The Tape

by Nathaniel Page 2 years ago in fiction

Beware of cameras.

The Tape

During the misty day of a warm summer morning in 1954, March 27th, in a vacant town 15 miles away from Greensville, Tennessee, the scorched body of a 25-year-old women was found inside a kitchen stove of a small farm house with 15 acres of land. The 25-year-old lady had thick, black hair that flowed like a wave in the wind. Her eyes were as hazel as a brown-green leaf in the fall. A video camera was found on a table looking at the oven. Unfortunately, the tape was gone at the time.

Although the scene was originally marked as a homicide by the police, a marked VHS tape was found later at the bottom of the female's farm well (apparently dried out a month ago in March). The VHS tape's name was just simple and plain, called "MARK III."

Despite its damp condition and that it contained no audio, the police were still able to examine the "evidence" of what was on MARK III. It showed the woman recording herself in front of that video camera and no one else was in the frame. After positioning her and the stove in the same frame, she immediately turned the stove on at 500 degrees with a smile that would make anyone's hair stand up on the back of their neck. Once she turned it to 500 degrees, she opened the door and crawled inside the oven, then closing the door immediately behind her. Ten minutes into the video you could see the oven shaking frantically, after which showed a dark, thick mixture of black and grey smoke coming from the oven. For the rest of the 35 minutes, the camera stayed in a resting position with the smoke smoldering down to a light grey like you would see in a regular camp fire, with nothing else entering the frame.

To avoid disturbing the small community of Greensville, the police never released the disturbing images that remain on the VHS tape or told the small town. The police still, to this day, don't know who put the tape in the dried up well, or why the height and the structure of the female didn't compare to the decomposing body in the oven.

Three years after this incident, on the same exact day in Helen, Georgia, a small little house had been burnt down with another tape and camera found. The police found the tape next to the camera. The camera, of course, was looking at the burning house. The name on this tape was called " MARK III." The police looked through the tape, and just like the Greensville—"Torched" is what some people called it—there was no audio, but it showed a female with a black painted face and a white dress on pouring gasoline on the house. Five minutes later, you could see a bright, small light go from the top of the frame to the bottom, and then BOOM! The house was on fire. The police of Helen then looked at cases that involved a tape and a camera, and found the Greensville torched case. The police contacted them for their case and the police of Greensville confirmed that it was fine.

Helen police got the evidence five days later. While looking at the Greensville torched evidence, the Helen police found everything almost the exact same, besides some things. No "girl" was found inside an oven, the tape wasn't found in a well, and a house was burnt down in Helen and not Greensville. The police of Helen were confused about why the tape of Greensville torched was called "MARK III" when theirs was also called "MARK III."

With the Greensville torched evidence in Helen's police's hands, then they could try and figure out who was this person in the video and why "she" was doing the things she was.

Unfortunately, the police of Helen died. The prisoners they had locked up broken out somehow and killed every single policeman there in that town.

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