The Horror of Not Knowing

by Tanisha Dagger 3 years ago in fiction

When You Don't Know What to Think

The Horror of Not Knowing

How can you tell someone what you have experienced when you don't really know whether you believe it or not? Well, one day you may come across yourself being in this exact position, whether you had planned to or not. However, I thought I'd share some of my experiences with you of these horrifying times that I have experienced.

It's a cold autumn night. I was coming to the end of a very long day shift where I had been supporting the elderly. Very tired myself, I just wanted to walk home and jump on the sofa. I began walking home around 8 o'clock after my work shift. I had my headphones connected to my phone, as I was taking more notice of the music than I was with the surroundings around me.

I felt as if the street lights began to turn off once I had passed them. However, this may not seem to alarm some of you, but when it's pitch black and you are on your own... even the simplest of things will scare you. At first, I didn’t take much notice because I just thought it was my mind playing tricks on me but I could see this figure in the distance. This alarmed me a little bit, but I told myself, if I kept my head down and just walked past nothing may happen.

As I got closer and closer to the figure, I couldn't help but stare as I went past because I couldn't see it move. I couldn't see its chest move as it was breathing, nor could I see any part of its body moving. I persuaded myself that as it was coming up to Halloween it must just be someone's idea of Halloween decorations. Once I had gotten closer to the "figure" I began to feel my heart in my throat hoping that nothing would happen as I walked past.

However, nothing did happen. Therefore, you may ask, why did you bring any of this up? Just to tell us that nothing happened? Well, this wasn't all of the story. There is more to come.

Walking past this figure, I began to walk into an open field type housing estate, where there were streets upon streets circling the field, only having street lights every couple of yards from each other. I began to walk faster and faster between them so I wasn't out of the light for too long.

After walking past three more street lights I began to feel as if someone was following me, which like anyone I began to walk faster again. However, for some reason my mind told me to turn around, as if someone was right behind me, but there wasn't, there wasn't anything behind me or anywhere in sight.

This made my heart rate rise. I began to run but the footsteps behind me began to get louder and louder. However, all I can remember is I passed 3 more street lights and everything went black.

A couple of days later, I woke up in a strange metal-like room, strapped down at my ankles and wrists to a metal bed. However, every time I panicked or tried to move I could feel the restraints tighten but I could also hear metal trinkets move against each other. I couldn't see what this noise was doing or what was going to happen, so I just hoped it was someone in a different room as a coincidence.

As I looked to the bottom of the metal "bed," I could see the figure that I had passed a couple of nights before. However, it seemed to be wearing a mask as well as a gas mask. This began to make my mind race and my heart move in to my throat. I began to panick and thrust my body from side to side to try and free myself from the restraints, but nothing seemed to be working. As the metal trinkets' noise began to get louder and louder, the figure seemed to grow taller and taller which I couldn't really understand.

However, my wrist restraints began to come loose and the figure seemed to shrink to its normal size as if it was getting angry that I was becoming loose from the restraints. I began to sit up when sudden it's face appeared over mine, being covered in scars and it disfigured face hanging over me it seemed to have bits of glass and metal sticking out from bits of its face. This didn't really seem to bother him so either he had got used to it or he didn't know or couldn't feel it was there.

As it grew closer to me, my body started to freeze as it was freed from the restraints, which I found strange, as I wasn't able to free myself. I could feel his hand caressing my face to try and stop me from crying, but I must have tired myself out because I felt my eyes close.


Tanisha Dagger
Tanisha Dagger
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