The Hug From a Demon

My True Story of Sleep Paralysis

The Hug From a Demon
The Touch

I was 22 years old, when I experienced what it was like to come face to face with my greatest fear. My fear of an evil, dark entity. A demon, evil spirit. You can call it whatever you like. Before my experience of which I am about to tell you, I didn't believe in spirits or ghosts. I knew of it, but didn't have any intention to give attention to it. Until,...I did. It started as incident as watching Markiplier on his series of playing this game, called Outlast 2. It had 9 parts, 40 minutes long each. I started watching it from 8am until the next morning of 2am. But, what I wasn't expecting was that I was going experience my truest nightmare come to life...

It was June 15, 2018.. I was getting ready for bed, and lighting my candle next to my bed, shining out it's glow out from the window next to me. I did this every night, cause it helps me fall to sleep. Smelling any sweet scent helps me to go to sleep faster, with ease. So pleasant, calming and lovely. Now keep in mind, I was still watching Outlast till 2am in the morning, and as I was getting sleepy, I finished watching the series. Some people say, the last thing you watch before you fall asleep is the last thing that you have on your mind. I can't say that it's true and can't disregard the idea of it not being true. However, something happened on that night.


I don't know what time it was, but I am guessing it was after 3am or around 4am. I was coming into that daze, where I like to say the twilight zone. The part where you are starting to wake, but still asleep. As I was beginning to awake, I still had my eyes closed, but felt a presence and felt something holding me close. Like as if my mom was leaning over me giving me half a hug, while I was laying flat on my back. Not to mention, being still with a shock of confusion. In my mind I questioned what was going on, "Mom?, Why would she be giving me a hug in the middle of the night?". I was in total confusion, but when I tried to open my eyes, I found out soon...that I couldn't and I couldn't move my body. I then quickly asked myself, what am I feeling right now? Do I feel that is presence is safe? My answer came to me, no.

"Help me Lord!"

I talked to the Lord quietly, as I lay stiff. Still, unable to move my arms on each side of my body. My whole body was being consumed by fear. Feeling this, I was becoming frightened. "Lord, I know this isn't you. I feel fear, and I need help. I can't move, and I am scared." When someone tells you, to stand up and fight in he face of evil.. You are more powerful than the darkness. It will flee, once it see's it can't win.

Shortly, as I asked for help, this dark presence started to retrieve back. Like it knew to back off. But then, I could feel that this dark presence stopped, and was going to consume me with a full bodied hug instead. As I braced for impact, sensing it rushing in, I felt a hand go through from my back out from my chest to stop it from hurting me. I felt the hand stop something and pushed it away from me...

A saving grace

While the hand pushed this darkness away, I heard in the distance like a far away scream. It was fading.. till it was gone. I heard it no more. I then felt as if the whole atmosphere around me, lifted. Everything was back to how it was. I was scared no more, I could move my arms, my eye's opened, and I was back to me.

The Scream... Gone

It was as if nothing happened. This is my story. What I went through is real. You may believe in my story or not, and just have read this story like any other. You might believe in the unknown, or not. All I am saying, is I was once an unbeliever in the supernatural, and the unknown of the spiritual world. But, this experience made me believe and respect the supernatural world. We don't have to take such a great interest where it can become a danger to ourselves. From what I learned from this, is to be careful and be respectful to what you don't know. Whether that's in general or not. Any kind of supernatural is beyond from what we can understand, or might know. I wanted to share my story about from when I received a hug from a demon, because I wanted to share my view and experience from one who has experienced what it is like when one says, sleep paralysis. On the other hand my belief is very simple. When you experience any likeness of a supernatural event, or something you have no explanation to what you have gone through, it hunts you for the rest of your life and the experience is the most of unforgettable.

Angela Ketelhut
Angela Ketelhut
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