The Ouija Board

by Ann King 2 years ago in paranormal

This game told me things no one could have ever known.

The Ouija Board

I have always been the kind of person who keeps an open mind about things. As far as ghosts or paranormal experiences go, if I haven't seen it with my own eyes, I will file it under anything is possible.

This brings me to the Ouija Board. One year for Christmas, one of my kids received this game as a gift. It sat in the closet on the shelf for years before one night when we decided to give it a go.

It was my two daughters and myself, while my son and husband sat back and watched. It started off as mostly giggly fun. Each time the planchette moved in the slightest, we would laugh and accuse one of the others of messing with us.

However, the longer we played, the more serious we took it. We began asking questions that no one, even my kids, could possibly answer. It was pretty surreal.

Then we asked the spirit for their name, and it answered with Max. The next question we asked was how they died. The board began spelling out murder. We went along and asked the board what year it was when he died and it moved to the numbers 1780.

It was all very strange. We ended up thanking the spirit and clearing the board. We were baffled, to say the least. So we decided to give it another shot. We asked if any spirits were with us that wanted to talk. We got a yes answer.

When we asked the spirit if they had a message for anyone here, the planchette started moving in an agitated way. We tried to get information from the Ouija as to who the spirit was.

Finally, the board spelled out Mom. Well, I was a little scared. True, my mother had died a few years prior to getting the Ouija board, so it was chilling to think we may have really contacted my deceased mom.

I started asking questions only my mom would know the true answers to. The answers were very vague and some were just wrong. So I started having the feeling that I was not really having contact with my mom at all.

The more questions I asked, the faster the planchette began spinning across the board until it eventually slid down to Goodbye. It was a weird experience, to say the least.

I started doing some research on Ouija Boards and found that it is not unusual for random and some evil spirits to talk to users. The article claimed that spirits will sometimes lie that they are someone else.

One article even stated a similar experience that the spirit attached itself, to the user causing a series of horrific events. Needless to say, that was convincing enough for me. The Ouija Board went back into the box and hasn't been touched since. In fact, my kids do not even want the thing at their house.

I have read that there are certain ways to dispose of the Ouija Board. One, it says to never burn the board. It actually states the safest way to get rid of a Ouija Board is not to. Crazy, I know.

You just need to make sure that the board was closed down properly during the last session, wrap the planchette in any kind of cloth (so it doesn't make actual contact with the board), and toss the thing into a closet.

Here is my dilemma. In a few weeks, I will be moving from this house, so I guess the Ouija Board will remain in the closet and with the house for the new owners to deal with. My question is what would you do if you moved into a new home and found the previous owners had left behind a Ouija Board?

Some of you may not believe this happened at all, but I was there and all I know is that I do not ever plan on using the Ouija Board ever again. For those of you that have had similar experiences with the Ouija Board, I would love to hear your stories.

Ann King
Ann King
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