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The Silent Sea.

by Carol Townend 8 months ago in fiction
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When The Water is Still...You Should Be Very Worried

The Silent Sea.
Photo by Thomas Vimare on Unsplash

I usually swim in the ocean. I like to feel the calm of the waves lapping against my body, and feel the wind on my skin. I swim early every morning. There is nothing more tranquil than the sea, or at least that is what I thought...

I set off for my usual swim at 6 A.M. The water is tranquil and blue with small waves lapping the beach. I enjoy the serenity around me. The air is quiet, apart from the sound of the Sea Gulls searching for food. The water looks like a massive sheet of blue ice. I step into it, ready for my swim; there is nothing like the cool chill of the sea in the morning, it makes my skin feel good and leaves me feeling fresh and awake, ready to face the day.

I swim deeper and deeper, going further out into the beautiful blue water. I reach the middle of the sea, and I am really enjoying this heavenly swim. Suddenly, I see a mist appear over the horizon. I am sure that the weatherman said it was going to be clear today. I ignore it, and carry on swimming, hoping that it will go away. I stop for a moment to observe my surroundings, the mist does not go away. Instead, it starts to creep in faster and turns into a thick fog surrounding me.

I panic and attempt to swim fast to the shore. There is not a quiet wave in sight. This is strange, normally there are little waves rippling, making their way to the shore. The gulls have also fallen silent, and there isn't a bird to be seen. I pause for a moment, losing my breath. I cannot see around me, and I cannot breathe. I must try to focus on getting back to the shore.

I feel something hit my leg. I scream and frail around in the water for a while. It feels like a cold arm, but I cannot look down to see what it is. The sea has darkened, as has the sky, though the fog is so dense, I can see that it is still here. The water is cold, but I am sweating. I attempt to continue heading for the shore.

I feel a strong pulling pressure on my leg as I attempt to swim. I go under the water several times, but I manage to pull myself back up. I feel seasick and I throw up in the water. I start to gasp for air, and the water has turned colder than ice, numbing my waist and my legs. I still attempt to move them, but even though I know I am moving, I cannot feel myself move.

I have no idea which direction I am heading in, as the fog and the darkness mean that I cannot see anything, not even the lights from the shoreline. I am just moving, though I feel weak, I am losing hopes of making it back.

I suddenly feel another pull on my legs, even though I can't feel them in the water at all. I feel a leathery and boney arm attempting to pull me underneath the water. Suddenly there is a violent swirl around me, and I must act fast! I attempt to move, but my feet feel like they are stuck in the sea bed. I attempt to move my waist, but it feels like it is wrapped in a heavy coil. Is this how my life ends? I wonder.

I carry on struggling. From the depth of the water, I must have swum far away from the shoreline now. There is no sign of lighting.

Suddenly there is a horrible, potent stench from the water surrounding me, and I throw up. I now feel like there are millions of arms wrapped around my body, pulling me deeper and deeper into the sea. I have no chance of surviving this. I let myself drop further into the ocean, until I reach the sea bed, never to be found again.

When I plunge deeper into the dark waters, my eyes are still open. I stare in horror, totally oblivious to the fact I might die. A million yellow eyes and emaciated faces are staring at me. I realize that I am caught by the hands of those who died in the sea, in the horrible wild tornado that struck last year.

I try to fight them, attempting to make it to the top again. It is no use, they are too strong. I attempt to boot one out of the way, but my legs don't move. I realize I am buried under the seabed with the zombies, lost and forgotten, just like them.

I never lived to tell my story. I am now one of them, also ready to take my revenge alongside my new family.


About the author

Carol Townend

I write about many issues, including mental health. I also write fiction including sexual fiction for the filthy community. I don't believe in sticking to one niche!

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