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The Queen Mary real horror story

by chandan chakraverty 2 months ago in fiction
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Ghost story of the Queen Mary

In 1936 a ship was built named Queen Mary. This ship was built in England. And the amazing thing is that this ship was one of the most haunted ships in the world. It completed its last journey in 1967. But during World War 2, from 1940 to 1946, it was temporarily converted into a troop ship.

During the military service, the queen married was panted in grey. And the name was changed to the gray ghost. This ship played an important role in transporting about 765000 troops, 12000 children and brides of GI.

After the end of the world war, it returned to its original form, meaning as a cruise ship. The services of this ship were terminated in 1967. And Queen Mary was tied in long beach California. Where it was kept as the world's first floating hotel. This ship became the center of tourist attraction in California. Tourists have come to win in this ship till today, everyone said that Queen Mary will be the first ship or hotel which has no such floor which is not haunted and there is no paranormal activity in it.

Every corner of Queen Mary is haunted, today you will know. Because you must have heard many stories of Queen Mary no doubt but these tales are the most unique.

Half Hatch Harry

Queen Mary's shaft alley which is connected to the engine room. It is said that the most paranormal activity has been noticed.

John Pedder 18 year old young man who was an engine room fire fighter. A terrible death that no one expected. In 1966, Queen Mary had a very heavy seal water tight door. Which was imposed with the purpose that if there is any leak in the engine room. So by closing that door the leak can be stopped and the ship can be saved from sinking.

During the routine check, john pedder died due to coming in the middle of that door. Because of which john was broken into two pieces. And for this reason people named John's soul wandering there as Half hatch harry. Even today, it has been almost 56 years since this incident. But whenever experts sit with john pedder's case file, they do not understand how John was killed. Because the closing time of that water tight door was about 60 seconds. How a young boy could not get out through a door. While the locking system of that door was 60 sec and in the duration of 60 sec one could easily leave. John's body was near door no 13. All those who saw that spirit said that that soul comes near gate no 13 and disappears.

One day two such couple roaming around reached the shaft alley of the engine room where they had heard about half hatch harry. And both of them challenged the spirit of john in fun fun because they wanted to see this spirit. Even after a long time, when john's soul did not show any existence. Frustrated, as soon as he reached near gate no 13, he felt as if someone was watching both of them very carefully. Suddenly the man felt as if someone touched him. And as soon as both of them turned they found half hutch harry standing in front. Similarly, the blue color jacket and the jacket were covered with grease. At first both felt that both were hallucinate. But as soon as the man touched his face, there was grease in his hand.

The Swimming Pool

It seems that the swimming pool must have been very famous in those days. Because often when people went to the swimming pool. Then they have definitely got to see some paranormal activity. Many people have seen people wearing swimming costumes from the 1930s to the 1960s. Not only this, they have heard the sound of someone jumping in the water, the sound of laughter even the sound of singing.

When this case was investigated in depth, two things came out.

1) Jackie who was a teenager died due to drowning in the pool of second or first class. Even after death, the soul of that girl wanders in the queen mary. Both his laughter and his songs were recorded during the evp sessions.

Jackie must have always loved the pool spot, due to which all the areas around the pool and her wet footprints can be easily seen.

2) Apart from Jackie, another fresh footprints can also be seen there, which looks like a young girl. When you follow those footprints. So those footprints will lead you directly to the changing room of the swimming pool. It is said that a young girl named Sara was brutally raped and murdered. Since then, people have often heard the sound of someone crying there. Apart from this, the matter of seeing a black shadow has also been reported.

The changing room of Queen Mary's swimming pool gives rise to a lot of paranormal activity. It's not me, this paranormal expert's ghost cam has proofed it. Some paranormal experts say that the entire area of ​​the swimming pool is probably some kind of portal or vortex that connects people from other worlds to this world.

The Dude

In such a situation, there is no shortage of ghosts in Queen Mary, but there is a very special ghost here which is known as The Dude. Now how did this soul get its name as the dude? Actually this spirit or ghost had shared drinks with many people here. Many people became witnesses of the fact that this ghost Sitting in Sir Winston's bar with them, laughing like a normal fellow and even sharing drinks. And when after drinks it vanished in front of the people, then people came to know that he is a ghost, then they did not believe in this thing.

Pitiful Little Dana

Dana was a young girl. Whose parents were murdered in front of his eyes. People had found his ghost playing near the cargo area. And some people had seen his ghost near the swimming pool. Where she used to call her mother in a voice full of pain. Some visitors would come as sympathizers to that crying girl. So that girl used to disappear from there. Then people would have realized that the girl to whom they were going to show sympathy is a ghost and perhaps her mother was also a trick many years ago.

Room B 340

Room B 340 is the smallest cabin of this cruise. Due to being a murder in this cabin, it was never given to any guest. If paranormal experts are to be believed, then this cabin is the most haunted cabin of Queen Mary. And this is why it is the most haunted. Because the paranormal activity here is very violent and unpredictable. That is why all the staff together decided that it will be kept away from public interest.

Because in this cabin there is sometimes the sound of someone crying. Sometimes its lights start burning on their own. Sometimes the bed sheet starts flying in the air. Sometimes someone tells the guest to go out in the dark of night. That is why this room was locked forever and the cabin number was removed from this cabin.

The Chelsea restaurant

The woman working as a waitress in Queen Mary was shocked when she was waiting for the guest in the evening. That's when he sees 3 guests entered inside the restaurant.

As soon as she turned after checking the guest reservation book. He found only 2 men out of 3 standing in front of him. Then the waitress asked very politely that sir can I show you your table or will you wait for your third partner to come. Then both of them said that we were the only 2 people who had entered in this restaurant, we do not have any third partner with us.

The Curacao Tragedy

On 2 October 1942, Queen Mary collided with an escort ship. The name of that ship was HMS Curacao. When the curacao and queen mary collided, it took only 6 minutes for the curacao to sink.

Even today, many people can be seen suddenly standing in front of the Queen Mary restaurant. It is said that many voices were recorded during the evp sessions. In which the cry for help can be clearly heard.

Other Haunted Areas

The ship's main deck is haunted by 2nd officer William E Stark. Those who accidentally drank cleaning fluid (tetra chloride) instead of gin. Although it was an accident but perhaps the soul of the officer has refused to accept it as an accident. And even today the soul of this officer is trapped in Queen Mary.

A girl is often spotted in Queen Mary's saloon. Who can be seen dancing with a shadow in a white dress. She is also known as the lady in the white.

Queen Mary's 3rd class playroom is also a haunted area where you can often hear the laughter of the children laughing.


It's hard to say that Queen Mary is haunted. Because the cargo hatch of this ship is always closed. Now after opening those hatches, it will be difficult to say if anything else is released. For now, I have told you things to win so far. From this it seems that the ghosts or spirits present in it may keep from harming you in any way or may even reach you? If you want a very good paranormal experience then please go ahead


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