The hunt for the Kentucky wolfman

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Kentucky isn’t all peaceful

The hunt for the Kentucky wolfman

Ok so well, as the break ended and the sun rose I got in an argument with Steve over an idea to use his wife as creature bait due to her psychic abilities she would be able to attract the entity much easier, although Steve objected which got us in a little fight I swung a punch but Steve ducked and counter hit me in the face and then flipped me over his shoulder onto the RVs floor and I jump kicked Steve who flew out the half opened door and after grabbing a metal pellet gun I shot steve 20 times although Steve having a high pain tolerance kept on running thru and tackled me then head butted me and b-slapped me 10 times before pointing the gun point blank in my face “she is not a toy to use in your thrill-seeking scientific pursuit of that which is the paranormal doctor” he said to me, however as Steve cocked back the hammer I tried pleading with him, however the only thing that which stopped Steve right as he started to pull back the trigger was when his wife agreed to do it much to Steve’s shock “I understand the doctors desires Steven and I agree....ugh boys, so childish” she said as she went to take a shower.

Steve got off me standing up and took out the clip and thru the gun on the floor by me before walking into Walmart to get us some breakfast, you know I Figured a doctor of metaphysical sciences, an aspiring book author, and his psychic wife, all in one together in a RV hunting monsters and the paranormal, and somehow it’s always the big bad doctor, ya please Steve the author will just obviously won’t be able to understand the pure scientific capabilities of capturing these creatures, at least his wife is smart enough. Either way Steve and I made up again a hour later (as Steve truly is a loyal friend never holds grudges as he said “I understand that your speciality is the paranormal and there will be many possibilities if we do capture one and I’m sorry for my outburst like that”).

But it was when we had to stop to get gas that I saw he truly meant it, as he effortlessly picked up and then body-slammed a guy in the confident store grocery line who made fun of my glasses “you maybe an amorally ambitious, d-bag doctor but your also my only and best friend and I will protect u with my life from insults or harm after all I am your bodyguard and right-hand man” he said as we took the spot of the man in the line who was still on the floor gasping in pain. And then after we bought our needs we headed off to our investigation of, me having a half swollen lip from Steve and mines altercation and having to eat the chips on the right side of my mouth.... I’m just glad Steve didn’t use his full fight force or I’d be in a bodycast or shoot me in my face as then I would have way more than a swollen half lip if that C02 pellet gun shot me point blank in my amazing face.

When we reached our destination we set up camp and I had all of us take walkie talkies and we split up, it wasn’t long before I see a big 12ft shadow run they the woods I radio the others who hastily meet me and I tell Steve to get the real gun from the base camp and we chase after the figure, suddenly tho something tackled Steve’s wife over a hill “NO!!” Steve yelled as I tackled him to the ground in order to stop him from jumping after them. Instead he shot a few rounds over the hill before kicking me in the chest off him and scaling down the hill and hearing another howl I grabbed the gun, loaded it and also headed down the hill.

There I saw Steve holding the body of his wife, she had 3 long claw marks slashed across her chest, stomach, and back, and blood spewing from her mouth as she planted a kiss on Steve “avenge me” she said before dying in Steve’s arms. Steve was very visibly devistated “Steve I hate to break up the HBO drama but...” then a loud screetch from hell ripped thru the night like knife thru warm butter from all directions indicating whatever creature killed Steve’s wife there was more than one. “We are in for it” I said taking out my buck knife as I tossed the gun to Steve “I’m gonna kill them for what they did to her” Steve replied, however a giant rock was thrown it must have been at least 900 pounds that landed only inches from us the surprise knocking both of us off our feet as the roaring got closer Steve fired shots into the darkness as I took my voice recorder out and recorded the noise.

Soon however right as we were sure it was gonna be us vs millions of werewolves, the sun began to peak above the clouds and as such the noises also retreated, albeit much to Steve’s disappointment, Steve and I dug a pit turn I thru a match and burnt her body as she wanted to be cremated and then he and I left the woods after making sure the fire doesn’t spread. Steve for the first time in 20 years I saw, was crying I comforted him taking him to his favorite breakfast place.... ihop. That was certainly one heck of an adventurous night me and my team had with the little known legends of the beast of Kentucky, however I think Steve is hurting a lot inside he is trying to put on a tough exterior but I can tell, I also know Steve is gonna get much more hands on in these monster hunts much more dedicated than he was before... but for now, good old chocolate chocolate chip pancakes with nice syrup (Steve does regular syrup I do the strawberry) will take some of the pain away of loosing a teammate (and for Steve a wife) although it will NOT stop us from hunting the paranormal, monsters, ghosts, demons ect.

Dillion Peck
Dillion Peck
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