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The Top 10 Cursed Objects That Scientists Fear

Cursed Objects

By Durga PrasadPublished 9 months ago 11 min read

Number 10.

Today we have a dybbuk box, a box that was originally just an old wine box said to be owned by a dybbuk, which in Jewish mythology is an evil demon that takes over the bodies of living people and uses them for an evil box. It began to attract attention in 2001, when it was auctioned on eBay. The seller explained that he bought it at an estate sale of a Holocaust survivor. When he first opened the box, he found two 1920s pennies with blond hair. black hair tied with strings, a small figurine tied with a string engraved with the Hebrew word Shalom, a small gold wine cup, one dried rose stick, and one candle holder with four octopus-shaped legs After buying the box, she said strange things started happening, like really horrible nightmares. She and everyone in the box neared or touched it, and when he gave the box to his mother for her birthday, she suffered a stroke the same day the box arrived in Zach Bagan's hands. who is a paranormal investigator and now lives in his own haunted museum, the box also received even more attention in 2018 when Postma lone touched it and apparently dealt with precipitation.

Number 9.

We have the iceman. Well, it is not an object because it is more than a mummy that was once a real living person, but I still had to include him in the list because this story is about the mummy of the wild otzi, also related to the iceman, which was found in 1991 at the bottom of the Alps in Italy. I believe that Otsiy means approximately 3000 BC, and his body was mummified and preserved after death because of the glacier surrounding him, although this is an incredibly interesting discovery by OTZ. Maybe it came in a package with an old curse waiting to be released. That's why the people who helped find Ozzy died under mysterious circumstances. I mean, we're now in the seventh month of the year, so it's very suspicious. Tom Loy wrote about the book: "He died of a blood-related disease with which he was diagnosed shortly after making the glacier. Simon, the German tourist who found the mummy, fell to his death while hiking in the same place. There he saw Otti Dieter Warack, the leader of the mountain rescue team assigned to find the mummy. He died of a heart attack at the age of 45, just an hour after Simon's funeral, so it won't be a long list for an hour. I'll stop here. But that's only half of them who apparently fell victim to the Iceman curse. I don't know; maybe they're annoying a guy who's been in the same place for 53 centuries.

Number 8.

We have the Hope Diamond. This amazing, unusually large diamond is blue in color and worth 250 million dollars. If you have that kind of money, I would not recommend buying it because it is said to be cursed. The curse dates back to the 17th century, and it is said that whoever wears this diamond will face great misfortune and misery. Legend has it that the diamond was stolen from the eye of a carved statue of the Hindu goddess Sita and has cursed anyone ever since. Whoever owns or owns the 115-carat diamond has stories ranging from terrible fates of owners that include people taking their own lives to people being deliberately killed, with some reports even claiming that the owner was torn apart, which sounds like one of the worst. Fates have been stone replicas ever since, and I think I'll stay away from them just to be safe.

Number 7.

We have the Robert doll. Annabelle gets a lot of attention as a ghost doll, but Robert is just as scary. The Robert doll was a childhood birthday present from his grandfather to his grandson, who was also named Robert but more often passed on the gene stories claim. that although he grew up with Robert Jean and often heard them conversing in two completely different voices in his bedrooms, his parents sometimes woke up in the middle of the night to Gene's cries to find him. completely terrified about fallen furniture in the bed, the gene blamed Robert for all the strange happenings, and at the time no one believed that the gene would keep Robert into adulthood, and it became what people would describe as an unhealthy relationship; apparently the gene took Robert everywhere with him and talked as if he were more alive than a doll. Okay, this story isn't good, but it gets worse. Jean grew up living in a house called the artist's house, and Robert was left in the upstairs window where the children's area was said to be. They saw the doll disappear and reappear, and they all decided to stay away from the house after the genie died in 1974. A woman named Myrtle bought the house, and apparently Robert and visitors to the house could swear they heard footsteps. and the laughter came from the attic where Robert was, and some even claimed that they saw the doll's expression change when someone spoke ill of the gene. Myrtle reported that Robert was walking around the house alone, and after 20 years, he decided that he had enough and donated. the doll for the museum Robert still lives in the museum, where he is safely locked away, but he is said to still like to curse those who take pictures without his permission. and opponents begging Robert for forgiveness and asking him to remove any curses he had placed on them.

Number 6.

We have the Atlantean Ring. The Atlantean Ring was originally made of clay and was found in 1860 in the tomb of an Egyptian high priest in the Valley of the Kings. It was then passed on to Howard Carter, who kept it until his death in 1939. The ring is believed to be at least 5,000 years old and, unlike other rings known from Egypt, was engraved with geometric symbols. This is where the story gets a little weird. Even though Howard is one of those who found King Tut's tomb and later tells people that he was carrying the Talisman, also known as the Ring of Atlantis, when he opened the tomb, he claimed that the ring gave him protection, and this may be true because he is the only member of the group who did not die mysteriously after the tomb was opened; even those who visited shortly after the tomb was opened were under this curse, 18 victims in total in the year. In the end, Howard said that the ring protected him against all the evil forces at play. Maybe the ring of Atlantis is more like a cursed item; I don't know, but I know it's pretty cool. Replicas are now being sold, but I'm not sure if they have any real power. to an agreement

Number 5.

We have a Thomas Busby chair. Thomas was a man who lived in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. He was not known as a very nice man, but he loved his chair very much. I think we all have to have something. In 1702, when he found his father-in-law sitting and it started a fight between the two of them, the father-in-law threatened to take his daughter back, which should never be a threat. because she is grown up. woman, but I think it still happened in 1702 when Busby kicked her out of the house after he went to his father-in-law's house and killed him with a hammer and then hid the body in the woods. Of course, the body was found, and that led to the conviction and punishment of Busby. Until his death, it is said that on the way to his execution, he asked to stop for a beer at his favorite bar, and this request was apparently granted. When he finished his drink, he said that sudden death can befall anyone who dares to sit in my chair. I don't know what this guy has on the chair, but since it is now in the Janu Museum, it is written that many terrible fates befell the people sitting on the chair in 1972, so it was decided to hang the chair from the ceiling, so no one could ever sit there again, which is probably for the best. So now that I know the story, I want you to tell me in the comments: if you had the chance, would you sit in the chair?

Number 4.

We have an Annabelle doll. When I saw the 2014 Annabelle movie, I had no idea it was based on real dolls, but since I started working here on the most amazing top 10, I know all about the true story of how this doll now lives in Warren. occult museum, where it certainly belongs, but this story begins with a student named Donna who was given a doll by her mother, who bought it at an antique store. Donna and her roommates started noticing some pretty creepy things and swearing the doll was moving; they said it was appearing in different spots and places in their apartment before things started to escalate. Donna began looking for notes in her apartment that there was help, and one night she found the doll in a different position and covered in red. The girls then decided to contact a medium, who confirmed their beliefs and informed them that the doll was owned by someone who was killed in their apartment building. For some reason, the girls could not get rid of the doll right away. and the story goes that their friend Lou, who was in the girl's apartment, heard strange noises one night, went to investigate, and was attacked and killed by Annabelle. The girls later contacted a priest, who said that the doll was possessed by demons from hell, and then they contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren. They tried to perform an exorcism on the doll, but it apparently failed, and it is now kept in a glass case in a museum, where it is hoped that it will never be harmed again.

Number 3.

We have Uluru Rock. Uluru Rock is a large sandstone formation located in the southern part of the northern territory of Australia. It is sometimes known as Ayers Rock, but whatever it is called, this area is a sacred place for aboriginal people. The rockers are asked not to take anything with them, although of course they continue to smuggle pieces of rock out of the area and into their homes, besides getting bad karma and generally feeling like bad people for doing that one thing. They say no, because this stone may have a worse secret. Because those who magically stole the stones experienced things like bad luck, serious illness, and sometimes even the death of loved ones due to the curse of these stones, keeping them seems so bad. It is very common for a company that runs tours of the formation to receive letters of apology containing stolen rocks. Apparently, these letters come so often that at least one a day is to be expected. Maybe it's a strange coincidence, but it seems to happen a little too often to be an explanation.

Number 2.

We have a base vase, a besano vase, which was cast in silver in the 15th century and was apparently a wedding gift to a bride who lived in a small village in Naples on her wedding night, but the bride was found dead on the floor with her. arms wrapped. With his last breath, he swore revenge around the vessel, and at that moment, it was unclear whether the vessel was already cursed or whether it was due to the curse. As time passed, the vessel was passed from person to person in his family, and with each new owner came mysterious deaths, so the family decided to hide the vase in some secret place, and it worked for a while until the vase was found again in 1988. There was also a family note in the vase that warned that this vase would, of course, bring death to whoever found it; they didn't listen and sold it instead. The first buyer, said to be an apothecary, owned the vase for three months before it disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Then there was a 37-year-old surgeon who died after two months holding the vase, while an archaeologist only lasted three months in possession of the vessel. I don't know exactly where the vase ended up, but I hope it's somewhere deep underground, maybe in space, or maybe in the Mariana Trench somewhere far away from all of us.

Number 1.

We have a goddess of death, a figure sometimes known as Lem's wife. This limestone object was created sometime around 3500 BC. and it was found in Cyprus in 1878. Over the years it was owned by many different families, all destroyed and destroyed by death after the first six years of ownership, all seven members of the first family died and then passed to the second owner . , and after four years death began to overtake him and his family, then it remained unclaimed for a long time, but when the third family took possession of it, several family members began to die, and the third family gave it to the Royal Museums. of Scotland, where fortunately it still lives, but the museum curator who handled the object was mysteriously killed a few days later, when it is clear what the curse is in the figure itself, it is strong and terrible.

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