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The Haunted Lodge

The Morgan Mansion,Kalimpong

By Seven StonePublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The famous hill town of Kalimpong, located amidst the beautiful hills of the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, is a treasure of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and historical significance. The recognisable Morgan Mansion is another great example of the town's rich heritage. A colonial-style estate from the early 20th century, Morgan House is also known as the Singamari Historic House. The structure, which was constructed in the typical English style, has the name of its original owner, Mr. George Morgan, a retired British army commander who owned tea plantations.

The Mansion and its origin

The ghostly history of the Morgan House is one of its most interesting mysteries. In the 1930s, George Morgan constructed this mansion to celebrate his marriage to his lovely wife. In the country-style cottage, the couple had begun their post-marriage lives. But for some reason that is still unknown, she hanged herself from a ceiling fan. George supposedly used to torture her, and she committed suicide to end it all. Since then, her spirit haunts this location. Soon after, Mr. Morgan abandoned the house.This mansion was taken over by the government after India got its independence, and it was later converted into a boutique hotel.Currently run by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation(WBTDC), the mansion is been sorted into rooms and is open for tourists.

Other mysteries around the house

1. The Disappeared Maid

Another mystery that surrounds the house is the strange disappearance of a young maid who used to work there in the 1950s.The son of George Morgan, who was both handsome and wealthy, is said to have been drawn to the maid because of her beauty and wit. The maid had a brief romance and then abruptly vanished, leaving a letter indicating that she had fled with her lover. However, her body was never discovered, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance is still unresolved at the house.

2.The Dead under the Mansion

The abandoned house was extended as a guest house. Some British used to travel to Kalimpong to enjoy their vacations in the hill. There had also been a landslide.  According to reports, a large number of persons were buried during the landslide and their bodies were not found. The mansion was the only thing rebuilt. Under the house, the bodies continued to exist.

3.Not only Mrs. Morgan

Numerous visitors have witnessed the deceased bodies' souls in a variety of forms. A tall man taking down the quilt that had been covering people and walked in front of them. It has been said that every evening you can hear cooking sounds coming from the main building's kitchen.The room in which Mrs. Morgan had committed suicide remains locked.It's completely sealed up.

Paranormal experiences

The mansion has witnessed a lot of strange things. Numerous tourists saw Mrs. Morgan moving through the wooden corridors and climbing to the second level, where she passed away. The government has shut and secured the room, but the hotel staff has heard yelling, weeping, laughing, and crying coming from inside. After a particular time at night, roaming around the hotel is not permitted. Numerous visitors have reported being pulled from their cot or being attacked by someone in the middle of the night. The hotel staff gives each guest a bible, which they are asked to keep under their pillows at night and carry with them wherever they go throughout the estate.


The Morgan House continues to be a well-liked location for people looking to feel the excitement of touring an actual haunted house despite the numerous mysteries that surround it. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it is impossible to deny that the house generates a sense of mystery and fascination that is difficult to ignore. So, if you ever find yourself in Kalimpong, make sure to stop by this extraordinary house and admire the scenic hill stations .


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