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The werewolf hunter in the mansion over the hill - Part 3

The final confrontation!

The werewolf hunter in the mansion over the hill - Part 3
Showing no fear, Ali mumbled some words and the werewolf started to unravel...theasian.online

Leaving his mansion one morning in the dark hours on the way for his routine prayer, Ali found himself in a desperate situation with his life possibly in danger.

As soon as he stepped out of the gate a dog appeared in front of him.

He thought it was the same dog with red eyes. But he noticed something else. Thus animal was not as big as the dog with red eyes and this one was limping.

He knew this dog was a stray dog perhaps looking for something to eat but it was too early for him to get food for the hungry dog. He had to rush to the Mosque.

He said to himself that he would put some food for the animals to eat near the bushes later in the morning. He continued walking swiftly down the lane that leads to the street where he is to meet his friend.

He turned on the right at the corner of the street when he got another shock.

A powerful hand landed in his neck, pushing him at the wall of his house.

It was dark and he could not make out what was strangling him with such strength.

The entity pushing him against the wall was taller than him, was all black and its hand had long nails. It's arm was hairy and the hand was pressing harder on his throat. He was choking but he fought back in a struggle for survival.

During his earlier brief encounters with the ‘werewolf’Ali heard it speak in creole, the dialect apoken by almost all the residents on the Island.

But this time, the werewolf spoke in Hindi. The language spoken in India.

The idea that the werewolf could be the one that wreaked havoc in Goa and in parts of Kokhan came to his mind.

"main tumhe chaahata hoon," the werewolf said in hindi. Ali understood what it meant. It was repeating the same words Ali heard at the Desforges street when he first sensed the unnatural presence on the road. It was saying, "I want you."


Ali did not want to be possessed by any beings or eaten by the wolf. Since his early childhood he was taught the various techniques of survival in the dense forest in Kokhan.

One of them was to have faith and to recite the names of God which he was told will be helpful in various circumstances.

Showing no fear, Ali mumbled some words and the werewolf started to unravel.

He continued mumbling the words that his grand father tought him in his village in India.

The word in Arabic meant the one who dictates and dominates and he was practicing this recitation since he is 15.

Now was the time to see if this is going to work or what his grand father told him was just some mumbo-jumbo.

To his surprise, the face of the werewolf started to change while the grip of the animal on his throat loosened, giving him a chance to shout the world aloud, "Ya Jabbaru" he said, spitting on the werewolf's face.

It was a strange but a very important moment for Ali as he is going to witness something he never thought was possible. The transformation of a werewolf to a man right in front of his bare eyes!

He saw the face of the werewolf shifting in a dazzle of light and motion into that of a man, with a moustache and a goatie.

He shouted the word again and again and with his left hand he pushed the werewolf away and it dissappeared in thin air.


Trembling, sweating and breathless, Ali rushed to the corner of the La Rue Tourraine where his friend Bhai Man was waiting for him.

Speaking in Urdu, Man asked Ali whether his legs were caught in the drapes in bed.

Ali, in a trembling voice, said he was attacked by the beast. He narrated the story to his friend saying he had to go back to his house to shower because he won't be able to pray in these wet clothes after the attack.

"You peed in your pants," asked Man. Ali laughed, I would never do that, but the fight is on and the night is long.

The werewolf had dissappeared, losing the first fight against Ali - WIki Commons

He rushed back home while Man went to meet Hassan to tell him the story while they walk to the Mosque.

Ali had told him he is not afraid of the monster and is ready to fight it and he will walk back home alone.

Later in the evening, Ali and Man got their weapons ready. A cleaver and a cricket bat. With these, they hope they can defend themselves against the monster.

"It always attack or appear in the dark corners, in streets where there are no lights with the exception to the full moon when it appeared behind you both," Ali said to Man.

Ali saw the werewolf for the first time at the Desforges street. An imposing figure with long ears, sharp teeth that were shining in the full moon.

It vanished in thin air when Ali rushed towards his friends. He cannot forget this imagery but it is the fierce fight he had with his bare hand against the animal that is engraved in his mind.

Ali prepared his weapon, a gift he received from his grand father. Wiki Commons

"If I can beat it with my hands, these weapons should be enough to cut it into pieces," said Ali.

Man then told Ali that Hassan had heard dogs howling at midnight up the hill. This is where Ali's house is.

Ali said he also heard around that time. This gave them an indication that the animal will probably be near Ali's house by midnight, perhaps waiting for Ali to leave the house for the morning prayer to disturb him.


Both Ali and Man decided to stay at Hassan's to prepare for the fight with the werewolf.

Hassan had readied his knife too. They did not have many weapons, but these were sufficient to fight a werewolf, they thought.

"What is the plan, asked Hasan."

"The plan is to go near my house by midnight and while I attract the monster, you both wait in ambush. I think it will be behind my house in the bushes and trees where there is the alley that leads to the top of the hill.

"There are a few dogs fighting there at night. It must be there, that is why the dogs are howling. It may also be the werewolf howling," Ali said.

It was midnight, they were awaken by the striking clock which was making the sound announcing it is 00.00 hours.

"Lets go," says Hassan. "We will be late."

They rushed into the streets with a torch light and their weapons in hand.

After 10 minutes of brisk walk from Hassan's house, the three men reached the street where Ali's mansion stood.

Painted in white, with a huge wall surrounding it, it was built by Ali and his friends.


To their surprise, they saw a woman running behind Ali's house. Ali followed her, with his meat-cutting cleaver firmly in his hand while his friends went towards the front of his house to set their ambush.

The plan was for Ali to draw the monster out and for his friends to assist him in fighting the elusive werewolf.

Flashing his torch light, Ali saw a dog barking at a tree. He came near the tree to look if the dog was barking at the werewolf.

This is when he felt a breeze brushing against his back, he turned and he saw the woman in black transforming into a werewolf right behind him.

His friends came from the other side of the alley and they too, in shock, saw the transformation of the woman into a werewolf.

Bhai Man was trembling with fear. Smaller than Hassan and Ali in height, thinner and weaker, he knew he had no chance if he were to face this odious monster alone.

They surronded the werewolf but in Ali's mind, the question was if this is a woman transforming into an animal, what was it that he saw in the morning when he fought that werewolf with his bare hands?

It was clearly the face of a man that he saw transforming from that of a wolf to a human.

Could there be two of them? He asked when he heard his friends screaming, "Ali look behind you, there is another one!"

Hassan made the first move. He approached the woman werewolf, and without hesitation swung his long knife in the air to stab the creature in the back.

There was a loud howling and the werewolf jumped in at least a meter in the air but Ali swung his cleaver up and with an incredible force he cut one of its leg off.

The howling became louder and continued while the monster fall to the ground and the other werewolf vanished in the air.

They came near the creature to give it the final blow but Ali stopped Hassan.

"Let us capture it and we can learn from it where it come from and what it is," he said.

But the other werewolf appeared on the scene and grabbed the wounded monster and flew in the dark.

It turned around and said, "You are too strong, Ali. Too strong for me. But one day you will let your guard down and this is when I will take your 'satma.'

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