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The Room of Mystery

The Room Filled with Love or Evil?

By Judith JaschaPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

It was late at night as she cut the lights off that Julianne stood in the doorway looking back towards the room that quietly made such an impact on her life. As she stood there, memories began to flood her mind. Loved one that she had lost over the years, and those that were to come into her life in the future. She thought of everything that she had been through, and everything that was to come. This wasn't the first time that she quietly reflected in the darkness of night. Afterall, it had been a long road during her nineteen years of existence, but this night was different. It was time for her to move from this house that she was born and raised in. She was about to go out into the world. In a way though, this house helped prepare her for life ́s challenges. And then, there was the room.

Julianne had heard stories of the room since she was a little girl. It was a den in the back that usually remained dark. At first glance, there wasn't much to it. There was a couch that was covered from one side to another in creepy looking dolls that had been collected over the years. In the corner sat a piano that was out of tune. Old family albums were stacked under the coffee table. To the common eye, there wasn't much to this den, but to those that grew up in the house, there appeared to be much more to it.

From the time she was a baby, Julianne had heard stories of the den. Everyone had their own opinion of what was actually there. The older generation believed it was nothing but an old family used no longer used. But to the younger family members, there seemed to be much more to it.

Almost everybody had their own stories to tell of things that had been seen or heard. Julian had her own experiences with this room. There had been times where she would look back there and would see shadows or hear unexplained noises. Once while sitting in a recliner right in front of the den, she felt a tug on her hair. She turned around to find nobody behind her. Lights would mysteriously turned on by themselves, and once when alone, she was surprised when the radio turned on.

There were many opinions as to what this mysterious energy was. Some felt it was the spirits of loved ones that had passed on, watching those left behind. Some believed that the house had been built on an old cemetery where its inhabitants remained. Some believed the spirits was guardian angels. Others felt as though it were evil spirits. Either way, there was something very powerful there.

Julianne often wondered what was back there, trying to be heard and seen. At times, she was afraid. Most of the time, however, she felt a strange peace come over her when she would find herself in there. She felt as though there was something watching over her, making sure she was safe.

She grew up with the feeling that this unknown spirit was her dad. He had passed away when Julianne was a baby. It was a loss she could never live down. Perhaps this was a way for him to tell his daughter that he would always be there with her, and that he loved her, and there was evidence to support this theory.

Hanging on the wall in the den was a large picture of Julianne’s father taken shortly before he passed. The image of a young, healthy, and handsome young man with the dark complexion, hair, and eyes. The image, forever engraved in the memories of those who knew and loved him. Julianne’s aunt told her of a story of when she was a baby, looking back in the room, crying as though she had seen something, or somewhere back there that frightened her.

Perhaps it was nothing but stories told to entertain each other, or to get a scare from younger family members. Or maybe there was something much more behind this long ignored room in the back of this beautiful, large, white house. This spirit long felt, being that of unconditional love between a father and his daughter.

And now Julianne stood there, thinking of all the experienced that she had had, and those yet to come. A slight pain came over her as she was facing leaving everything that she had ever known, and an uncertainty of the future. However, these feelings were met with one that she had grown very familiar with. She felt peace and love. In that instance, she knew that whatever was to come, she would never be alone. Everything was going to be ok. In that moment, Julianne was ready to face the world.


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Judith Jascha

Mom, sister, teacher, student, writer. I love to touch on all areas as I like to expose myself to new things. My goal is to use my experience to entertain and educate.

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