'The Walking Dead' Catch Up

Episode 3

'The Walking Dead' Catch Up

This review looked very different before the last five minutes of this episode happened.

Anyways, spoiler alert from this episode. Though, if you clicked on a review, it’s really your fault.

Ugh, I hated this.

  • Glen
  • Abraham
  • Sasha
  • Herschel
  • Dale
  • Beth
  • The kid from Everybody Hates Chris
  • Tyrese
  • Lori (Well, not actually Laurie. She was awful.)

There have been plenty of deaths on The Walking Dead, but man, this one was tough. I like animals far more than I like people, so it seems pretty fitting that the death that hits hardest is the CGI tiger.

Poor Shiva. I almost stopped watching the episode right there. Of course, she goes out like a boss. There really should be more tigers in things. They’re awesome.

So the show.

It starts with the King suiting up. The very beginning was slightly ambiguous, time-wise. I thought we might be getting a slight backstory to Ezekiel, but it was in the kingdom. He gives another stirring speech. There’s more explanation for his great line “and yet I smile.” I thought it was an interesting character choice to have the King among his people. He doesn’t see them as his subjects, just the first among equals. Rick is usually elevated when he gives a speech. It was nice to see the difference, and he brought his people together. They believe in him, which is important later.

And, oh man. Just give Khary Payton all the speeches. I feel like if he had given the speech at my high school graduation, then I’d be twice as successful in life.

And then they cut to the horror that happened at the end of the last episode.

It’s easy to forget how scary zombies are. They are more of a nuisance at this point, or they’re used as tools. But man, Scott Gimple can play the z card when he wants to. The scene with all the dead bodies starting to animate with Ezekiel alone and injured was horrifying.

He gets saved and then captured by some weirdo who looks like the bully from a Stephen King story. I didn’t like him or his character. He was pretty much there to explain exactly the point the writers were trying to make. The Walking Dead does this a lot. I don’t know why. They have no problem leaving out information, but sometimes they feel the need to spoon feed the audience. I realize using Aaron Sorkin as a reference is quite pretentious, but the man knows his craft. He says “the absolute worst thing a writer can do is tell the audience something they already know.” And the dorky Savior can’t shut up.

“Jeez, Ezekiel you’re nothing without that tiger.”

“You’re a fraud.”

“Hey, the only special thing about you is you pretend to be a king.”

“I bet you lost that tiger you’ll go through an identity crisis for a couple episodes.”

None of those are actual quotes, but they might as well have been. All of this has been covered already. Ezekiel knows he’s pretending. He knows Shiva makes him what he is. It was pretty dumb.


Jerry cuts the dude in half so, at the end, it was a win.

Jerry spends the rest of the episode just being Jerry; so awesome.

Carol is the other major part of this episode. She’s pulling a Die Hard through the Savior outpost. There is nothing better than watching a room full of Saviors get Christmas Carolled. This whole war would’ve been a lot shorter if Carol had been there to tell Negan to look at the flowers in the first place. Anyway, Darth Carol cleans up the bad guys but lets the guns get away to save King Ezekiel and Jerry. Because Carol is awesome.

The guys with the machine guns don’t get far. Daryl and Rick show up. Suddenly, the episode turns into a boss fight from Metal Gear Solid, with the gunners shooting at Rick and Dally in moving vehicles. Rick Indiana Joneses his way into the jeep and flips it. I thought for sure this would be how the Old Man Rick visions start but nope. Rick comes right out. There isn’t even a hesitation.

And the episode just ends. There’s no more. That was it. No heartbreaking here.

Nope, nope. They just had to keep going.

Carol, Ezekiel, and Jerry are trapped by walkers. Shiva saves them.

And they kill the effing tiger, man.

She’s dead and it was awful and I hate it.

Ezekiel has to watch his friend, pet, and savior—not to mention the symbol of his power—get eaten in front of him.

I honestly like that tiger more than 90 percent of the characters on this show.

Ezekiel breaks character. It will be interesting to see him deal with this identity crisis. He was the confident one. He helped Morgan and Carol finds themselves.

And now, the king no longer smiles.

Random Thoughts:

They killed the tiger.

Did I mention they killed the tiger?

Looks like Negan is finally showing up next week so we’ll be able to see what happened to Gabriel.

Rick and Daryl showing up without a hint were pretty cool (especially because I thought this was a patented Walking Dead two character episode).

I saw Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus on the Talking Dead and they’re adorable together.

I feel like going to the WWF website and adopting all the tigers.

I wonder where Shiva ranks on a list of fictional tigers. I got Sher Khan, Raja from Aladdin, Tigger, Tony the Tiger, and Hobbes. I couldn’t think of any more.

I really want Ezekiel to pull a Morgan and just lose it and start killing Saviours, but that’s not his style.

I am never getting over the tiger thing.

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