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The Top Five Strangest Deaths in History

by Kasey Renee 3 years ago in vintage

How will you go?

No one wants to know how they will go. We hope our lives will end with dignity and peace at the end of a long life. But for these five people of history, that wasn't the case.

Qui Shi Huang (259 BCE-210 BCE)

What would you do to live forever? Qui Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, was determined to find a way to live forever. So much so, that he went to extreme lengths to obtain it. He visited the Zhifu Island three times to gain the elixir of life and sent men and women to find the Penglai Mountain. Even when heavily criticized for wasting money on this frivolous pursuits, he persevered. He ended up falling prey to many snake oil salesmen that offered him so many different elixirs of life that he ended up drinking mercury on a regular basis. Needless to say, it didn't give him immorality.

Sigurd Eysteinsson (Reigned 875-892)

Oh Sigurd, you got what you deserved. Known as Sigurd the Mighty, the second earl of Orkney, he was a viking living in Scotland. He challenged another local leader by the name of Mael Brigte to a 40-man battle. You know, as you do. Well, Sigurd decided to cheat and bring 80 men, and of course won. Tying Mael's head to his saddle bag, the dead man got his revenge, as his teeth rubbed an open sore on Sigurd's leg. This death bite lead to Sigurd's leg getting infected, and chaos after his death for the area. I guess Mael got the last laugh.

Edmund Ironside (990-1016)

I'm sure that Edmund Ironside, also known as Edmund the Second, wanted to be known as a great king. Instead, he is really only remembered for how he died. Like Elvis, he died on the toilet at just 26-years-old from an assassin hiding in the priv, leaving him to be stabbed from below. The hapless king didn't even last a year on the throne. I doubt Ubisoft is going to make Assassin Creed players to do that.

Philip of France (1116-1131)

Once beloved by his father so much to become a co-king while his father was alive, Philip of France proved to be just a false flatter after that. He let the power to go to his head, ignoring any criticism or any scolding. Clearly he thought he was on top of the world. That was, until a pig crossed his path. Yes, you read that right. A king of France had an ill-fated encounter with a pig. The pig in question darted in front of the young king as he was riding on his horse in the market place of Paris. The horse tripped on the pig and threw his rider. And that is how Philip of France met his end.

Tycho Brahe (1546-1601)

Few meals are too good to leave, and are there any that would keep you from using the bathroom? In fact, I don't think I have ever had a meal that good. But for the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, he was at a party that was so good he refused to leave to use the restroom, saying it was a breach of etiquette. Because of this, he either got a kidney or bladder issue that made it impossible to pee. It took eleven days for him to finally die. But in the end, what do you really expect from a man who owned a drunken elk and got in two duels that cost him his nose but made him a lot of money?

Kasey Renee
Kasey Renee
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