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The House Down The Street


The House Down The Street

Once There was a girl named Sam, and she had just moved into a new house with her parents, Sam was 18 years old and loved to explore, one day she was doing her homework in her room when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye, she got up from her desk and looked out her window, and noticed lights flashing from the house down the street, she started to feel curious and decided she would go check it out the next day!!!

The next day Sam left her house and headed down the street, as she walked up to the house, she noticed that the grass on the property was dead and that there were skulls and bones in the front yard.... Sam started to get nervous but the curiosity was just too much, she went up to the door and knocked.

Sam knocked then waited but no answer, she knocked again but still nothing, she went to open the door and it opened... Sam walked in and shut the door, the lighting was dim and the floors creaked as she walked down the hall, next thing she knew she saw a dark figure in the corner of her eye.

Sam turned to run but the figure grabbed her by her hair and dragged her down a dark hall, Sam screamed and tried to fight but the figure was too strong, Sam was dragged into a cold dark room and lifted onto a table, the figure strapped her down and walked to a table in the corner, the figure loaded a syringe and walked back towards Sam.

Sam fought and and struggled to get away but the figure approached and stuck the needle into her neck... Sam screamed.. then it went black.

A couple hours later Sam struggled to open her eyes, as she did she noticed she couldn't move anything except her eyes, as she did she saw a wratched old woman in a black cloak walk towards her with a pair of scissors and started to cut Sam's clothing, at that point she was down to her under clothing.

The woman grabbed another rag and started to wipe Sam down with it, as she did Sam started screaming in pain, the woman had put chemicles on Sam's skin to make it dehydrate and dry up, Sam got weaker and weaker, then the woman got a big knife came over to a weakened Sam, put it up to her neck and slit her throat.

The woman collected Sam's blood and skin, she fried the skin and boiled the blood, threw her bones out onto the front lawn and proceeded to enjoy her meal and waited for the next victim to come to her house down the street.

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