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The macabre banquet

The Invitation of the Mysterious Voice

By Anonymous ShadowsPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The Legend

The fog was so thick that the four friends who had ventured into the forest lost their orientation completely. Their torches illuminated only a small portion of the ground, making everything around even more ghostly.

As they walked, the boys listened to the stories told by the elders of the town. They spoke of an old legend about a woman who wandered among the trees, looking for children to take away with her to prepare a strange feast.

The legend had become so famous that the townspeople usually avoided the forest and its dark paths, but the boys had always been skeptical and had decided to see it with their own eyes.

The Old House

As they walked, the sound of their footsteps was gradually covered by a sinister melody coming from afar. They stopped to listen better and noticed that it was coming from the direction in which they were walking. They approached the source of the sound and found themselves in front of an old abandoned house, suspended in the darkness of the night.

The boys approached the house, attracted by the disturbing music. The door was open and the sound came from inside. They approached cautiously but could not see anything inside the house, everything was shrouded in a dark and unhealthy darkness.

The Terrible Discovery

As they ventured into the house, they realized that a sinister aura hung over it. There was no source of light, only the dim illumination of their torches. They realized that every step they took was taking them further and further away from the real world and closer to a dark and terrifying dimension.

The walls of the house were covered with strange drawings and indecipherable symbols, the windows were broken, and the floor creaked under their feet. The boys felt a growing anxiety as they proceeded and occasionally thought they saw something moving in the shadows.

It was then that they heard a female voice, like a whisper, coming from another room. It seemed to invite the boys to follow it, ever closer, ever more seductive.

The boys could not resist the call of the voice, so they headed towards the room it came from. The door was closed, but the boys wasted no time in opening it. But as soon as they entered, terror took over.

The Demon

The room was full of bones and skeletons of children. The female voice guided them to the center of the room, where there was a table set with the remains of the children.

The boys tried to escape, but the door slammed shut behind them. They were trapped with the old woman, who laughed heartily at their desperation.

From that moment on, the old woman showed her true nature: a wicked and unscrupulous being. She had spent years in the solitude of the forest, nourishing herself on the remains of unlucky children who had ventured too far into her abode.

The boys were her last guests, and she knew they would never leave her house. The old woman was preparing for her feast, using every part of their bodies to prepare a strange and macabre meal.

The boys were terrified, desperately trying to find a way to escape. But every door, every window, was locked or bolted. There was no hope for them.

In a corner of the room, the boys noticed an object that seemed out of place: a strange stone statue with a human figure. They approached it to observe it better and noticed that the face of the statue looked incredibly like the old woman.

It was then that they understood the horror: the old woman was a demonic creature, able to assume the form of an elderly woman to lure her victims into her trap.

The old woman began to laugh hysterically, knowing that the boys had finally understood their situation. She continued to chant a strange litany as she approached them with a knife in her hand.

It was the last thing the boys saw before being killed and becoming the next meal of the old woman


About the Creator

Anonymous Shadows

This horror writer is a mysterious enigma, famous for his dark and terrifying works. His true identity is unknown, and he avoids public appearances.

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  • Serenella Mianoabout a year ago

    what an amazing story!!!

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