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The Walking Dead Season 10– A Review on Zombie Apocalypse Story

Walking Dead

By Jason WalmsleyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Netflix never fails to amaze us with shows that are binge-watching worthy. From Money Heist to Breaking Bad and from Dark to Lucifer, they have covered everything that makes a show lover be on the edge of their seats until the series, show or movie is finished. Well, to not mention Walking Dead in the list of Netflix shows that are amazing would be a bit unfair. This show is one of the best shows that Netflix has brought to life, and here we bring a review of the show and its greatness for you. But before getting started with the review, one thing that you should keep in mind is that Walking Dead is available only in 24 Netflix libraries including Argentina, Brazil, United States, Canada, and Spain. Thus, you will need a VPN to watch it from anywhere else. You can use ExpressVPN for Netflix for the best and uninterrupted streaming of this show as it offers servers from 11 out of these 24 countries where The Walking Dead is available. Coming back to the topic here is a review of this Zombie Apocalypse story that you will love for sure.

The first season of The Walking Dead was released in 2010 with a story revolving around a policeman. The police officer was involved in a shootout with a criminal and got hit and was shifted to a hospital. Until here the story was conventional but came next was purely mind-boggling. As soon as the police officer Rick recovers, he finds out that the city is under an attack from Zombie and his family is missing. The empty streets, destroyed city and missing family urges him to start the mission of finding them. This crazy season went on to show his struggle to reunite with the family. This was the basic plot of the show, and recently it has released the 10th season of the show.

Though many of the episodes of this show’s previous seasons have been bashed for their special effects. But the current season has received a lot of appreciation as the people liked it. Moreover, we throughout the show have seen the sense of tension and fear the same has continued in this season but a magnitude that was not witnessed in the show till yet. The survivors are inside the hospital, and then we witness the largest horde, with thousands of Zombies clustered around the hospital. This visual was jaw-dropping and one of the most impactful moments in the entire show.

The kills in the show are brutal and bloody with more impact than we have seen in the last 9 seasons combined. The run of characters through the Zombie field is shown as sneaky as possible with keeping their mind intact, and the viewers on edge as a single drop of fresh blood would have made the Zombies know where the target is. This scene again was amazingly directed by Greg Nicotero.

The terrifying situations, the body languages of actors and the look of terror in the eyes of actors have made a lot more impact on the audience than any of the dialogues would have, and Greg knew the exact point to hit with his awesome direction skills. The moments between Carol and Lydia added a touch of emotion in the show. The actors have portrayed support, emotions, and flair of sentiments in the episodes to make the show much more eventful. Also, the talk that Gabriel gives to Judith and RJ is one of the defining and strong moments of this show. This scene was full of the nice script, and amazing delivery sparking inspiration and hope in Judith and RJ while they were terrified from the attack of Zombies.

Well, the show is a great hit and people have liked this show since the first season and now the tenth season is also liked by the audience. The show has however left several gaps to pick the story for 11th season. The next season might be more interesting and eventful but this season surely was worth watching.

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