The Possessed Spirit

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The Daniel Cleary Story

The Possessed Spirit

Marla Cleary sobbed as she clung to her husband while watching the small casket being lowered into the ground. It was her 9-year-old son, Davey, who had passed away from cancer. They had battled his cancer for three years and were defeated two weeks ago when they told their son goodbye in his hospital bed as he took his final breath.

They could not understand why their son was stricken with such a deadly disease at such an early age. He had just tasted a moment of life. Once the casket was lowered completely down touching the bottom and the straps removed, Marla Cleary collapsed next to the grave site sobbing harder and wanting to be with their son.

Her husband, Shawn Cleary, tried his best to comfort his wife while hiding his own pain of losing his son. It was tragic for the parents to have to bury their child and then go home to a quiet house. There will be no child noises running through the house until they decide to have more children, but at this point, it may never happen.

Shawn was finally able to get his wife into the car after everyone had left the cemetery. His own pain eating him alive, he had to stay strong for Marla. He loved his wife very much and it too affected him, but he had to be there for her and help her through this tragedy.

They thought their son was gone and his spirit free from pain, but little did they know that something was joining him at the cemetery. His grave remained open throughout that night and when the boy's spirit was leaving his body, something attached to it. Something hideous and purely evil.

It was a demon straight from hell. It roamed around the earth looking for a soul to join to that would allow him to live among the living. It would make him stronger to survive off the spirit of someone who just passed. It would torment the spirit as long as it was attached draining it of its essence.

It would still be the spirit of a child but within it lived the demon who wanted more. Its sole job was to torment the living and what better way than to hide inside the spirit of a child. No one would think a child could cause so much pain, but this child will.

Davey did not know what was going on at first and had no idea what had attached to him and why. He only thought about going home to see his parents. He felt no pain and he knew he no longer had cancer. He was free and wanted them to know.

He made his way back home and found his mother laying on her bed with swollen eyes and tears down her face. He tried to touch her to wipe the tears away and she felt his spirit. She immediately looked around the room as if someone was there and found no one.

She called out Davey's name and Davey touched the side of her face to let her know he was there. When she felt his tiny hand touch her face, she smiled and called out for his father, Shawn, to come to the bedroom. When he walked inside the room, Shawn found Marla sitting on the edge of the bed and smiling.

He asked why she was smiling, and she quickly told him that Davey was there with them. Being skeptical about spirits, he just played along if it meant seeing his wife smile again. He sat down next to her on the bed and wrapped his arm around her.

A few minutes after he sat down, Marla called out for Davey to touch his father's arm. Shawn sat there for a minute just to please his mourning wife until he felt a tiny hand touch his arm, but when he looked there was nothing there. He knew his son's touch and that is what he felt.

It brought a smile to his face and then he said, "hello, Davey" to his son. He now knew he was there, but wondered why he did not cross over into the afterlife? Both of Davey's parents were happy to know he was there and okay, but little did they know what evil had possessed their 9-year-old son and what havoc he would create.

Marla was now okay and feeling better knowing her son was still around her even though she will never get to hold him in her arms. She was able to get up and continue living as long as he was there with her.

It wasn't until about three weeks later that things began happening around the house. Shawn and Marla would be waking up in the middle of the night with the sound of dishes crashing to the floor. Or when they got up in the morning, food would be burning on the stove, yet no one was cooking anything.

They began to worry and started calling on Davey whose spirit began to fade away. He would not touch them as often and sometimes would not answer when called upon. It made the two parents wonder if Davey was finally crossing over and was fighting to not leave his parents.

As the weeks followed, more things began happening and it was becoming a threat for them to be in the house. One day while Shawn was in the bathtub, his wife had her curling iron plugged in and laying on the shelf above the tub. Shawn noticed it moving and jumped out of the tub just as it fell off the shelf and landed in the bathtub full of water.

It almost killed him, and he thought it was Davey trying to hurt him, but why? Shawn did nothing wrong to make Davey mad, so he called out for Davey and got no response. He kept calling and still nothing.

Things were becoming crazy and both Shawn and Marla had to be careful while in the house. They finally began to worry because Davey was no longer responding to them, but things kept happening. They wanted to know what was in the house with them.

Marla had a friend who worked up at the university in the parapsychology department and gave her a call. She described things that were going on in the house since the day of the funeral for their son. Her friend, Shelby, said she would be by to check things out.

Later that afternoon, Shelby showed up at the door knocking when Marla answered it. They hugged each other, and Marla then invited her inside the house. Once she stepped over the threshold of the doorway she immediately began feeling an eerie feeling. It was something that she had never felt before.

They went into the kitchen where Shawn was and sat around the kitchen table. Shawn and Marla began telling Shelby about the funeral and the first time they felt their son's spirit in the house. They spoke about how good things were and how often they spoke with Davey.

Then, they began telling her about the things that started to happen. Shelby was taking notes and then she felt something move through the kitchen. It wasn't the spirit of a child, but something more evil. She began telling Shawn and Marla about her feeling and that it seemed like there was a presence also inside the house, but that it wasn't their son.

This began to worry both of them and asked what they can do about it. Where did it come from and what does it want? Shelby had no answers for them at that moment but wanted to walk around the house and try to communicate with it. They gave her permission.

As they sat in the kitchen, Shelby got up and wandered through the house. Everything seemed good until she stepped into Davey's old room where she felt the presence of a child which soon turned to an evil presence. This worried her, and she walked back through the house making her way towards the kitchen where Marla and Shawn were.

She sat back down at the table with them and described what she felt. She told them that she felt the spirit of a child which quickly turned into an evil she had never felt before. It upset both parents to know that evil lived in their house and then what danger it posed to their son's spirit?

That was the question that Shelby was looking for. She explained to them that their son' spirit had been possessed by an evil spirit and that it had to have happened when his spirit was leaving his physical body. After hearing this, Marla began to cry tears for her son.

Shelby also stated that to free their home of the evil spirit, they had to free their home of Davey's spirit. This was more devastating to the parents to hear that they again had to send their son away. This news took a toll on Marla and she began to raise her voice as she rejected the notion of making her son's spirit leave their house.

Shawn tried to calm her down, which wasn't working very well. Marla stood up as Shawn tried to hug her and when she did, a kitchen knife flew across the room almost hitting her. It stuck into the wall next to her arm close to her heart. It scared everyone, and they all stood up asking Marla if she was okay.

She then agreed to do what they had to in order to make the evil go away. Shelby stated that she had some things outside in her car that could drive the spirits back to the realm they belong in. Shawn walked her to the front door as Marla looked at the knife in the wall pulling it from where it stuck.

Shawn stayed at the front door waiting for Shelby to come back inside when he heard the faint voice of his son telling him to not send him away. It managed to bother Shawn, but he knew that he had to send him away to make the evil go away. Just then, something pushed Shawn back away from the door as it slammed shut.

Shawn could hear Shelby coming back to the front door as he tried to open it. It wouldn't budge for at least five minutes and then suddenly flung open almost knocking Shawn to the ground. Shelby surprised by these events knew they had to do this fast to get it done, because the evil spirit is going to try and fight to stay.

Once they returned into the kitchen, they found Marla sitting at the table with a glass of iced tea between her hands. They sat down and explained to her what happened in the living room. She was in shock and asked Shawn if he was alright? He grabbed her hands and said, "yes."

They sat there at the table while Shelby explained about the little ritual she had to perform to rid their house of the evil spirit and send Davey's spirit to the right place. They were all in agreement and that's when Shelby began pulling things out of a bag and setting them on the table.

Shawn automatically thought she was going to pull out some candles for a seance or something, but she didn't. She pulled out some herbs and spices along with some table salt. She got up and poured the table salt around everyone at the table except for her. She stayed outside the ring of salt. It was there to protect them from the evil spirit attaching to them when Davey's spirit leaves.

Once the salt was placed, Shelby pulled out some parchment paper from her coat pocket and walked over to the counter setting a pot down from underneath the cabinets. She placed the herbs and spices inside the pot and then added some water. She placed the pot on the stove top turning it on to high to get things boiling.

Once the boiling began, Shawn and Marla could smell the herbs and spices cooking while Shelby took the pot and walked it around the house and into every room. She told them to stay within the salt and at the table, which they did. Marla was becoming a nervous wreck to know that her son would be leaving for good this time.

When Shelby made it back to the kitchen with the steamy pot in her hands, she set it down on the counter and then took the parchment paper and began reciting words that were in Arabic. No one knew what she was saying, but as she spoke these words, the house began to shake, and the cabinets were being thrown open. All their pots, pans, and dishes were shot out across the kitchen.

The kitchen was in turmoil the more Shelby spoke from the paper. Suddenly, they heard the voice of their son screaming as if in pain which caused Marla to cry loudly and say his name. She called out for their son while he screamed for a few minutes and then the voice became that of a demon.

The demon shouted and screamed as it was being sent back to where it came from and stripped from the little boy’s spirit. It was almost as tearing a piece of paper in two. Their screams were telling Shelby that they were being separated and that Davey's spirit would travel to his afterlife where he would be at peace and the demon back to his hell hole where it came from.

Suddenly it became quiet and the turmoil in the kitchen stopped. The kitchen was a mess, but Shelby had a sense that everything was as it should be. Before she could explain things to Shawn and Marla, their son's spirit appeared before them. It brought tears to both parents to see their son and to know that he was going to be okay now.

He spoke to both telling them that he did not hurt anymore and that he was going away but they will see him again one day. Marla told him that she loved him very much and Shawn told him the same as his spirit slowly disappeared.

Shelby sat down with them and explained what happened and now they can rest easy knowing that their son is in his afterlife and the demon sent back to hell where it belongs. This made everyone very happy but there was still a feeling of bittersweet because they had to lose their son for a second time, but this time it was easier on Marla to know that her son was safe and free of pain.

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