The Haunted Children's Hospital (Chapter 2)

Anaiya Tomson never wanted to move, nor did she want to go to Skental High, a private and prestigious school for young men and women. But when her mom gives her a book that seems harmless enough, Anaiya's life starts to twist. She starts seeing a shadowy figure, meets an interesting and mysterious boy, and finds mysterious clues in the book she was given. When weird things start happening at Skental High, Anaiya teams up with Kayle, the daughter of a bookstore owner, and Alden, a proclaimed seer of ghosts, to solve these instances. Little does Anaiya know, her whole life is endangered and she has special powers of her own. Will Anaiya figure out how to solve the mysteries of the book? Or will everything go completely wrong?

The Haunted Children's Hospital (Chapter 2)

'Devon stared into the darkness of the hallway. One lone light shined, its glow a sickly yellow color. Mustering all the courage he had, Devon started down the hallway, which seemed longer than it looked. Laughter came from one of the rooms, but he was sure that the fear inside him was making him hear things. A loud—'

"What do you think you're doing here?" Groaning inwardly, I looked up from my book. In front of me stood a group of girls, scowls on their faces. Every day after lunch, Skental High lets students outside for a half hour. We're pretty much allowed to do what we want. I had decided to sit on a bench and read the book my mother bought me. "May I help you?" I asked politely.

One of the girls got super close to my face. She had curly, bright blond hair, and icy blue eyes. A blue gemstone pendant hung around her neck. She wore the Skental High girl's uniform; a white button up polo, a navy blue vest with the school crest, a pleated light blue skirt, knee high socks, and black dress shoes.

"You're in our spot, newbie." I blinked, looking her in the eye.

"I didn't see your names on it."

I was in uniform also, but I wore the boy's version, which was a white polo shirt, a navy blue jacket with the school's crest, tan pants, and black dress shoes. I got scolded at, but no one told me to change out of it.

The girl's lips curled into a sneer. "We always sit here. We're not going to let some newbie take it from us."

Her tone was very poisonous. I stared right at her.

"Well, looks like you'll have to find somewhere else to sit, because I'm not getting up."

"Ooooooo..." The other girls chorused, backing up. The blonde-haired girl straightened, glaring at me.

"Fine. But if we cross paths again..." She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled my face closer to hers. "It won't be pretty. Understand?"

The girl let go of my collar, tossing me back onto the bench. She left, her posse following like little puppy dog tails.

Suddenly, the bell rang, signaling it was time to go back inside. Sighing, I stood up and started walking over to the entrance to the cafeteria. When I got in, my chest suddenly tightened. I could feel slight tension in the air. In the corner of my eye, there seemed to be a shadowy figure standing near one of the tables. Turning my head, there was no shadowy figure. I quickly walked out of the cafeteria, the tightness in my chest still there.


"Can anyone tell me one of the steps the Egyptians took to make a mummy?"

Yawning, I raised my hand, along with a few others. My history teacher scanned the room.

"Jeremy?" A scrawny, brown haired boy scratched his chin.

"They... Put specific organs in little jars topped with the head of a certain god or goddess."

"Very good! Who else knows? Anaiya?" I straightened in my chair.

"The Ancient Egyptians had a long stick with a little hook on the end. This tool was put up through the nose and was used to scrape out the brain of the dead pharaoh. The Ancient Egyptians believed that, in the afterlife, the brain no longer needed to be used. That's why they got rid of it."

My History teacher beamed.

"Very, very good!! You know your stuff, young lady."

'Riiiiiiiing!' 'Riiiiiiiing!'

Everyone started to leave the classroom.

"Have a good day, everyone!" My History teacher chimed as everyone left. Walking out the door, I went right up to my bus. I sat in the left front seat, putting my bag next to me. Other kids were starting to board the bus. I put on headphones, blocking out the noise from the other kids.

Once everyone was on their buses, the buses started to leave. I stared out the window, watching houses and cars go by. The bus stopped a few times, letting kids off, but it was a long ride to my bus stop. I closed my eyes, feeling the bus ride smoothly over the road. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

Ariana Limone-Ryan
Ariana Limone-Ryan
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