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The Haunting of Serbian Dancing Lady, Ghostly Figure Haunting the Streets of Serbia

With outstretched arms, she waddles from one side to the other, causing a surprise to a person passing by who decides to film her.

By KamyaPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

It's almost midnight, and you're walking home alone after a party at your friend's place. The streets are deserted, and the darkness surrounds you, creating an eerie silence that makes you feel uneasy. Suddenly, you notice her. She's dancing in the middle of the road, facing away from you, and dressed all in black. Your heart skips a beat as you watch her move, feeling more than a little unsettled by her presence.

Then, you notice something even more disturbing: a glint of metal in her hand. It's a knife. She turns and sees you, and before you can even react, she begins to run toward you, brandishing the blade.

Such incidents have taken place in Serbia. A mysterious lady is seen dancing the Serbian folk dance on the streets of Serbia.

In recent months, videos of a Serbian woman appearing on the streets at night have gone viral on TikTok. In the clips, we can see a lady in a traditional costume/or a black outfit, dancing apparently innocently, a type of dance similar to Serbian folk dance.

With outstretched arms, she waddles from one side to the other, causing a surprise to a person passing by who decides to film her. She is also known as Baba za Zvezdara, which means grandmother from Zvezdara, a city where people have reported her hauntings, near Belgrade.


There are two versions, and in neither of them, is it good to meet the dancing lady.


On the one hand, it is said that if you run into her, she will start dancing with the intention that whoever looks at her will imitate her. If the person walking falls into the woman's trap and starts dancing or comes too close, there will be no way to get away because she will pursue him relentlessly until she succeeds in ending his life.


One interpretation suggests that the woman is seen dancing in jubilation because she has discovered a fresh target, specifically the individual observing her.

Be it one version or another, whoever meets her must try to escape from there.

Urban myth has it that not everyone is successful in escaping from this dreadful lady, who holds a knife and attempts to terminate their existence.

The networks have gone viral with the videos of the alleged murderer, although it is not the first time they have circulated.

Here is a video :

First Sighting

One of the first sightings was from 2019, and it was followed by local media reports back then. An eyewitness from Serbia claimed a woman wearing a national dress was spotted jumping out in front of cars and in front of people with a knife and making threats to them.

An article was written about this woman in 2019, telling citizens to beware. The article claimed the woman was threatening people with a knife, and although there's no proof, it was said that she had attacked and hurt a pregnant woman. But the woman thankfully survived the attack.

One of the witnesses of this accident actually came forward and said that this woman is not well; she might have mental health issues. The woman was seen near a local hospital where she was first seen dancing. However, when the police started their search and they showed up, the lady had disappeared. Also, the dance that she's been caught doing is similar to the Serbian folk dance "Kolo," that's why she was given the name the "Serbian Dancing Lady."

Since the media in the Serbian country broadcast the videos, several people have tried to find her.

2023 Videos

When the videos posted in 2023 went viral, more and more sightings of this woman began to happen. Some clearly think it's a hoax, others leaving people wondering if she was out there roaming the streets, if she was a real threat that at night, a crazy knife-wielding woman will roam the streets, dancing, waiting for a victim. If she sees or hears you, she will lock onto you and kill you. But there has been no account of her actually doing this.

Some say that she is a woman with mental problems, others that she is a murderer, and others that she is a spirit or a ghost. For some, it is a legend that originated in Serbia and Croatia, and that several users have made it popular on the networks with the aim of creating terror. The videos accumulate millions of views, but none of them show her face.

The recent sightings of the women are clearly a hoax, but the 2019 video was real, as in there was a woman who seemed to dance on the streets and attack people. The police investigated but didn't find any information regarding the lady to date, which makes things even more creepy and the woman more mysterious.

Is it an urban legend or a real danger? What do you think?


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