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The Tall Man at the end of my Bed

by Chronic Confessions about a year ago

Silently Dreaming

Sleeping should be peaceful sleeping should be calming and safe. For me most nights are just that but there are some nights that make the others stressful and uneasy. This is the story of just one of those nights.

It was 11 o’clock on a Tuesday night no different from any other Tuesday night my boyfriend has left an hour before to go to work. I was sleeping and I felt something jump on the bed which weirdly reminded me of how my cat Abby who had passed away over a year before. This isn’t the first time I had felt something like this before and for some reason meh instinct is to sit up and say “Abby is that you?” but when I went to sit up I couldn’t move. The more I tried to sit up the more my legs began to feel heavy. It was like the sheets where being pulled down from both sides. The room was getting darker but it was as if I could see more clearly. At that moment I couldn’t see anything at the end of the bed but I knew something was there and it wasn’t something friendly.

The darker the room got the more the large figure began to become more evident. Towards the foot of the bed I saw a very small black creature running back and forth from one side of the room to the next.Each lap it seemed to get closer and closer to the bed. The large figure never turns around it always faces the other side of the room hunched over with his hands on his thighs asif he is in deep thought.

The weirdest part is that at this point my boyfriend used to call me on the phone and he would just stay on the phone as I slept so I didn’t feel so alone. I could hear what was going on in the real world. More clear than ever before. I was screaming for my boyfriend but no reply not even an acknowledgment. My voice felt low and scratchy as if something was stopping me from speaking.

I felt the presence pushing me down into the bed. The more I resisted the worse the pressure became. I was screaming and crying for help trying to get out of the bed. Finally I broke free of its grasp. I was gasping for air and felt like I had just ran a mile heart racing sweating running down my face. I talked to my boyfriend and he said he heard nothing he thought I was asleep. I was unable to truly fell back asleep that night I felt anxiety and fear of it happening again until the sun came back up and I was able to fall back asleep at around 4am and my alarm woke me up on an hour later. I knew he was there sitting on my feet as if to tell me “I have control and I’m not going anywhere…”

This was not the first of the last time I ever dealt with this. It is terrifying and so real. Its like being tied down to the bed and watching the world happen around you and thinking you are doing something or saying something and not. It is like a dream that you are not the main character in

People who have night terrors experience a whole new demension of dreaming then other people its more then REM sleep or Lucid dreaming it is awake dreaming, and no not like day dreaming. Its just a whole different type of being awake and not being present in your own body

Chronic Confessions

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