The Haunting of Bly Manor: (Netflix TV Show Review)

Episode 2: The Pupil

The Haunting of Bly Manor: (Netflix TV Show Review)

The loss of a loved one can make a person behave in ways they might not otherwise would if the person were still alive. Paranoia from superstition, in certain cases, can be common symptoms of grief, and grief can make a person behave in ways that defy logic and reason.

Several times a year the housekeeper, Hannah, seemed to start her day off with a mop – cleaning a trail of muddy footprints that always followed the path from the door, to the bedroom, and back outside again.

Ms.Clayton, irritated although forgiving, doesn’t believe the children locking her in the closet was an accident. As Flora picks up the doll beneath her dresser Miles snatches it runs down the hallway and throws it down the laundry chute which goes to the cellar. The dark cellar is much like the rebellious behavior Miles begins exhibiting at his Catholic boarding school.

“The trouble began as trouble often does, with an accident. Or so it would be called,” the narrator states. The narrator, in this scene, is laying the foundation for why Miles was sent home. The letter from his sister, Flora, she’d drawn for him was of several life-like crayon drawings of people, and the words, “Come Home,” were drawn on it. One figure was of her with tears on her cheeks, the other was of Miles in his school uniform. The third person was whom Flora calls, "The Lady Of The Lake" -- a woman in a faded white bedgown.

Soon after receiving the letter Miles begins behaving rebelliously at school. The incidents leading up to Miles being expelled from boarding school are confusing and upsetting for the Catholic school administrators. The first sign of trouble was a broken arm Miles got from purposely. Next, it was a fight he caused though no reason for it was ever known. His most egregious offense was for killing his bible teacher's pigeon, called Pige.

When school administrators attempt to reason with Miles about his behavior, he apologizes for not having done worse to the bird. Thus, he was expelled for an injury he caused himself, a fight, the killing of an animal, and finally an affront.

The paranormal activity continues to climb as the episode progresses. The housekeeper, Hannah, sees the same crack in a wall she sees many other places. Ms.Clayton has a panic attack after seeing Flora wearing a pair of eyeglasses with a crack in them from her suitcase. Later, while washing her hands in the bathroom, a reflection of the shadow man with lit glasses appears in the bathroom mirror. She loses her breath quickly opening the bathroom cupboard door just above the sink. Who is he, and what is the relationship between them?

In the evening Ms.Clayton and the children play a game of hide and seek. While she is searching for them, the apparition of a lady in a black dress appears, and disappears quickly walking away. Going upstairs to search for the children, Ms.Clayton finds a music box in the forbidden wing. Miles rushes up behind her hugging her neck a bit too tight. He runs off down the hall.

In the attic, where Flora is hiding, Flora hums the tune to a song called, “Oh Willow Waley.” The sound of a ghost lady crawls across the floor moaning trying to sing with Flora, but Flora shushes her.

As Ms.Clayton is searching for the children downstairs, the image of a ghost appears in the front door window of someone resembling the man she saw on the parapet. Who is he, and why is he at Bly Manor?

End of episode 2.

To be continued…

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Jennifer Soldner
Jennifer Soldner
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