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The Other Side


By Abdelhameed AymanPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

The vintage residence stood on a hill, overlooking the metropolis. It have been deserted for years, and rumors swirled approximately it being haunted. Some said they had seen extraordinary lighting fixtures within the windows at night, at the same time as others claimed to have heard eerie whispers coming from internal.

One day, a collection of young adults decided to explore the residence. They had heard the rumors, however they didn't believe them. They thought it'd be a laugh to spend a night in the residence and spot if some thing passed off.

The teens arrived at the residence past due at night. The moon become complete, and its mild solid an eerie glow over the house. The teens entered the residence via a broken window. The internal of the residence become darkish and dusty. The furniture become covered in sheets, and the air was thick with the smell of mildew.

The teenagers break up up and explored the house. They discovered bedrooms, bathrooms, and a living room. They additionally observed a staircase that brought about the basement.

One of the teens, a boy named Alex, decided to move right down to the basement. He flipped on a flashlight and descended the stairs. The basement turned into darkish and damp. Alex may want to hear the sound of water dripping from the pipes.

Alex walked via the basement, shining his flashlight round. He noticed vintage boxes and furnishings piled up in corners. He also noticed a door behind the basement.

Alex approached the door and hesitated. He felt a unusual feel of foreboding. But he turned into curious, so he opened the door and stepped inside.

Alex located himself in a dark room. The handiest light got here from a small window on the top of the wall. Alex should see that the room turned into empty.

Alex took a few steps into the room. He felt his coronary heart pounding in his chest. He had a sense that he became being watched.

Suddenly, Alex heard a noise in the back of him. He turned around, however he could not see anything inside the darkness.

Alex took a step lower back, but he tripped and fell. He dropped his flashlight. The room became plunged into darkness.

Alex lay on the floor, his coronary heart pounding in his chest. He could hear something transferring within the darkness.

Alex reached out for his flashlight, but he could not find it. He sat up and listened. He ought to hear the sound of respiratory coming nearer.

Alex scrambled to his ft and sponsored away. He ran into some thing and fell to the ground once more.

Alex felt something touch his leg. He screamed and kicked away.

Alex felt something seize his leg. He attempted to shrink back, however it was too robust.

Alex become dragged thru the darkness. He screamed and cried for assist, but no one may want to listen him.

Alex become dragged into a nook of the room. He ought to sense some thing warm and slimy breathing on his neck.

Alex closed his eyes and screamed.

The next morning, the other teenagers awoke and discovered Alex gone. They searched the residence and the encompassing area, however they couldn't discover him.

Alex become in no way seen once more.

Some humans say that Alex changed into taken by way of the ghosts that hang-out the old house. Others say that he become taken by some thing else, some thing even greater terrifying.

But one aspect is for positive: Alex is long past, and he's going to never be seen again.


Years later, a collection of production people had been renovating the vintage house. They have been tearing down a wall in the basement once they determined a hidden room.

Inside the room, they determined a skeleton. The skeleton become lacking a leg.

The construction people contacted the police, and the skeleton was recognized as Alex.

The police had been by no means capable of decide how Alex died or why he become inside the hidden room.

But one factor is for sure: Alex's loss of life is a mystery so that it will by no means be solved.

The old residence still stands on the hill, overlooking the town. It is still rumored to be haunted. And some humans say that if you pay attention carefully, you can still hear Alex's screams coming from the basement.


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