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The Night Hag

by dartz about a year ago in monster
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Sleep paralysis

The Night Hag

8% of people experience sleep paralysis in there life time.

From around 7 to 25 years of age and sleep paralysis can be caused from a lack of sleep, sleep deprivation, sleeping on your back, A Traumatic Experience and also certain medications.

75% of sleep paralysis episodes involves hallucinations...

I’m just a bartender that works nights to have some food in my refrigerator. It ain’t all too bad, you have your occasional fights outside and the group of teens that say they are 21 when they look 14 but that’s just how it goes. One day, one particularly day that is clear in my head. I came to work it’s was really late. And there wasn’t much people here tonight. I was jus relaxing listening to the radio when I decided to be nosy and listen to someone’s conversation.

They seemed in distress and him and two other people were the only ones here and I was bored so why not, right? As I listened he was panicking almost, his face pale with the darkest circles around his eyes his hair a mess, almost as if he hadn’t slept for days. I heard one name... and the name gave me an eerie feeling. “The night hag” I couldn’t hear much but that’s one thing I heard for sure, it was time to close down so I got my things and cleaned up and had to get these people out of here. As I told them it’s time to leave that one guy wouldn’t stop sobbing and rubbing his eyes. I went to go see if he was ok while the two other people were trying to get a taxi.

Before I could even react, he grabbed me by both my arms and whispered through his teeth while spitting “Don’t let her mark you, it’s too late for me I’m already a dead man” He started laughing like he was a phyco... I pulled back and told him to let go and walked away quickly to get away from him. He jus stood there and stared at me while I walked away. “Her”... was he talking about, that night hag? As I got home through my door I was in stress and was really jus like did that actually happen to me I was confused and shocked. He told me “don’t let her mark you”, as I looked into his eyes there were two red dots on the bottom of his left eye. I thought to myself he was just drunk and thought nothing of it and went to sleep. I told myself to forget it but for some reason I couldn’t get it off my mind. I got into my single bed and got under my duvet ready to sleep. I had a cross on my wall and thought that should keep me safe and chuckled.

*2:00 am*

I woke up to it upside down...

My eyes shot open. It was dark. My Vision was blurry. I felt heavy... and, I couldn’t , move. My eyes were wide open I could look around everywhere but I couldn’t move I couldn’t even open my mouth to speak. I felt heavy. I look over at my alarm clock and could see it says 2:00 am. I was confused and was starting to get scared. In the corner of my eyes I could see something, almost like move. I look over quickly. It was my jacket on the coat hanger behind the door, but something was off...

Something was off about the coat hanger behind my door??

I stared at it for what felt like hours but I heard something, breathing. Because I was tired I thought it was me but I slowed down my breathing.... IT WASN’T ME.It got louder and louder and then it stopped. Complete silence. I looked around relived, I looked to the end of my bed and saw what made my heart drop. Someone or something was staring straight into my eyes a split second later I sprung up breathing heavy, hands sweating I turned my lights on as quick as possible and looked around my room. I had to catch my breathe. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Was someone really there or did that guy just scare me a bit too much?

I swear it was about to grab me!!

I stayed up for the rest of the night with the tv and lights on.

*10:00 am*

I haven’t slept since earlier I was so tired. I went make some coffee and then I was awake. I went to go wash my face and brush my teeth. As I was washing my face I look up into the mirror and had goosebumps and felt a shiver of cold go down my spine... the two red dots I saw on that crazy man. I had the exact same so say mark in my left eye. Fear filled my chest, was this “the mark” I whispered to myself in horror. I didn’t know what to do I didn’t know how to act. Since I had free time I went to my laptop. I stared at it for a few minutes wondering if I should jus forget about everything or dig deeper. I did it... I searched up what that crazy man said. “The night hag”. I looked everywhere... and I couldn’t stop looking. Apparently if “she” marks you she will visit you more often and then in a few days you’ll die a terrible death. That man did say he was a dead man is this what he meant? I could hear the wind whistling and the scratching of my window and looked over. My body froze I thought I saw it... it as in what was at the end of my bed. But it wasn’t, it was just an old tree. Ugh all this has got me paranoid and I was too tired. Before I go to work I thought to myself I’ll jus take a quick nap.

*6:30 pm*

I jerked up... but. I couldn’t move. Not again I thought to myself because I still once again couldn’t move my lips. Even tho the sun should be out my room was dark. My body got heavy and not like last time. I could feel something. Someone, pressing down against me on my chest. My mind was everywhere I couldn’t breathe. I closed my eyes wishing for it to be over. And after a few seconds I opened my eyes. I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs but couldn’t. My eyes couldn’t bare what was in front of me. This dark, lifeless figure was sitting on top of me directly in my face. It’s mangled hands and fingers covered my lips and proceeded to strangle me and I couldn’t do anything. My alarm went off and I jump out of my bed screaming and shouting. The bright sun was back and in the room but there was no figure to be seen. With tears down my eyes I looked in the mirror and could see black marks all around my neck and on my lips. That couldn’t have been real I told myself anxiously.

*11:00 pm*

I’ve been stressing out all day I looked a mess, my hair was greasy and out of place, my uniform was wrinkled I did even want to be at work. As I was working people looked at me weird. As if I’ve seen a ghost, haha isn’t that funny. Later on during my shift I saw the same two people that were with that guy. But he wasn’t there. I rushed over there I must have looked like I was drunk and on drugs. I asked them where I could find that guy. They both looked at each other but didn’t say a word. One of them took out a pen and on a napkin wrote down an address and left with a horrific look on both their faces. I’m guessing this was the guys address. I totally forgot about work and drove to the address as soon as possible.

I arrived where what seemed like the middle of no where. There was jus one small house I could almost call it a shack but it had a broken down car outside. I walked up to the door and knocked on the door. After a few minutes I was about to leave but I heard footsteps at the door. I waited and the door slowly opened. I heard a voice and it was the guy. I told him that i was that bartender and that I need his help. He shouted “leave me alone” and slammed the door on me, I shouted back “I’ve seen her in my sleep and I’ve been marked”... after a while the door swung wide open and he dragged me inside and closed the door straight away. I was inside but what I saw was disturbing. I saw countless newspapers and countless drawings of the same thing and figure On the wall and scattered on tables. But what creeped me out was the fact that in the drawing was the same old, dark, lifeless figure I saw at the end of my bed by my feet. I quickly told him that this was the exact same thing I saw in my room. He told me he knows I kept quite with confusion he grabbed a flash light to my left I and shone it and moved my head around. I stepped back and explaimed “what are you doing” he told me I’ve been marked and no matter what I do I’ll die in a few days.

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“Isn’t there anything to stop it?”

“How many people have went through this are they alive?”

“I don’t want to die”

“How many days do I have left?”

He stopped me there and told me “5”

I was about to come to tears and he then told me he was on his last day. He told me that the only thing to truly stop her from getting to you is to stay awake and never sleep because if you sleep on your last day after that she is able to get you even when your not sleep. I was panicking there’s basically nothing I can do. He was so helpless I told myself he jus sat there in sorrow and did absolutely nothing.

I stormed back home and went to do more research... I was researching and researching. About 4 days went past. There were about 20 coffee mugs scattered around my house, at this point I had about 9 alarms set around everywhere. There were dark circles under my eyes, huge bags, I hadn’t slept for the whole 4 days. My last day was soon. While researching I came across a solution. From an old article of someone who survived supposedly. It states to have at least a few alarms set for the same time or a speaker that will blast sound at a certain time and that certain time will be when you sleep and she comes to you. She hates sound and the alarms will apparently wake you up out of your paralysis and once your on your last day and do this you will be awake and she’ll be there and at this point you’ll need to throw salt water on her so I only haev once chance.

The time she came to me the first time was at 2:00 am so that’s when I set all my alarms. It was my last day. A few days ago I heard on the news how that guy had been brutally murdered but they don’t know the suspect. Poor man but that will not be me. I had a chance. I could break this. I could live. I had my salt water in a bucket next to my bed. And again had my alarm set to 2:00 am. If this don’t work the next time I see her I’ll be dead I couldn’t let that happen. It was now 9:00 pm so I decided to go sleep. I had my water I had my alarms it was full proof... I fell asleep. Finally. After so many days. It was time. Time, to... sleep.

Sleep tight

*3:00 am*

I sprung up with heavy breathing

“Wait, wait wait wait”

“Why can’t I hear my alarms”

“Where is she”

“no nooo this can’t be right nooo”

I looked over at me alarms... They were all unplugged. Every single one of them. I was frozen in fear I couldn’t see her though... after what felt like hours I heard something... like it sounded like scratching. And I heard heavy but silent breathing. The scratching got louder and louder. The grunting got louder and louder...

I slowly look up...


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