The VVitch Movie Review

The VVitch (2015)

The VVitch Movie Review

After owning this movie for months, I finally decided to muster up the attention to watch The VVitch (2016). I had attempted to watch it once, however, it was too loud and too bright and I knew I wouldn’t have been able to truly take it in. I had always heard that the VVitch is an extraordinary movie, but to watch it with subtitles. I can now officially back both of those statements.

The VVitch takes place in New England in the 1600s. The accents are very thick, and the language, although English, was very hard to understand. The language however, felt authentic. The writers of this movie definitely went above and beyond with their research to have their dialogue really in-the-pocket of this time period.

The set and the costumes seemed very believable to what someone who isn’t a history buff, (AKA me). The entire movie was filmed in an overcast setting, in a really dirty home. Those two factors added to the unsettling feeling this movie really brought to the forefront of your emotions.

The acting in the movie was excellent. Every actor in the movie really delved into their character. The two I was most impressed with was the son, Caleb (played by Harvey Scrimshaw), and the father, William (played by Ralph Ineson). These two actors really brought out the emotion of the characters, and brought them to life. Every other actor in this movie did as well, Harvey and Ralph’s characters just struck me the most.

The characters all had their own relationships with one another, and every actor/actress were really able to capture the characters feelings for one another. The mother’s distaste for the daughter, the son’s admiration for the father. It all really shined through, and was executed with such precision you could see exactly how each character felt about one another.

Although a little confusing at times, the VVitch does a fairly decent job at explaining what exactly is happening in the movie, without coming right out and saying “hey, this is what’s happening”. You do however, have to give this movie your undivided attention in order to follow the timeline.

The VVitch left me feeling unsettled, and disturbed throughout. As well as intrigued and blown away by the details and the impeccable writing. The VVitch only ran at about an hour and a half, which is a bonus to me, because sometimes movies like this run on for far too long, and really add in a great deal of unnecessary details. This movie had nothing but details that played into the plot and kept your attention throughout.

I’m giving The VVitch (2015) an 8/10. The only reasonings behind a not perfect score was the need to watch it with subtitles, directing my attention away from the beautiful cinematography.

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C. Spaulding
C. Spaulding
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