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The Muncher

A spine-tingling horror story

By Saturo GPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Recently, I've started having bizarre nightmares. One of them involved a woman biting off other people's faces with her teeth, and by the time I became frustrated with the dreams, I realised they weren't dreams. I realised I was in a dungeon surrounded by people who had chunks of skin ripped off of their faces, lacked eyeballs, and were writhing on the floor. Another person had many severely dented body parts, including their upper arms and thighs. I attempted to scream in response to the horrifying sight, but for some reason I was unable to do so. Instead, I could only roll my eyes and tremblingly check my own body and face. Fortunately, my skin was still in good condition.

After a while, I heard a voice in the hallway 'How many faces are left? Only a few! Hurry up and gather some new pretty girls for me' Along with the voice, I heard someone getting nearer to me as my heart started to beat like crazy. Other than me there were about three others whose faces were undamaged and they were all in tears of terror. Then a woman and two giant bodyguards opened the door and entered. The woman came over and looked at each person one by one for a long time. She touched their skin with her hand and smelled each one. When she got to me she stared closely at my face and said with a wide open Smile: 'I should save this one to eat later but that kind of face expression puts me off my appetite so you'd rather cry like the others.'

She agonised over the four of us for hours before approaching a woman and biting off her face. She screamed furiously, but all that came out was a weak sound of an air leak. The woman exclaimed in wonder - 'I knew it would be like this the skin is so chewy and as expected I'm correct. Take her to the operating room and pluck out her eyes.'

I was in terrible shock I couldn't remember why I was here or even when I got here. I couldn't remember anything and that night I had a dream again that some men gave me an injection and left and after a while I heard gunshots of people screaming and loud footsteps echoing through the hallway. After a while the police opened the door and came in and shook me. When I woke up from the dream I was lying in the hospital and a man came up to me and introduced himself as a detective and explained that I was imprisoned in that Cellar for two weeks. I said I didn't remember anything and the detective continued talking. 'It's a really horrible case the mad woman ate off a total of seven people's faces and body parts. You were abducted two weeks ago and every night you were given anaesthesia to keep you confused. Fortunately a missing person's report was filed and while tracking you down we discovered the basement. You are safe now.'

I couldn't believe anything he said! Why the hell did that woman do this? Then one thing came to mind - all the people in that prison were pretty. Suddenly my head hurt as if it would break and the forgotten memories came back: the model recruitment ad I saw two weeks ago. As soon as I saw the ad for a high payed job I went in to do the interview. The las thing I remembered was arriving there and meeting a woman. She said to a far off person as she looked at me, 'Oh my take good care of her! Everything is to my taste from head to toe, I will eat everything except the bones!'


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