The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Audience Won't Tolerate Disillusion Much Longer

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Another iconic event happened at the time of Negan's introduction to the world of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Audience Won't Tolerate Disillusion Much Longer

The character of Negan is introduced on The Walking Dead.

Fans were abuzz for the highly awaited premiere of the season 6 Finale. Many fans were keen to hear from showrunner Robert Kirkman that the infamous character Negan would be introduced during the season finale of the series. Along with the television series following closely to the companion comic-book counterpart, fans were also keen to know that another iconic event happens at the time of Negan's introduction to the world of The Walking Dead.

Comic-book counterpart relation to The Walking Dead television series.

Upon Negan's arrival in the world of The Walking Dead, he arrives to a similar position of dominance over Rick's group. To where Negan has them all lined up for one of them to be killed in retribution for the Saviors they killed. After everything, Negan eventually chooses Glenn as his sacrifice. He savagely beats Glenn's head in with a baseball bat that leaves Glenn crying out "Maggie" as his brain spills from his skull.

Disillusion of an ending to a Season Finale.

On The Walking Dead television series, we haven't seen who Negan kills after he holds up Rick and company. The end of the season finale saw Negan swing his bat at the camera. It all concluded on a cliffhanger that left more than a few fans displeased with The Walking Dead. Petitions have been placed for Director, Greg Nicotero to answer the question left standing at the end of Season 6 of The Walking Dead. Who did Negan kill?

Director, Greg Nicotero confirms the conclusion of Season Six.

The answer is quite convoluted as information has been spread from reliable sources through rumor mills, then back through the production staff behind The Walking Dead to confirm the facts and disprove the rumors. Recently, Director Greg Nicotero behind The Walking Dead opened up about the fate of the Season Six Finale. And the truth is that the ending scene has not been filmed yet. The placement of the camera in light of seeing who Negan is hitting had been planned out so that actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan whose introduced as the character Negan, is swinging his bat at a camera set up to view the swings from the "unidentified" victim's perspective. Nicotero confirmed that the scene will be shot once the cast returns to shoot Season 7 in mid-summer of 2016.

News of the Season Six Finale not having a determinate conclusion has put some fans' minds at ease. Although others are beginning to tire of the run around from the production staff behind the television series, The Walking Dead. Apart from the petitions from fans to have the answer to the question raised in the finale, there's also a large outcry from the majority of the audience of The Walking Dead stating their disappointment with the season long build up of an inevitable conclusion that can't even be credited to being filmed yet. Some fans felt they were robbed of the satisfaction of an actual season finale; the comparison has been made time and again over, in that the Season Six Finale of The Walking Dead was originally set up to conclude as a Mid-Season Finale rather than a concluding point of a season.

Fan outrage with production of The Walking Dead withholding information.

Along with an unsatisfying conclusion to Season Six, fans are beginning to recall the buildup from the beginning of Season Six in October of 2015 by the production behind The Walking Dead of the inevitable introduction of Negan to the television series. Before Season Six premiered, cast and crew were already making reports to news sources, stating the inevitable tragedy coming at the end of Season Six. And once Season Six premiered, fan interest sparked a larger fervor of interest where cast of The Walking Dead were repeatedly cited, stating their knowledge of the Season Six Finale; implyingthe information had already been shared with them, in the matter of who Negan would kill during the Season Six Finale. Reports of statements made by cast of the series would continue to release as they made the notion very clear of the Season Six Finale consisting of two very key details. Almost every cast member was cited stating that the season six finale would end on a tragic note. It can be said that the finale did end on a tragic note but it doesn't achieve that dramatic effect if the conclusion hasn't even been resolved yet. There was also the implication that after the season finale, viewers would feel for the survivors as tragedy is set to take a member of their family from them. Those statements have a slight hint of validity to them with none of the cast officially saying they know the conclusion of the Season Six Finale, except for Norman Reedus that is.

During his many interviews where the television series, The Walking Dead was a topic on discussion and also wherein the conclusion of the Season Six Finale were in discussion, Norman Reedus made it abundantly clear that the heartbreaking nature of the finale would be due to the loss of a major character on the series(i.e. in the video embed above). His statements implied death ensuing during the finale which contradicts new statements made by Director, Greg Nicotero which state that no one knows the conclusion to Season Six of The Walking Dead because the shot ended with a blank slate in the hot seat. Nicotero is saying that no one, not even the cast or crew know who Negan killed in the Season Six Finale despite Norman Reedus all but saying that he either has knowledge of how the scene really played out or that he knows who will be Negan's victim when Season 7 of The Walking Dead premieres.

SpoilTheDead Fan page leaked images of last Season 6 scenes filmed in Georgia, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and an unidentifed co-star.

Apart from the cast and production behind The Walking Dead contradicting each other's statements when it came to the concern of the Season Six finale's conclusion, there was also the aspect of leaked photos from the set of The Walking Dead also disproving statements made by Director, Greg Nicotero on the finale not being filmed yet.

Nicotero is playing the audience for fools.

Upon the last days of filming for Season Six of The Walking Dead in Georgia, the last scenes set to be filmed were to feature Jeffrey Dean Morgan and another unidentified individual. (To note quickly, director Greg Nicotero stated that the final scenes of the Season Six Finale were shot in the last hours of sunlight left on that particular day. Most of the crew had either gone home, and only a few cast members were still reported to be on set during the scene's filming, Morgan being one of them. Morgan who plays Negan reportedly took aim with his bat at a camera panned at the direction a person would be looking at were they to be stricken with a baseball bat; meaning that Negan didn't kill anyone in the finale, leaving the series inconclusive.) However the leaked images from SpoilTheDead fan page could have leaked the information that will discredit anything Director, Greg Nicotero confirms about The Walking Dead.

Fan photos prove the existence of an Actual conclusion to Season Six of The Walking Dead.

As previously stated, SpoilTheDead fan page uploaded the a small group of photos on the last day of filming for Season Six of The Walking Dead. The account matches up to Greg Nicotero's account of the scene wherein Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan is up at bat to take a life, but it differs in conclusion. From the information provided by SpoilTheDead, they were able to see Morgan on his way to his last shoot on the set of The Walking Dead for Season Six. Per few pictures captured at the time which were promptly removed after being uploaded by SpoilTheDead fan page, showed Morgan walking to film his scene, stepping behind a brush area of forest in the area. From the grainy images, it's possible to discern that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is standing behind the brush with his bat, Lucille up in the air. It's not difficult to deduce that he was filming his iconic comic-book counterpart's introduction to the world of The Walking Dead wherein he's bashing someone's head in with his baseball bat. At the conclusion of the scene's filming, Jeffrey Dean Morgan walks out from behind the brush covering the scene. A crew member promptly greets Morgan with a blinder to keep him from the public's eye; though it is not successful as grainy images still leaked out. But as an unexpected twist came in the form of another cast member walking out from behind the same brush where Morgan was filming a scene as well.

Negan's victim was caught on set.

More images captured by SpoilTheDead fan page show a cast member who'd filmed alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan, walking away from the same scene wearing makeup on their head, indicative of massive head wounds, possibly caused by a baseball bat. The image was grainy at best and has since been removed from every online resource but the image was uploaded long enough for some keen viewers to see the image of a person who looks to be Negan's victim. Not much could be deciphered from the person's appearance other than the actor had hair draping over their forehead, along with wearing a worn t-shirt. Proving that the scene concluding the Season Six of The Walking Dead had already been filmed disproves current statements made by director, Greg Nicotero in which he's vehemently stating that the scene hasn't been filmed yet. Another piece of evidence to discredit Nicotero's statements is the fact that the leaked images of Jeffrey Dean Morgan on set of The Walking Dead for the Season Six filming were swiftly removed from every online resource. The necessity to remove those pictures would only be implemented if the photos did in fact give away spoilers for the television series, The Walking Dead. However, there may be some truth to what Nicotero is saying about the finale and the leaked images revealing that some version of Negan's killing scene having already been filmed.

Problems in post-production or content related issue forces Nicotero to make drastic change to Season Six.

There's plausibility in the prospect of the Season Six filming of The Walking Dead concluding with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan bashing in one of the well known survivors of the series. The scene may have been shot during the normal shoots for Season Six but sometime in post-production, the scene never panned out. That explanation would make up for why Director of the television series, Greg Nicotero is attempting to persuade fans to believe his statements made on the resolution of Season Six of The Walking Dead. It's likely that the scene could have been filmed but didn't test well when shown to production behind the television series which resulted in a decision being made to push back the reveal of Negan's kill in Season Six to the beginning of Season Seven. That theory would also credit the leaked photos of Negan already killing a cast member of The Walking Dead, having taken place but not being used due to content appropriation.

The audience won't wait too long for an answer to be given.

Putting off this long awaited conclusion isn't sitting well with a majority of the audience of The Walking Dead television series. The fan outcry and the distaste left after the weak Season Six Finale is going to drive some fans away from the series. As well as the potential for more audience members to acknowledge the illusions which the production behind The Walking Dead are using as ploys to garner interest from an entire audience when fan intrigue has begun to dwindle. The signs are all there. The Walking Dead is great in all remarks, and will probably continue to stay so for the rest of its duration on television but the television series could face a series of failures when audience approval ratings begin to decrease.

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