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"The Pursuit"

"The Pursuit: Into the Abyss"

By Kamran AlamPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Jessa and Mitch are driving down a road, feeling lost and disoriented. They stop at a gas station and Jessa points out her window. Mitch admits they took a wrong turn and decides to double check with the clerk to ensure they are on the right track.

Jessa leaves the car and feels an ache in his chest, causing him to worry that she might walk away and not come back. He goes to the counter to buy some cheddar potato chips for Jessa and asks the clerk about their current navigational issues. The clerk reminds him of his parents and suggests they try another option for camping that went in a couple of years ago.

Mitch agrees and heads back to the car, following the counselor's advice to take some alone time together. The clerk calls him back, stating that they should have taken the left, as it would have led them right to Sunnyside. He then turns right onto a skinny gravel road, turning right at a fork in the road and following through the trees. Jessa is disappointed, but Mitch feels a glimmer of hope as they continue on the path.

Mitch tells Jessa that the gas station said it closed down a few years ago, but the website showed it was still open. Jessa is disappointed, but Mitch feels a sense of hope as they continue on their journey. He also mentions that there was a new campground this way, which Jessa thinks they could try.

Jessa munches on a chip and says, "Well, we've come this far..." Mitch smiles, recognizing that the gas station didn't follow their extreme camping social media accounts. He gives Jessa a tentative squeeze before retrieving her cell phone.

Jessa looks at his hand and up at his profile as he drives, revealing that she can't have social media if she has no cell phone. She explains that she can't have social media if she doesn't have a cell phone.

In the midst of a terrifying situation, Jessa and Mitch are driving through the woods when they encounter a large wolf. Mitch, a man with a flashlight, uses it to check the tire and finds that it is flat. He then checks his phone for a signal and finds no signal.

Jessa asks Mitch what happened and he tells her that the wolf had friends in the area. He suggests they try to make it to a nearby campsite to seek help. However, Mitch doesn't want to tell her that the howl means the wolf probably had friends in the area and scared her.

Mitch and Jessa decide to use a flashlight to save their phone batteries in case they get signal somewhere. As they continue, they reach a clearing in the woods where a man stands near the trees. He holds a gun, but he cannot have looped around them to get out in front.

As the moonlight falls on the man, his sneer turns into a grimace of pain. He knelt down on his hands and knees, and his body begins to twist and contort. His fingers and toes curled into razor-sharp nails. The whole shift is over within minutes, and a massive wolf stands there.

In summary, the story revolves around a couple who are trying to find a new camping spot after a difficult journey. They encounter a gas station that claims to be open, but the clerk informs them that it's closed and that they need to follow the directions provided by the counselor. The story highlights the importance of communication and understanding in the face of adversity and the importance of staying connected in today's world.

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