The Noise

by Zach Eckert 3 years ago in fiction

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The Noise

It was a very rain night in October. A little lad by the name of Alvy had been sitting at the front window on a couch, mesmerized by the the sound of the rain hitting the pavement. "We are headed out soon," yelled Alvy's mother from the top of the stairs. Alvy's parents had a meeting to go to regarding the job that Alvy's dad had just acquired from a man online. It seemed a little weird getting a job from online but if it paid the bills then it was worth something.

Alvy's parents headed out making sure that everything was in order and before closing the door completely, Alvy's mother told him that she had made a list of some things to do before going to bed. On the piece of paper read "clean dishes, vacuum, take trash out, put away anything that had been used that day, and to make sure that all doors and windows are locked before going to sleep."

Alvy just kinda chuckled to himself and said, "It was already really late, why give me so many things to do? They know I suck at doing anything." Still, he did what was on the list. Starting with cleaning the dishes. Filling the sink till about 3 inches from the top, Alvy grabs the first dish and goes to town. Before he knows he is already done the pile that accumulated from dinner.

Now it was time to vacuum. Not as easy as the dishes. There were only a few dishes and some cutlery from dinner. Vacuuming meant the whole house. Which could be creepy at times especially in the dark but Alvy was already taking care of that, illuminating the whole house to the point where it looks like a jack-o-lantern. Vacuuming always took so long when it came to Alvy. The cord always seemed to get in the way or could not go all the way because of the reach for the plug. Suddenly a bulb explodes, shattering to the floor. Alvy quickly searched for a broom and dust pan. Once the mess was done, Alvy thought to himself "Great! Now I have to go looking for a replacement bulb so I can see if I missed anything on the floor."

Going to the basement looking for a bulb was not fun for Alvy. Being afraid of the dark does not help with your imagination; you always feel like something is watching you or is about to grab you from behind. Holding his breath, Alvy goes down into the basement without hesitation. While looking for a bulb, a noise came from the window. There was only one window down there with nothing remotely close to it to make a noise. Alvy thought it was nothing maybe a branch that feel off a tree or something. Headed back up stairs with a bulb in his hand, he hears another noise only this time it sounded almost like a window closing. Rushing back to where the bulb blew, twisting it into place and flicking the light switch on.

Once the lights were on, a shadowy figure was at the end of the hall with its head just sticking out behind a corner. Alvy, almost having a heart attack, quickly flickers the light to see if it will do anything. Nothing happened. Alvy tries again to see if it really is just his imagination. Only this time the figure moved, causing Alvy to scream out of nowhere. The figure was no where to be seen, which scared Alvy even more, not really knowing if it was his imagination or not. After all he did hear two separate noises as well as a shadowy figure peeping around the corning. Alvy quickly reaches for a phone to call but no dial tone is heard, making Alvy even more afraid of what might happen next. Alvy rushes to the kitchen grabbing a knife for security.

Alvy then hears another noise only this time its the sound of foot steps getting closer. Unsure of which direction the footsteps are coming from, Alvy decides to wait to see if the figure will come into the kitchen. The noise getting louder and louder almost as if the figure were standing right in the door way of the kitchen but nothing was there. Alvy for his last stand dashes for the door way only to be thrown back into the kitchen. Alvy was really confused and unsure what just happened. A voice came out of the door way. "I am always here and always will be." Suddenly Alvy groaned with pain as an image appeared on his forearm. The picture was of an eyeless man with a shredded face.

Alvy remained in the kitchen until his parents returned later that night. When they open the door, all Alvy could hear are screaming coming from his parents. Traumatized from the experience he just witnessed he waited till morning to leave the room. When he did he found his mother and father both with shredded up faces and missing eyes. Alvy decides to call the police for help. When they arrive he tries to explain what happens but ends up in a psychiatric ward against his will.

Never knowing what really made that noise.

Zach Eckert
Zach Eckert
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