The Top 10 Best Horror Remakes

Hollywood remakes are full of hits and misses—but some go above and beyond to retell our favorite horror staples.

The Top 10 Best Horror Remakes

I've seen a lot of remakes in my 24 years on this planet, and one theme seems to reign true with every film; it's either a hit or a miss. There's no in between. The remake either leaves you feeling satisfied, or makes you ask "WTF DID THEY DO TO MY CHILDHOOD?" I'm all about positivity at the moment, so I'll be counting down the 10 best horror remakes in my opinion (film numero uno being the very best).

10. 'Black Christmas' (2006)

Black Christmas is a remake of a 1974 staple centering around a deranged man with an extremely abusive past (mostly centered around the Christmas season). The house he grew up in is now in the hands of some VERY unfortunate sorority sisters on their Christmas break, who start receiving menacing phone calls from "Billy"... and then start getting murdered one by one. A lot of blood, a lot of gore, a lot of Christmas decorations.

9. 'The Grudge' (2004)

The Grudge is an American remake of a Japanese film made only four years prior entitled Ju-On: The Curse. This remake centers around an American exchange student in Japan learning of a cursed house with a dark past. The American version of this film may catch a lot of hate, but honestly this movie scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

8. 'The Ring' (2002)

The Ring is also an American remake of a Japanese film, the original being Ringu (1998). The plot of this film is that there is a cursed VHS tape, and anyone who watches it dies in seven days. Naomi Watts does an amazing job portraying a frantic woman in search of a way to break the curse... because her young son ended up viewing the film.

7. 'Last House on the Left' (2009)

Last House on the Left is a remake of a film of the same name made in 1972. Two young women are brutally raped, assaulted and left for dead by some shady backwoods men. The men end up taking refuge in a vacation home, not realizing it is owned by the parents of one of their victims... until the parents execute their grisly revenge on the men.

6. 'Halloween' (2007)

Halloween is a remake by singer-turned-director Rob Zombie, who puts his own spin on John Carpenter's 1978 classic of the same title. In Halloween, Michael Myers is a maniac who escapes from a mental institution to find his little sister Laurie (the only family member he didn't murder on Halloween night 17 years prior). This remake also received a lot of hate, but I feel as though it's because Rob added his own twisted style to a movie that is considered "classic." Any time you mess with a "classic," you're gonna get some shit for it.

5. 'Thirteen Ghosts' (2001)

Thirteen Ghosts is a remake of a 1960 film of the same name. When famed collector of oddities Cyrus Kriticos dies, his estate and wealth are bestowed upon his not-so-well-off nephew Arthur and Arthur's two children. Excited to see what his rich uncle left behind, Arthur, his nanny, and the kids go to the lavish glass house to unearth their riches. They soon come to find out that Cyrus wasn't just a collector of physical items, he was also a collector of unfortunate lost souls... that he keeps trapped in the house.

4. 'The Hills Have Eyes' (2006)

The Hills Have Eyes is a remake of a 1977 Wes Craven movie of the same title. A very unlucky family gets stranded in the desert, and soon finds out that they're being hunted by cannibalistic, inbred mutants. Super gruesome, super weird, Ashley approved.

3. 'Let Me In' (2010)

Let Me In is an American-British remake of 2008 Swedish film, Let the Right One In. The film centers around a loner boy, who falls in love with a girl that lives in his apartment complex... she also happens to be a bloodthirsty vampire. Chloe Grace Moretz absolutely SLAYS (literally) in this role.

2. 'Evil Dead' (2013)

Evil Dead is a remake of the 1981 cult classic The Evil Dead. This adaptation centers around drug addict Mia, who is lured by a group of childhood friends to spend a weekend in a remote cabin in the woods (her friends hope that Mia being clean for a weekend will ensure her sobriety). They come to find out that an ancient evil lives in this cabin, and it won't stop until it devours each of their souls.

1. 'IT' (2017)

IT is a remake of Stephen King's 1990 novel adaptation of the same name. Set in 1989 Derry, Maine, the film centers around a group of outcast kids called "The Losers." When children start disappearing in their small town, including the leader of the group's little brother, Georgie, they do some research and enter the sewers to try and fight the shapeshifting monster that dwells there. I feel as though this remake was very well done, and I'm glad this film is split into two parts (the original IT being around 4 hours long).

Bravo to all of the movies I named on my countdown, any I left out was because it was too tough of a call to make. Honorable mentions include the remakes of Carrie, Dawn of the Dead, House of Wax and the 2005 adaptation of The Amityville Horror. Thanks for viewing my post!

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