maybe 23:00 i was walking around my block. My town is relatively safe so i didn’t feel in danger, plus it was a pretty night. I had been walking for around 5 minutes when a pale woman with blonde hair and a white dress caught my eye from across the street. She was about my height and looked to be around my age too so I didn’t think too much about it to be honest.

So yeah I didn’t actually pay attention to her after i first noticed her. While i circled the block again, she was on the same street, a couple feet in front of me. She was standing on the curb staring at the cars passing by. (It was a main road so even that late people were still driving on it). I said hello to her and she turned her gaze to me. I couldn't see her face super well, but from what i think i saw, she had no pupils or color in her eyes. She just stared at me emotionlessly.

*static noise plays quietly*

After a while i asked if she was ok. She didnt respond again and simply pointed at the road. I was really confused and didn't understand. Things were getting abit too eerie for my liking. *static noise gets louder and louder* Right as a red car started coming down the road she stepped into the road. The car slammed into her and it was a bloody mess. The driver emedietly stopped and jumped out. It was a man in his mid 20s.

We both spoke about it, freaking out. My heart was racing and I was panicking. He called the police and i went around the car to see the state of the girl. Once i circled around the car. she was gone. Not gone as in dead. Gone as in she just wasnt there.My heart sank and my stomach turned, At this point I was feeling really light headed and dizzy. The blood on the road was gone too, but not gone from his car which was very confusing. After the police arrived, they concluded that it was some big hoax of a kid who didnt know what they were talking about and some guy who went along with it which is just typical even though there’s ‘real’ blood on the man’s car. Well so I thought. The blood on the car was brought to investigation only to be found as paint. Nothing else was put up about it.

Im still not sure if what happened was real. It felt so real, but i dont believe in the paranormal, ghosts demons any of it. I dont know what it was. If it was just a dream or if it was real.

I remember it like it was real. I feel like i can’t leave the house now. I don’t understand anything now and i kinda feel like im going crazy. I feel as if she’s everywhere. watching me. following ever step that I take.

*Static noise builds up louder and louder*

She’s inside my head. I can’t escape

*floor boards creak*


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