The Night of my Super natural experience

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The Night of my Super natural experience

Somewhere between Oct-Dec 2018. Like 2am. We was out of weed. Ant was bullshittin it was late asf we knew he wasn’t coming. So I get on Instagram like who finna serve me. One of my active followers hit me up , pulled up, took me to the atm I got juice and stuff of course . Sold me a 3.5 and I went in the house .

Happy as hell rolling the blunt telling Robert pick something on Netflix to watch.

We smoked. And naturally curled up together. Now these are the parts I remember so vividly .

I laid down on my side, he spooned me. Rubbing feet. Cover cuddling us. As I think about how comfortable I am, I no longer feel the weight of his body. We become one.

And I start to think about souls. How if we as humans are souls , then is it possible to leave our bodies whenever we want? And for some reason I chuckled at the thought. But it was a loud. Robert didn’t say anything.

And I realized I chuckled because I knew it was definitely possible. And at that moment I did.

I left my body. And it was so unbelievably true. I stood there. At the foot of my bed, watching me and Robert spoon each other. Where else can I go ? I thought to myself. Out my room, up the stairs and out the front door. Wow, I’m overlooking my house, everybody house. My entire neighborhood. I went everywhere. So quickly. And all of sudden I was at place that I can’t explain. It was everything. It was beautiful. It gave me flashes of visions. Visions of everything. Knowledge, memories, future, world facts. It was everything it was so intense I said I have to get back to my body. So I did. I left this place and I floated back home back into the front door, down the steps and into my room, safe. Wow, did I really just do that? Rubbing my feet against Roberts to make sure I’m not dead, I’m not dead. Okay so I really just did that I thought to myself, what else can I do ? I started to focus on me. I could feel every vein in my body. I moved them. Like.. I did . And then I chuckled out loud again, no response from Robert. What else? My muscles. My moved every last one. I could feel them all. Parts of me I didn’t even realize I never controlled before. I moved me. My brain. I could feel my fucking brain. I fuckin moved it. I made it move . And I fucking chuckled out loud because it was so fucking funny to my soul that I already knew I could do these things ! The flashes told me ! I knew wasn’t crazy because at that moment while In my head thinking ,

“ how this weed making you feel ? “

I was so angry. He interrupted my shit. My .. my experience

What? I said angrily . He repeated himself. And then I calmed down because I immediately realized. Without reacting, I slowly started telling him, exactly what I just told you. But it was so upsetting because I couldn’t tell him. Everything , every time I tried to tell him something he finished my sentences . Damn. It was real. And he had just experienced the same thing as I . The flashes and everything . I couldn’t even tell him I had flashes, he told me! To this day I’m still in shock because I don’t know what it was that made it happen. But then I always just accept reality that I made it happen. Just like I knew I could .

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