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The Wailing Women

A haunting story

By Mr.KhanPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Humans are not the only powerful beings on the planet, there are many other creatures that stay hidden from the normal human eyes and have supernatural abilities. Many people believe it or perhaps have experienced such incidents and many don’t. One way or the other, if someone thinks that he knows all and everything and the reality is only what he sees or can hear then I guess he must understand that there are various activities that happen every day around us due to some potent but invisible aspects which everyone would agree upon and can't deny, and one such example of it would be death.

This story is another real incident, but it must almost be more then a century ago. Again this was told to me by my late grandma, but the incident happened to her father or must be her grandfather (don’t remember very well).

She told me that those were the times when even cities weren’t that much populated, there were a lot of forests, grasslands, or remote and desolated areas. People used to ride animals to travel long ways. Clocks were rare and most people would use other ways to estimate the time, especially in villages. But there were many good things as well, for instance, people would sleep early and get up early.

She told me about her grandfather who was quite a pious man. He had a granary where he used to work. The granary was situated at quite a distance from the village. Almost every day her grandfather would get up early in the morning, say his prayers, take his mule, and goes to the granary.

All this incident happened as, one day her grandpa got up quite earlier, more specifically it was almost midnight time but it was a full moon night as well where due to the strong moonlight the night was quite shiny, mistakenly upon rising up, her grandfather thought it is morning glow and he must be getting late.

So he got up, quickly performed ablution, and said his prayers. He then took the mule and went on his way to the granary. After leaving the town on his way to the granary, he was walking on a narrow dirt path alongside which there were mustard fields. It was deadly silence on the way except for the sounds of insects and there was no person or animal to be seen anywhere. Suddenly he heard a loud crying sound from someone far in the mustard fields.

He stopped and tried to listen carefully. It was some woman who was weeping loudly and asking for help. He said the sound was full of pain and felt like she needed help. Grandpa decided to help her out (at this point while such a late-night time no one would do that but he still couldn't figure out the time). He left the mule there and proceeded to move in the field towards the direction of the sound.

After some steps, he saw a woman sitting in the tall mustard fields at some distance but he couldn’t see her face as she was fully covered in a long bridal gown like an Asian bride. The grandpa stopped for a moment and then asked her what happened and why is she weeping so badly. She replied that she got married some time ago but her husband got angry with her for some reason and left her here in the meadows.

Image by gabofejes on Pixabay

Grandpa was a simple guy and thought her husband must be some cruel man. He asked her to get up and he will escort her to her home but the woman said I can’t get up on my own give me your hand. Grandpa put his paternoster in his pocket and stretched his hand toward her for helping her up, it was time for grandpa to understand the situation as it was like some monster has grabbed grandpa’s hand. Her hand was huge with dark mane and long nails (resembling a bear) and had a sturdy grip. After grabbing grandpa’s hand she started laughing in a rough and manly voice. Grandpa went unconscious for a moment trying to understand what just happened. Suddenly she left grandpa’s hand with a jolt and pushed him backward.

Grandpa understood the situation now and was loudly reciting as well. She was furious and said that you were my victim today and couldn’t leave here alive but your recitation and piousness have saved you, saying that she instantly vanished from the spot.

Grandpa came back, took his mule, and returned home straight. He suffered from high fever for several days due to such a horrible and paranormal incident. But all the family members were happy that he came back alive.

  • Edit: I suppose it would be better if I would mention one significantly related and important point here (regarding the mustard flowers and their fragrance) that, in many paranormal experiences, stories, incidents (unintentionally), or even while performing a spiritual practice, people use deliberately various fragrances or even flowers and stuff due to the fact that many of such supernatural beings are really attracted toward fragrances of various kinds. Now, I can’t say for sure that it could be related to the story, or such can always happen due to fragrances but it is experienced by many, especially at night.


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