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The werewolf hunter from the mansion on the hill - Part 2

The werewolf's journey from India to Mauritius and how it got caught by an unsuspecting victim

The werewolf hunter from the mansion on the hill  - Part 2
Was it a woman or a dog in human clothing? Picture: @samuelegiglio-unsplash


A week had passed since Ali saw the woman who stared at him with fiery eyes. Since then, he had more troubles at work with Nandren, a colleague at the railway station.

Nandren started to confront Ali over his working hours, telling the bosses the latter was absent minded and did not accomplish all his work in time.

Ali was surprised at the allegations because he was the first to come to the work site and the last to leave and he never took leave.

The only problem Ali had was a persistent headache that did not go away with traditional medicines or with the Paracetamol prescription from the doctor.

Instead of helping Ali out with some tasks, Nandren was counting the minutes Ali spent medidating after lunch or after tea time.

These were the times when Ali would go to the prayer room at the Port Louis train station known as the La Garre Victoria.

Indeed, the name Victoria is after the Queen of England who was also the queen of Mauritius, a colony.

Ali was upset because a friend at work was ganging against him. This made him wonder what would the friend benefit if Ali was kicked out of the job? Nothing!

Ali came out of the mansion on the hill to go and meet Bhai Mann and wait at the old Tabagie for their elderly friend Hassan.

This is their daily routine and they do not miss it unless one of them is sick or absent from the city.

It was dark outside Ali's house. There were no street lights in the immediate vicinity but the moonlight was sufficient for Ali to make his way down the street.

The tall, dark and handsome Ali was a brave man who saw his fair share of violence in the villages in India.

He was 17 when a group of marauders invaded the village where he was born, attacking the few houses but they were repelled by the tiny group of men hailing from the village.

He was one of them and he defended the village, attacking the intruders who wanted to steal the rice pile, the cattle and the gold from the women.

This was not the first attack against the village. There were other, but by the time Ali grew up, the people had set up an alert system to warn villagers of possible intruders in the region.

It worked because the other villages in the area collaborated, forming a belt to protect the residents.

Ali was one of the young punks of his days, roaming around in pitch darkness sometimes and confronting wild animals altogether, on his watch.

He was happy though, going to the Jummah Mosque. The city was not pitch dark, there were few dangers despite the emptyness of the streets and the eerie silence of the main road he had to cross to get to the other side of town where the mosque was located.


The first encounter with the strange manimal came right after Ali had crossed the Desforges Street.

The woman in black hoodie hiding in the bushes whispered "I will get you." - Racheal Lomas on Unsplash

Ali heard a voice saying, "You are brave. But I will get you," prompting Ali to walk at a faster pace. His friends were behind him but they did not hear anything.

Ali turned to look at them, they were at least 10 meters behind him and he had a sudden shudder seeing an imposing figure standing tall in the moonlight at the corner of the Jummah Mosque and Desforges Street.

It was definitely not human, not a dog or anything he had seen before.

He shouted at his friend to look behind while he rushed towards them. The figure had dissappeared in thin air, as if it was never there.

But his two friends were trembling with fear. They asked him to describe what he saw after they told him the heard a low growling right behind them before Ali shouted at them.


"Could it be a Jinn?" asked Mann.

Ali says he never saw any Jinny in his lifetime but based on descriptions from his grand parents and friends who claim they saw these invisible beings, it could not be a Jinn.

"It was real. Not a shadow, not anything that I have seen before but I am sure it is not a jinny," he said.

The debate was on between the three friends. Hassan gave his expert view on how a jinn should look like and if there were no smoke or fire and wind, then its probably not a jinn, he said.

Then Ali reminded Mann of the story of the 'veyaravolph' in Goa. Mann's reaction was one of disbelief.

We never heard of any story of werewolf in Mauritius, he said, adding that the stories about jinn's disturbing people in the darkness of the night were aplenty.

Hassan however asked why did Ali hear the words apparently said by the strange being?

Can it speak? If so, then it is not a Jinn. "There are no stories of jinn's speaking to manking on their own. They always use a vessel that they occupy to transmit their messages and threats," Hassan said.

Mann disagreed, saying he did hear of stories of jinns talking to people. They were not settled on whether it was a Jinny or a veyaravolph! But no one have seen a werewolf, not Ali or Mann and Hassan.

They were far away from Ratnagiri and they never visited Goa to talk to the folks who claimed to have seen and heard a werewolf attacking people.

But they decided that they will carry a stick around with them when they head for the night prayers or for the early morning prayers when they have to leave their homes in the darkness.


The next morning, at 4.30 am, Ali left his mansion and was heading to the Desforges Street when barely 5 minutes later he saw a dog walking in his direction.

He continued walking and as a devout believer, he was mumbling some recitations that he thought would protect him against any evil.

A few steps later the dog was face-to-face with him. He was not frightened of a dog, not because he was carrying a stick with him, but he faced some fierce animals in India.

But all of a sudden, the dog was not there as if it had dissappeared in the darkness. Continuing on his steps forward, he heard a growling behind him but he did not stop or looked behind.

He went straight ahead towards Desforges Street but before he reached Hassan's house, he heard saw his friend Mann coming towards him.

Mann said, "Ali, there is dog behind you."

Muslims who are going for prayers are not allowed to touch a dog or have dog fur on their clothing. It will nullify their prayers.

"Nevermind the dog," Ali said to Mann and they knocked on the door to alert Hassan they were here.

But the dog started to bark at them and did not budge when they shoo it away.

Imagine a red-eyed dog growling at two young men in a dar street - José Alejandro Cuffia unsplash

Instead it went into a sort of rage and Mann thought the dog was sick and could have rabbies.

"Look at its eyes. They are red," Mann said to Ali. It was almost full moon and the light was strong enough for them to see the dog a bit clearly in the junction between the Jummah Mosque street and Desforges Street.

They looked at each other, thinking this was no ordinary dog. They were getting impatient and hoping that Hassan would come out so they could continue their walk to the Mosque.

Ali began knocking at the door to alert Hassan that he is late and Hassan opened the door asking why is this dog barking so loudly?

They looked at each other and started to walk towards the Mosque when Ali turned to look at the dog, but it was not there.

The same day after the night prayer, Ali left Mann and Hassan at Desforges street to head for his mansion on the hill.

Unknown to him the same red-eyed dog was following him and he heard a whisper in the breeze that brushed his hair, "I will get you!." He stopped and replied, "You can try," and walked towards his home.

He decided to turn and look at the dog while he was mumbling his recitations.

He was shocked to see a woman in a black dress looking at him. But she was taller and much more eerie looking than the woman who stared at him at the Mosque a few days ago.

The woman then transformed into another being, shifting from the human form to an animal form, the same form that he saw behind his friends on the night of their first encounter.

It had long arms, long longs that were bending backward like a dog or wolf and had more hair popping out of the clothing and on the head.


The werewolf vanished in thin air leaving no trace - @laurencoleman unsplash

Instead of running away, Ali walked towards the creature mumbling louder and raising his stick to threaten the beast.

There was a scream and a howling before he could hit the creature, which dissolved in thin air leaving behind no smoke or win or fire. His heart was beating heavily and his adrenaline was high in his veins.

If only he could hit the creature then he would have known if it was a physical entity and not a Jinn.

He entered his house, trembling from the weird events that just unfolded in front of his naked eyes. He could not believe but he knew it was the beginning of a fight that he could not lose.

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