The Horror of Not Knowing Part 2

by Tanisha Dagger 2 years ago in fiction

When You Don't Know What to Expect

The Horror of Not Knowing Part 2

Again, I woke up not really remembering what had happened although I knew I felt as if my body had been dismembered. It was horrible not knowing what I had been put through.

However, I was still restrained to the metal bed. The restraints were done a lot tighter so I couldn’t even flinch or turn my wrists. Although the figure had disappeared, the more I forced myself to look around this metal room I couldn't see what was around me, it was as if my eyes couldn’t focus on anything although I could still see the outline or "figure" of the item I was trying to look at.

I've never felt more confused. As I began to move my head around I could slightly feel the metal bed warming up, as if it was being heated up by a fire or some sort of heating mechanism. However, you might be thinking how could you feel that? Well if you have never tried heating up metal before it can get pretty damn hot, however, kitchen items such as saucepans are made from metal so you can understand how hot the metal bed could have got for myself to be beginning to feel the heat.

I felt as if I was being cooked off like a piece of meat. Suddenly the bed jolted and it began lifting itself up nearly throwing itself through the ceiling as it was going so fast, however, it stopped next to a set of windows (but they looked like silver sheet of metal or something. But this wasn't true, it was a 2-way mirror, where people behind it could see me but I wasn't able to see them.

This definitely freaked me out because it felt like I was an experiment for an operation or some kind of disfigurement.

The figure appeared next to my bed, I screamed not realising he was next to me. However, not realising I asked how he was stood next to the bed because it had been lifted in the air probably about 100ft. Although he didn't reply I couldn't believe that I had spoken to him.

However, he still had the shards of glass coming out of his face so I wasn't entirely sure he could actually hear if anyone spoke to him, so I just began to sob in the metal bed again. Therefore, I felt him begin to caress my face again as if he could understand the feelings or the emotions I was showing.

I couldn't understand whether he was going to hurt me or whether he was just going to look after me or some unknown reason. However, I began to try and talk to the figure hoping that maybe if I could get through to him then maybe he may let me go or I may be safe. I began with the general conversation trying to get his attention but he just continued as if I was still sobbing or had fallen asleep. It was like he didn't even realise my emotion had changed.

Something told me that he wasn't the individual who was going to harm me but he was the individual who needed someone to feel how he felt and understand what he thought. However, I knew I had to somehow help him to keep my life safe. But I couldn't think how I could get someone's attention when they don't have yours.

However, I began to run my hand down his arm and suddenly something changed. The air in the mental container room changed. The heat disappeared, some parts of the walls of the room had icicles coming away as it was getting colder and colder.

I looked back at the figure and he had turned a blood red colour, the shape of his figure had changed. But he had also appeared in a black robe with a hood covering his face. I began struggling to try and release my restrained arms and legs but as I was getting more and more frantic the figure suddenly swung open him hood to reveal his true identity.

Which turned out to be the devil... I automatically screamed and his arm reached over to cover my mouth, his hands so big that they covered my whole face, his face were able to wrap around my head as if he was holding a potato. However, I began struggling to try and release myself and to try and get his hand away from my face, but this didn't work. The more I was struggling the tighter his grip over my face was getting, it got to the point sadly where he suffocated me without realising.

However, I woke up in a hospital not understanding where I was, how I had got there or what had happened. But the nurse explained that I had a psychotic episode, so was it all real? Or was it just something that happened in my mind?

I suppose we will never truly know.

Tanisha Dagger
Tanisha Dagger
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