The Ungodly Pt. 1

by Jamar Poole about a year ago in monster

When terror resides in your neighborhood, what will you do to survive!

The Ungodly Pt. 1

That pretty smile, that gorgeous face, as I prop my head and daydream about Cindy Cruselle, the most popular and beautiful girl in school. We happen to have the same English class, and the way the class’s seating chart is set up, I am placed right across from her. Besides being teased by the class bully, Jon Martin, for having such a huge crush on Cindy, I think he is very jealous. Jealous of the fact that he is despised by our whole entire class, even Mrs. Eleanor. He tried flirting with Cindy and basically worships her, from carrying her books, to talking to her about random things just to be close. One day as he was going on about his dog that had died, she turned away, walked up to my desk, and asked me a question. Ever since that day we have been enemies.


“Young man, why are you not writing your essay?” Mrs. Eleanor said abruptly as she slammed a ruler on my desk.

“Oh, Uh.” Stuck as if I could not get out a simple word. “I'm brainstorming up a concept for my writing Mrs. Eleanor.”

Sitting upright in my chair, lost inside of my mind, I tried a little harder until I finally came up with an idea.

“Hey Beth, what are you writing about?” I asked.

“I’m writing about my Los Angeles vacation last year,” said Beth with excitement.

I was still undecided. Her idea gave me a different perspective on what my idea should be, so for the moment I gave up. Suddenly the bell rang, and class was dismissed.

“Thank god!” I said. I grabbed my things, and went to the school bus. I was accompanied by my other good friend Joshua, and we started to reminisce about the old tale that our grandparents told our parents, and that our parents told us when we were coming up. It wasn’t just any ordinary tale. It was the tale of terror which took place in an old abandoned house on the dead-ended street next to the road I live on.

My Grandmother and Grandfather practically grew up together. They both went to the same school, and lived very close to each other. Even though their parents were great friends, they too grew fond of one another, and became very close. Not only was it just the two of them, but it was three other kids from the neighborhood that hung around them and compacted a great friendship. Every day they would go to the baseball park and play up until night fall. The park wasn’t but three blocks down the road, so it was not far. As the group left the park, they would, every day, walk by a large house on the left. The house wasn't vacant, and it had a graceful setting. A beautiful craftsman, on a large acre of land. Every few months, a family moves into the house, but doesn't stay longer than three to five months. No one knows why the house was negative on the market, and why no one lived there up to a year. The house was supposed to be demolished or moved, but the city made no plans whatsoever on what to do with the property.

One summer night, because the other kids were out of town, two of my grandparents' friends, Leana and Christopher, walked home alone. When they walked by the abandoned property, they heard a loud squeal. Uncertain of what they heard and where it had came from, they stopped, looked at each other, then dared to walk onto the property to see what it was. Frightened as day, they took their chances and walked up to the porch and peaked in the window of the house, into the front room. Nothing was visible, so they went to the side of the house. Looking through that window into the kitchen, they saw an unusual shadow. Wiping off the window to get a clearer view, there in the hallway stood a tall dark figure, large black hat with no features as if its back was turned. The two were scared to death, and continued to study this figure so that they can identify who or what it was. They backed up slowly. Crack! Leana was not looking and mistakenly stepped on a broken branch. The Figure turned its head swiftly towards the kids, and screeched loudly. The two took off running, and as they did, they heard stomping throughout the house and the front door suddenly opened. Their hearts jumped out of their chest as they were running. Looking back to see where the mysterious thing went, Leana and Christopher saw nothing. They stopped to catch their breaths, with their minds wondering what in the world just happened! The next day, they had gotten together to discuss what a night they had. Reluctant of what they may think, their parents were never told. They figured that their parents wouldn’t believe them if they told everything that has happened the other night. When the rest of the group of friends came back into town, Chris told everything that happened to them, which soon became under investigation.

The next morning the group went back to the house. This time they brought props and weapons, just in case they had to put up a fight. Walking up to the house, they felt a sudden urge of fright. Not sure of which angle the creature may come out at them, they decided to split up in groups around the house. From front to back, and side to side, each of them started to peek inside of every clear window. Not a shadow, not a speck, not even a figure was spotted.

“Maybe it’s gone.” said Lynn. “It’s gotta be in their somewhere. Let’s try to get inside for a more in-depth search.”

Jamar Poole
Jamar Poole
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