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The Shadow People

by Justin Contreras 2 months ago in supernatural · updated about a month ago
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Based on an actual experience in the Muir Woods

What I saw was transparent when I was awake, but when I was dreaming...

"The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window." This is how a scary story normally starts but this one is a bit different. This story is based on my memory of a true event that happened to me thirteen years ago when I went camping in the Muir Woods.

I recently broke my right hand and had some time off work. I had some family visiting that planned on going to the Muir Redwoods and I have never been so I decided I should join in on the fun. I brought a pack of playing cards and a cribbage board to play with my parents who play every day. We ended up bringing our bicycles as well ready to explore when we got there.

As soon as we got there everything went wrong. The trails had no bicycles, the kayaking shop was closed and our campsite was extremely close to another. We ended up having lunch and playing a few games. After setting up our tents my parents decided to head back home before it got dark. We ended up keeping their truck with us for the bikes and my mom and dad ended up driving my brother's car back home.

As we began to hike I started to cramp up quickly and become tired. I was out of shape and my right hand still ached. I kept up for about half the hike while everything was still level. We finally made it to the beach and enjoyed a nice rest. We began to head back before it got dark and on the way back I heard they filmed a scene for Endor in Star Wars, in these woods (Which later I found out was false). I took a pose like an Ewok was on my back but decided to photoshop Yoda instead.

Not my actual Arm, Wish I was this buff

After a long day of hiking, I was so exhausted. We returned to camp where my brother went and returned to a stream not too far off. He handed me a black stone that looked like obsidian but it looked similar. I placed it in my side pocket inside my shorts and thought it was a cool little find. What I know now is that I wish that stone was never found. It was getting dark fast so we got in our tents and awaited the next day to come.

I woke up in the darkness of night needing to use the restroom. I fumbled with the zipper on my tent for a good amount of time while I tried to hold it in. Finally getting the dang thing unstuck I stumbled out and used the light of my phone to guide my way to the bathroom which was just up the hill not too far away.

I remember it being very cold as I trembled to make my way up the hill. I had sandals on that kept getting sticks stabbing my toes. I recall thinking I should have just gone outside my tent. When I got to the bathroom and finally relieved myself I noticed there was barely any T.P. left. I was thinking I am glad I did not have to sit down.

As I made my way back outside I began to rush toward the tent. The light on my phone was not giving me much as I began to stumble into the next campsite's belongings. My brother called out softly to stop making noise and that I will wake up all the other campers. I aimed the light straight down and walked slowly until I reached our camp then dove into my tent.

This moment changed everything. As I got comfortable and began to zip up my sleeping bag a spectral figure appeared hovering above me. I felt ice-cold as it plunged its hand into my chest and my heart began to tighten. It felt as if my very soul was being pulled from my body.

I called out my brother's name and plead for help. "Get this thing off me!" I repeated. "I can't move!" I heard my brother call back to see if I was alright. I continued to plead for help. "Get it off me!" I repeated faster. As soon as he reached my tent and tapped on it I was released. I sat up as the spectral figure vanished then suddenly my body went limp. When my brother asked if I was alright, I replied yes without even thinking about what had just happened. It was as if this thing did not want me to speak about it.

The following morning when we got up for breakfast my brother's wife asked me what had happened. That my brother thought it was a raccoon that got in my tent attacking me and that he rushed over with his knife. I revealed that after I came back from the bathroom, my brother interrupted saying that he was surprised the entire camp was not waking up after the noise I made. I mentioned that there was a ghost in my tent.

Whatever kept me from talking about it must have not had a hold on me because that is all I could think about. Being me everyone thought I was just being goofy and did not think anything of it. They began to get ready to have breakfast and I went to sit at the table. My sister grabbed the playing cards and I said I can guess what you are holding.

Being several feet away she holds one card up to her face and looks at me. Instantly without thinking I said the Queen of Spades. She shakes her head and says lucky guess, and if I was cheating looking behind her to see if anyone was signaling me which no one was. She pulls out another card and without hesitation, I state what the next card was. I did this several times in a row before I could see in my sister's eyes she seemed freaked out.

My brother overheard my sister and me talking, and he thought we were just messing around. He pulled out my dad’s set of keys which looked like janitors with how many were on it (which he was not) and once again without really thinking I said twenty-six. I walked over to him and he counted twenty-six keys. At this point, I was thinking I was still dreaming but my family who was with me on that trip still remember me predicting everything.

That was just the start of what was to come. I began to say things without noticing what I had even said which became true. No prior knowledge of these events just random thoughts that I say out loud that became truth. I remember this happening a few times when I was younger but had not happened in over twenty years. This was a next-level feeling of what had happened when I was younger. Tho I can only recall a few moments with great detail, this was one of those moments shortly after I returned back home.

There was a woman I used to work with at a clothing store years ago and had no contact with or even remember her name. I went back into that clothing store where we both worked and saw my former manager. We were just reminiscing and all of a sudden I say "Blue Elephant, Balloons, She is pregnant." I remember he looked at me confused and asked why I said that. I was confused and did not know why either. Within moments the woman who I worked with whom I cannot recall her name walked in with a big smile wearing a shirt with a blue elephant and balloons.

As soon as I saw that I felt drawn back to my childhood where I would have these random thoughts and they would come true except this was the most dead-on prediction I ever had. Before another word could come from her mouth my former manager asked if she was pregnant. Her eyes got wide and began to laugh. She asked who told us, and my manager asked if this was a prank. They both looked confused as they both thought it was some trick on themselves.

After my former manager explained what I said just moments before she came in she shouted "No! Stop! You are freaking me out!" Words that I have heard before and later on in life. I do not recall much after that except leaving like something is not right.

After I returned home I began to have horrible nightmares where this Shadow Person haunted me. I would feel as if I was awake and go to the kitchen to get water and return where this thing stood. I would wake up in a cold sweat and it would be gone. This happened for over a week since that event in the Muir Woods. In another nightmare, I was floating on my bed when this dark entity began to form from the ceiling and come down reaching into my chest once again. I told myself to wake up and I did. The strange thing is, my body still felt it was hovering for a brief moment. Whatever this was it was attached to me and I felt its power.

I went to a close friend's house to stay the night who is Native American. We both remember that night very well because it was the first time, I began to understand what was going on and she was the first to find out she was not alone either. As soon as we got to her gate her dog brushed past my leg. I turned around instantly, and it was gone. I told her that her dog must have got out but I lost it after it went past me. I looked in the bushes and down the road. I asked her its name which she told me so I called it out. After a few times calling out to her dog she told me she had to put her dog down a week ago. Hairs stood up on end on the back of my neck and on my arms. I nervously said I was seeing things.

After we went inside we watched a movie and then got ready for bed. She left the movie toward the end and I finished it up and then turned off the television. When I took a few steps away from it, the screen turned back on. I unplugged the tv and it turned back on "snowing". I high-stepped it out of her living room and down the hall diving onto her bed.

She asked what was going on and I told her there is a flipping poltergeist haunting me. I told her of the events that had happened when I went camping and the nightmares. That I had seen her dead dog brush past me and that the television turned on twice even after I unplugged it. She calmly said it is just the ghosts like it was a normal thing.

She told me that a year ago there was a ghost who she thought was her grandpa by her doorway smoking a cigar. She told me she said "Grampa?" and the ghost replied, "I ain't your grandpa kid." I know how certain people are and if they are messing with me. She seemed dead serious and still to this day believes what had happened to me was a dark spirit. That she had a rock as well that a friend gave her that she took home. She told me she felt something on top of her and began to pull on her, but did not see anything. I can not recall how she got it to leave but afterwards she had bruises around her ankles as if something was pulling at her legs.

At that time after another week goes by I have not had any really bad nightmares until I ended up staying at my other musician friend's house who is also Native American. I ended up staying at her house crashing on her couch after we went out singing that night and playing music. Upon waking up in the middle of the night I began to feel a chill. I looked into her room where this Shadow Person appeared.

I sat up and looked at it as it vibrated and quickly moved from one point of the room to another. It was as if it was the Flash how quickly it had moved. I remember glowing eyes, dark tendrils, and sharp fangs as its distorted jaw opened. Long sharp fingers hung down by its side as it moved closer. It roared in my face and I roared right back. I heard my friend's voice speak and it vanished before my eyes. Whatever this was looked more demonic than what was at the campsite and more solid in form.

In the morning I told her about my nightmare and what had happened. That my other friend said it was a ghost and that I thought I was losing my mind. She said I need to get rid of the rock and pray very hard for the evil spirit to leave. That some tribes would take wicked spirits and bind them to this black stone, which I still to this day can not recall what type it was. So I did just that. I searched for that black stone and threw it away in the trashcan and prayed to have this dark spirit leave my presence, which it did.

About nine years later I meet a woman who I end up going on a date with. I do not recall who brought it up first her story or mine but we both began to talk about a spirit incident. I revealed my camping story and her speaking of a house they lived in that had things move on their own in the attic. That a piece of wood flew at one of her family members' heads and they fell down after checking it out. The strange thing is that all three of these women were Native Americans that had similar things happen.

I remember at the end of the conversation she said "Nah, you are a white boy this shouldn't happen to you." I tell her I have eight percent native blood and that I wish I was making it up. She like my other friends said it was a dark spirit. I ended up getting a text from my sister about an article on "Shadow People". I read it and it just still does not make any sense. The scientific explanation spoke of physicological issues, trauma, sleep paralysis, and drug use which none apply to me. Even if it did how could it account for predicting several cards in a row, a key ring, guessing someone pregnant among several other moments that I could not explain?

I told my cousin this and his reply is you see what you want to see. This may be true but to have this happen to me and have three others I know personally all Native Americans have similar things happen to I believe it is more supernatural than just sleep paralysis.

A group of close friends wants to go camping and I told them my story they said I should have guessed the winning lottery numbers if I was psychic. I told them it did not work that way, that it was random thoughts, and honestly not sure if they were even my thoughts. All in all this experience made me a believer more than ever in the supernatural. That if you made it this far just know if you are camping and find a black rock or perhaps any stacked structure please leave it alone especially if you have native blood. For you will not be just taking a souvenir home, you maybe taking home with you a dark entity known as a Shadow Person.


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