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The Moonlight Shack

by Rocco .D about a month ago in supernatural
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The tale of a small boy in a vast forest of moonlight

Once upon a foggy night in the moonlight forest, there was a small boy whom was sad and lost. The cold breeze of the night swept through the small shack he had woken up in. He was confused as he was just warm and safe in his bed ''could this be real?'' he thought. He got up with several injuries and cuts, ''who or what could've done this?''. With a blink of an eye he was knocked out from a large heavy object that came crashing down and hit him in the head. He woke up again many hours later, it was still dark and the boy was confused. ''Where did the sun go?'', little did he know he was surrounded in eternal darkness that would last evermore, an infinite blackout that would never lapse. He started to panic thinking that his small anemic life would end because of this vast forest of dread and suffering. Though if only he knew the forest would be the least of his worries in this sinister place he called ''a forest''. He was actually in the Moonlight Forest, the most evil place in all of Gaverdon. He was panicked but he tried his best to keep calm to not disturb any other creatures that might be living out in the Moonlight Forest. He found a trail that had a sign pointing north, ''to Gaverdon'' it said he decided to run along the path of stones and mud until he reached the small town. ''Why hello there!'' one of the jolly old men living there said. "what is this place'' the boy said. ''Why this is Gaverdon!, are you from around these parts?'' the boy said no and the continued talking until they both decided to go to bed. ''I have a spare room for ya to sleep in if you don't mind'' said the man, ''thank you sir, I sure don't!'' said the boy. They went to bed and woke in the cold dark humid log cabin ''Why good-morning, care for some breakfast?'' said the old man ''yes please I'm starving'' said the boy. They both sat down and enjoyed breakfast together in peace, after they took a short stroll down to one of the nearest shops and bought some pastries for later. They went back to their small cabin, it was dark and all they had was an oil lamp, so visibility was exceptionally scarce. When they got home they were drenched in the forests heavy rain-fall that was also continuous in the Moonlight Forest. The boy and the man sat down and had a cup of coffee as they discussed there experiences in the Moonlight Forest. The boy talked about erratically waking up in a shack, and having his head impinged by an projectile object, and how he didn't remember anything before. The old man proceeded to ask the boy his name, ''my name is Russell, at-least I think so'' the boy said why hello Russell!, and your positive you don't remember anything after you hit your head?. ''Yup I'm sure'' Russell said, the old man kept his name confidential, ''want to go for a stroll down the Glondale path?'' said the old man, ''where and what's that?'' said Russell. ''Its a beautiful trail on the coast of Gaverdon, and there's light!'' said the old man ''there's light?!, yay!'' said Russell. They left with the oil lamp and went on there quest, ''how long is the trail?'' Russell said, ''a couple kilometers at-least'' the old man said, they then proceeded to walk along the trail for several hours. When they finally reached the end, there was a beautiful cliff with a waterfall along the side, they finally saw the light, they escaped from the Moonlight Forest. And they lived cheerfully in another dream-like environment.


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