The Race Under the Overpass

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As Ed saw the street, he knew it was on.

The Race Under the Overpass

Jose and Ed reached a big street to cross right under an overpass. The street under the overpass was also a curve, making the crossing a bit risky since a car could come shooting from either side without being seen.

It was at this same street that Ed had seen a dog get hit by a speeding motorcycle. It had traumatized Ed for my months, as he saw this dog horribly roll under the wheels of this motorcycle. As for the man on that bike, his fate was something else.

This horrific accident that Ed witnessed did not stop him from holding a long winning streak against Jose. Ed, somehow, always managed to use it as an inspiration to run faster when racing Jose at this particular street.

Once there, Jose also knew that this was the race to beat Ed. See the two best friends were only friends because they were both very competitive at practically everything. In fact, it did not make hatred grow for each other. This competitiveness actually made the two young teens grow a strong bond.

As Ed saw the street, he knew it was on. However, like many times, he had the image of the man flying several feet across the air once that same man ran over the dog with his motorbike.

Ed knew that the memory of a man splattering his head against the underside of the overpass that was engraved in his mind shall not interfere with his undefeated record at this specific street. It never did.

Ed had the title on this specific activity. Jose was good at others, but Ed held the race under the overpass. Ed was actually 9 - 0 against Jose on this race.

As for Jose, he was hungry to win the 10th race. Despite that Jose had other titles against Ed, none had nine wins in a row. This winning streak had to end for Ed.

Right before they started their little walk over to another friends house, Jose made sure to bring up the winning streak that Ed held and how he was going to break it that same day.

Ed knew that it was going to take mental discipline to beat Jose for the tenth time. Especially, when that motorcycle accident ran over and over his head every time they had the showdown. Still, Ed was confident that he was going to extend his winning streak.

They stood there waiting for traffic to die down. Once it did, Ed looked at Jose and said, “See you on the other side!”

Jose gave the look of approval.

“I’ll see you in second place,” added Ed.

“Not this time!” replied Jose

“Go!” yelled Ed, while giving himself a head start.

They started running. Jose was right behind Ed, as if he knew that Ed was going to try a cheap trick. The first half was easy, no cars! Then, at the middle, Jose stalled a bit to see if cars were coming from around the bend.

Ed hit his rockets after seeing that accident in this mind run vividly through his mind at that moment.

Jose’s stall gave Ed the extra step to get ahead, plus the thought of a motorcycle coming into his sights was just horrifying. They both stepped onto the second part of the street and were gunning for victory.

Halfway through the last part of the street, blue sparks appeared to their right, and time travelers came out of thin air. Jose and Ed were run over by time travelers.

Hit and run! No one saw the tragic ending of Jose and Ed’s race under the overpass.

Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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