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"The Shadow in the Woods"

"Uncovering the Dark Secrets of a Haunted Forest"

By zeerak sohailPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
"The Shadow in the Woods"
Photo by Pascal M. on Unsplash

It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend getaway for Sarah and her friends. They had rented a cabin deep in the woods, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But things took a terrifying turn when they stumbled upon an old book in the basement.

The book was bound in leather and adorned with strange symbols. As they flipped through its pages, Sarah and her friends felt a sense of unease wash over them. The book was filled with dark magic and incantations that none of them could understand.

Despite their misgivings, they decided to experiment with the spells. They didn't believe in magic, but it was something to pass the time. They gathered candles and other supplies and started to chant the words on the pages.

But as they spoke the incantations, they felt a cold wind blowing through the cabin. The candles flickered and the room grew darker. And that's when they heard it. A soft whisper, coming from the shadows.

They tried to ignore it at first, thinking it was just their imagination. But the whisper grew louder and more insistent. Sarah's friends started to panic, but Sarah was determined to finish the spell.

That's when they heard a crash from upstairs. They froze, unsure of what to do. But then they heard footsteps, slow and deliberate, coming down the stairs. They could hear something breathing heavily, its breath raspy and labored.

Sarah's friends wanted to run, but Sarah was frozen in place. She could feel the power of the spell coursing through her veins. And that's when the creature appeared.

It was tall and lanky, with long arms and legs. Its skin was pale and stretched tight over its bones. Its eyes were black and empty, and its mouth was filled with razor-sharp teeth.

Sarah's friends screamed as the creature lunged towards them. But Sarah stood her ground, holding up the book and continuing the incantation. The creature let out a guttural roar as the spell took hold.

Sarah's friends watched in horror as the creature started to change. Its skin turned black and cracked, and its eyes glowed a bright red. Its mouth opened wider, revealing row after row of teeth.

And then, just as suddenly as it appeared, the creature was gone. Sarah's friends huddled together, trembling with fear. Sarah was trembling too, but she couldn't help feeling a sense of satisfaction. She had summoned a demon, and it had obeyed her command.

But as the night wore on, Sarah and her friends realized that they had made a terrible mistake. The demon was still there, lurking in the shadows. They could hear its whispering voice, tempting them with promises of power and glory.

Sarah tried to reverse the spell, but it was too late. The demon had taken hold of their minds, and it wouldn't let them go. They were trapped in the cabin, with the demon as their only companion.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Sarah and her friends grew weaker and weaker, as the demon fed on their souls. They were nothing but shadows of their former selves, their bodies twisted and contorted by the demon's power.

And then, one day, the demon left. It had grown tired of its playthings and moved on to another victim. Sarah and her friends were left alone, broken and alone.

As Sarah looked around the cabin, she realized the true horror of what they had done. They had summoned a demon, and it had consumed them. They were nothing but empty shells, doomed to wander the earth for eternity.


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