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The Killer Couple

Strange Love

By Joseph Roy WrightPublished about a month ago 3 min read
The Creepiest Love Story Ever

This is a fictional tale of a bizarre couple who love to kill, they're the last people you want a double date with!

Couples like to do a lot of things together, they go on romantic dates, watch movies and embrace each other. It's cute, nice and cosy stuff that everyone loves to do with their significant other. Many go on holiday and see famous landmarks, enjoying the company they share. Introducing each other to their old friends and family. Most couples are friendly and fun to be around, yet there is one relationship out there, where you wouldn't want to be around them. This is the killer couple from New York, USA. Their names are Mr & Mrs Voorhees, yes they are aware of the irony, bet you didn't know they legally changed their second name just to sound more threatening. It is a wonder that they've never been caught, I guess they are experts at inventing alibis, nobody truly knows. However, what makes many believe they actually are killers, is the fact these two are always nearby whenever a brutal murder in the city is discovered. There is a tale, from the witness of a murder, who claimed to have seen the killer couple in the act.

This was in 2023, during the month of October, when Halloween fever was all the talk. Many shops, bars and even restaurants, had spooky decorations up in their windows. Horror movies were promoted more regularly too, even social media influencers were discussing the creepy holiday online. Ruby West was living in a lower class apartment building in Brooklyn, she thought her life was horrendous enough. Living in the big apple, with millions of rushing, unfriendly people and thugs hiding in the darkest street corners. Life out here was nothing like the movies or fabulous advertisements suggested, there was little class or sophistication in the city to be seen. There were a few classy joints, but most of what you see on TV is simply promoting the place. You'll see this with any big city in the world, sure they have their landmarks and fancy places to visit, but beneath the veil, there is always dirt and often horror. That is what Ruby West soon encountered one rainy afternoon. There was a loud scream next door, it was blood curdling and distressing to hear. She dared to investigate, pulling out a pistol. This was very foolish, Ruby should've called the police instead, for what she saw was a sight she'd never forget! Mr & Mrs Voorhees fled the room, from where the screaming was heard, they were covered head to toe in blood.
"St- st- stand... back!' Ruby trembled in fear, but the couple laughed and fearlessly charged for her, a bullet banged from Ruby's gun, but it hit the ceiling instead, she fell onto her back. The pistol dropped from her hands and down the stairs behind her, fortunately the blood soaked couple abandoned the area soon after, while Ruby cried in terror, shielding her face within her hands.

The police came by soon after, and investigated the crime scene, it was the most brutal murder any of them had ever seen. A thousand stab wounds, skin peeled and the eyes of the victim were removed. Ruby was extraordinarily lucky not to meet a similar fate. None of them could fathom a reason why the killers would do this, or what the poor murder victim deserve to be put through this torture. Somehow the killer couple had escaped, CCTV footage did catch them leaving the area in a black car, but vanished into a dark alleyway and never resurfaced. It is believed they had another getaway vehicle hidden somewhere, one that was never detected or found much later.

This mysterious couple still haunts the streets of New York, many have claimed to see them murder someone, only to once again getaway! A few police officers have even chased them, only for the two of them to escape some way or the other. The only hope, is that one day, maybe this year, the police will finally catch them. Yet that still doesn't undo the countless murders they have committed together, throughout the many, many years.


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Joseph Roy Wright

Hello there!

My name is Joseph Roy Wright, the British author of 12 Independent novels!

I like to write about movies, pop culture, fiction and horror! I review all the latest films (and classics), I also like to write short stories.

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