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The old blue barn

by Yoallitl C Moreno 10 months ago in supernatural
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Shouldn't have come back

The old blue barn
Photo by Amy Reed on Unsplash

The old blue barn. The last time I was here, felt like my last day on Earth. I get out of my car and glance towards the yellow grass surrounding the blue building. Walking towards it, memories come rushing back. I can’t believe I used to live here; now it’s abandoned and covered in graffiti. After that night, my parents made sure never to come back here..

I pull open the doors and look in, the smell of old blood continues to linger as if the events here just recently happened. Walking in, the scratch marks on the wood are more noticeable. Last time I was here… I actually don’t remember it. It was all dark and scary.

This barn used to hold happy memories. I remember bringing Billy Anderson here after homecoming our freshman year. Dad didn’t like that I went with a boy, but I loved him. I duct under a stable door and went to the far right corner, crouching down and moving the old hay. ‘B+C’ was etched into the wood with a heart around it. Looking at it after 10 years makes my heart somewhat happy. Tears start to form in my eyes as I think about what happened to him. Looking up from the carving, old blood stains covered the wall.

Leaving the stable, I climb up the ladder to a secret hiding space that I always had. Getting up there, bad memories came back rather than good ones. Feeling a darkness cloud over me, I hide in a corner and hug my legs, humming a song that I heard my mom sing to me while all the bad stuff was happening. Within an instant, the darkness subsided and I open my eyes, the sun shining through the small window and warming up my face.

I crawled further in and pulled out a hidden box that I had hidden. I pull out my keys and use the small locket key. Sliding it into the keyhole, there was a soft click and I opened the box, looking at all the little trinkets I left in there. Slowly I pulled out fake jewelry, an old tiara and an old doll. I saw something shine in the box and reaching in, I felt a smooth wooden figure. I grabbed it and took it out, seeing that it was a cross that one of the priests had given me days before the attack. I thought keeping it safe with my other good luck charms would keep me safe as well, but I was wrong.

The exorcism was held in here and the feeling of that entity still lingers. For years I had forgotten about it, but… I couldn’t stand being away from it. I can feel the anger in the barn. Climbing back down I get down on the floor. This is where it was performed. I remember the priests being thrown around and the strong winds. Laying down on the ground, I can still feel the energy of the demon. It was scary, but somewhat comforting.

I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes, repeating the same name in my head. Some wind came in through the holes in the barn and began to circle around me, the hay creating somewhat of a tornado. I felt myself levitating but I kept my eyes closed and continued to chant the demon's name. After repeating the name, I took in another deep breath and opened my eyes, smiling as I saw the tunnel vision.

She was in control of my body again.


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