The Lift

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The Lift

Part I - Usotsuki

Have you ever had a regret in your life? Sorry, that’s a stupid question, everyone has regrets, I’m willing to bet that even God has regrets, but for me regrets are what makes up my life, defines it in some cases. Regrets are what has led to this point in time, with me on the floor of a completely trashed lift, slashed up just like in a horror movie and waiting for my despicable demise. I can hear police sirens in the background and I count my last breaths, recalling everything that has led me to this point…

Part II - Amor

A few moments ago I saw a young man scarpering across the hallway towards the lift. Just by looking at him I could tell he lived a privileged life, he looked like he was in his mid-twenties, was wearing a grey suit with a white shirt and had eerily serene brown eyes.

Then I saw him plummet downwards, it seems as though he stepped on one of the many old and creaky pieces of flooring in this building. I ran towards him, holding my hand out just in time to stop a dreadful collision with the floor.

"That was close." I uttered annoyed by this young man’s carelessness.

Ignoring him, and any thanks he offered, I decide to head to the lift, my original destination, and seems he was going that way too. The lift was always boring; a normal silver lift with two big sliding doors and a silver panel with a singular button on it. After punching that button the silver doors slide open dramatically, as if an opening to a Shakespearean play, and on that cue I entered with the brown-eyed young man beside me.

Part III - Usotsuki

Weird was my first thought when she saved me, after that I thought she was sent by God himself to help me out of this mess, but who am I kidding? So here we are both in the lift, as the doors close my gaze turns towards the young woman, she was light-brown skinned, in her mid to late twenties, tall, had striking white eyes and blood red hair, she was wearing a short white skirt, a black shirt and blue tattered denim jacket. Just then I thought to myself that this day is going to end soon, and I’ll be free and happy at home. I thought wrong, terribly so. The lift suddenly screeched to a halt, propelling me forward and at the same time the lift lights died.

"What in the world?!! We’re stuck, I’m screwed! Get. Me. Out."

The young girl seems unfazed and she starts to speak to me.

"Don’t worry, this happens a lot of the time in this building, you get used to it. But it’s just that since it is nine o’clock at night we’ll be stuck here till morning."

Part IV - Amor

The lights just suddenly came back on, as if by magic, and I could see the inside of the lift so much clearer now.

"So what’s your name?"

"Mine? It’s Uso Tsuki."

"My name is Amor. Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, sure, same here."

"So, Amor, what you doing here?"

"I live here. Hey Uso, have you got a phone? Maybe we could ring someone for help, I left mine at home."

"Yeah, sure…"

I watched him slowly reach into his inner coat pocket and take an old phone out, one that still has the keypad on it and flips open.

"Dammit, no signal!"

"Why don’t we play a game?"

"What sort?"

"An asking one, we ask each other questions and the other has to reply, and we have to call if they are lying or not."

"No. There’s no prize, I stand to gain nothing."

"Okay, how about we each put something precious to us up, something we can give that we have either with us or back at home?"

"What could you have that I want?"

"I think you’ll find my phone quite interesting."


"I live in the apartment next to the one you came out from. My phone has videos on it that show that you cheating on your wife. So are you interested?"

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