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The Reflection

a never-ending cycle of confusion is among you

By MelPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
[not my picture; found on google images]

The mirror showed a reflection that wasn't my own. Once again, she stood on the other side. Smiling back at me. Although her smile seemed different today. It seemed to be a little... off, today. Behind her wasn't her usual floral pattern wallpaper like it always used to be. Instead, in place of the usual wallpaper I've grown used to see every day, was an open door to a whole new world. She just stood there. The reflection in the mirror right in front of me. Smile spread across her face. Thick dark brownish red lines had exited her eye sockets, falling down her cheeks until they reached the top of the top seam to her brightly colored white nightgown. Behind her I couldn't help but notice the colors looking brighter than ever. Usually, she was so dark. Darkened. Her hair. Her eyes. Her skin. Almost as if you couldn't own lightbulbs wherever she was. Dark. The only thing about this girl that wasn't dark was her nightgown. That brightly colored white nightgown. I always thought of it to be some sort of Victorian style; almost as if that could've been the time frame she was supposed to be in? Was it? Was she even a ghost? Could a ghost be a reflection in the mirror? She couldn't had been that old. She's young. She seems young. She seemed to resemble me.. in some way. The same hair. Similar facial features. She even had the exact same nose slope that I had.

"You ever grow tired of visiting the same mirror?" I decided to ask her. No answer. Just a distant stare. Her head cocked to the side as if she was trying to comprehend what it was I was saying to her. Her lips pursed together in a way like she was unable to separate them apart.

"Don't you want to just turn around and step outside that door?" I gestured to the brightly colored opening that stood behind her. The colors seemed to blend together the further back they've gone, but it still seemed to be way better than whatever room this girl was standing in right now. She turned to take a peak behind her before turning back to me, her smile even bigger than before. Spreading wide from cheekbone to cheekbone, her smile was the biggest I've ever seen it. The whites of her eyes have grown larger as a dark red substance spilled down her cheeks. Some dark red substance had even begun to spill from her nostrils now.

"Are you-" Fear began to fill my head as I continued to watch what was happening in the reflection in front of me, "Are you okay? D-Do you ne-need help?" She just stood in complete and utter silence, staring back at me with that same creepy smile plastered across her cheeks. "Do you need a tissue?" I pointed to my nose before stopping myself. It's a reflection. A ghost of some sort. Why would some dumb reflection need a tissue? I cannot seriously be this stupid. Her hand pointed to her nose, almost like a delayed reaction to my own gesture; almost as if she was trying to actually act like a reflection of mine for once. Pointing to her nose, she eventually jammed her finger into the side of her nostril before scrapping it down her skin of her cheekbones. The smile still going strong as her finger smudged the dark red substance as it lined her cheek.

"Are you okay?" I asked her. The colors behind her began to merge into one giant smudge as she placed her hand against the glass separating her and I. Her blackened fingers, now completely covered in whatever substance was covering her cheeks, began digging into the glass in an almost clawing motion. Without even thinking, I found myself reaching out towards the mirror. Before I was able to make contact with the glass, the girl shoved her hand out towards mine.

"Come with me." was the only words I could hear her mutter out as she did so. Her hand was held just inches away from my own. "Come with me." She said once more. Frozen, I just stood there staring at her. Staring at her hand. My mouth was open but I was unable to get any words out. "Come with me." She said once more, this time her voice sounding deeper than the last time she spoke. Before I could move my hand, she grabbed ahold of my hand and held on tight. Her white pupils turned completely black and her smile was now nearly cutting up into the bottom of her eyelids now. "We are now one. We are now together. We are now.. you."

Everything around me went black. Memories began to fade. Once I started to come back to what felt like reality, I was trapped inside a small cube-like box. The lighting was weak. In front of me stood a mirror. In that mirror stood a girl who looked like me, confused as to why she was suddenly staring at another person rather than her own reflection. That girl.. was what I was to become.

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Ever since I was a kid, I've always wrote for fun. I never saw anything of it; I just wanted to write just to write. That's why I love Vocal.


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  • C Jyl Parker2 months ago

    Very creepy!

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