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The Man and the Wolf

by The C.A.B. 2 years ago in fiction
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The 24/7 Diner

A man and his wolf companion walks into a diner full of sheep eating bowls of grass, swine eating truffles and robots were the cooks, the servers and the custodial staff. It was the finest diner of all diners. Sparkling clean and fresh. The man tells the wolf that he can have anything in the diner he chooses; he just can't have what he's having. The wolf looks puzzled but agrees anyway. The man and his wolf companion sits, receive water, plates, forks and knives. The man is very gracious to his wolf companion and offers to purchase the wolf's meal. The wolf is always pleased with his man friend. His graciousness never fails. The robots notice this man's graciousness and grows very concerned for their other patrons in the diner. The man assures the robots that all is well and they believe the man for he is very gracious to a known natural predator of the patrons in the diner. The wolf asks the man, "Aren't you hungry?" The man says, "I don't hunger for what you hunger and I do not eat what you eat for I am a man, but I am looking for something special to me. The wolf ponders this special item and drinks his water and becomes hungry and angry as his patience quickly dwindles for a robot server to take his order. The man encourages his wolf companion to be patient, all is well. Time passes and the wolf's curiosity becomes increasingly stronger than his hunger. Out of the washroom comes a vision of the most beautiful, radiant and healthiest looking sheep the wolf has ever seen. The man says to the wolf, "That one is not on the menu. I placed my order for that one with the robots before we arrived to this diner". The wolf became enraged, slaughtered and ate every single patron in the diner. Just as the robots feared for they heard about the wolf's appetite. The wolf's hunger and insatiable appetite generated many stories of great tragedy and sorrow. There was blood and guts everywhere. The robots are enamored with the man and they quietly organize to put their plan in action to preserve the man's order for what belongs to him. The wolf is now engorged but is angry at the thought that his man friend, who is so generous, would withhold to himself such a rare and special sheep. The wolf demands an answer from both the robot and the man and the man replies, "We have visited many diners and I gave you all you desired. I let you eat at your own leisure, I never indulged and all I want is this one for myself." The wolf becomes angry and calls his man friend selfish and inconsiderate. The robots considered the man's order ahead of time and realized that the wolf may not respect his man friend's one wish due to such a horrid appetite; so they devised a plan. A most spectacular plan. The robots convinced the wolf to accept payment for the one sheep to be payable by the man. The wolf accepted the deal but was treacherous and betrayed his agreement. THE ROBOTS BECAME ANGRY. The ending is of the wolf while the man walks out of the diner with his beloved sheep that he bought and paid for a long, long, long time ago as he sang her a song that all is well. When he was finished with his song the wolf burst open and out came everyone the wolf had ever eaten and they returned home from the diners the man and that old wolf ever visited and the patrons lived happily ever after. The robots looked at each other and the order placed and the signature on a copy of the receipt was the name of the man's father. They go to the window of the diner and see the man walking with a woman but the sheep was no where to be found. Even the robots were astounded, the plan had worked. On the back of the receipt was a note from the man's father, "My son owns everything for I gave it all to him for his payment."


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