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The Halloween Fairy

Inspired by and costume of my daughter Selah Rose

By Melanie RosePublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Every Hallow’s Eve, her magic came to life.

She waited all year for her night to illuminate the sky with her sparkle and awe.

She is the unseen wonder that gives beauty to dark places.

She is the most fascinating creature ever created.

She is rare and magnificent.

And there is no one else who exists like her.

She is the one and only Halloween Fairy.

She would watch over all the little ones of the world to mark her time. She would see how they behaved, how they loved, what they learned, what they created, and who they became throughout the year.

She kept a particular eye on the children who were mistreated or overlooked. The ones who felt unwanted and unloved. She knew they deserved a little extra attention because they were special just like her. She wanted to give them hope on the one night of the year that was hers.

Her wavy purple and blue hair glistened in the moonlight under her pointy hat dressed in silver. Her purple gown that hung down to the floor was covered in silver stars and glided as she walked.

Her big brown eyes sparkled when she smiled. Her button nose wrinkled when she laughed and the sound of her laughter was infectious to anyone who heard it.

Her beauty shined so bright, her kindness spilled out into the world, and her magic created a special treat for those who believed in her and for those who did not.

She would spend 364 days a year brewing her special chocolate in a fountain in the middle of her mystical tower. She would stare at it swirling around as she stirred it with her magical staff. Each turn was taken with such care. She wanted her chocolate to be perfect when the children of the world enjoyed it.

She would look up at the stars twinkling in the dark blue sky and ask them to watch over her precious little ones until her magic could show it powers.

When her night finally arrived, she would wait until night fall. Once the sun disappeared, her wings would sprout from her back like a butterfly immersing from a cocoon and shed the fairy dust that had been keeping them in hibernation.

She would raise her staff when the moon appeared and the purple crystal ball on the top of it would glow with a radiant light. Then she would put the bottom of the staff in the middle of her chocolate fountain to absorb all the sweet milky goodness she created.

Once the fountain was completely empty, she knew it was time to go!

She would scoop up a pile of fairy dust that had come from her wings and pour it over her crystal ball. Then, her wings would begin to flutter and raise her into the air.

Her staff led her to where the hallowed children lay. Then she would point her staff towards their homes and her delicious chocolate treat would appear on their pillow wrapped in a shiny purple foil. Each one was marked with the words "Happy Hallows' Eve" in her own hand writing.

When she finished flying over the entire world, giving out her decadent treats to her precious little ones, she would fly back to her home in the tower.

She would stare up at the moonlight from her balcony and think of all the children who would wake up the next morning with a smile on their face when they found her special gift to them!

Then she would lay her head to rest because tomorrow she would start a new batch of chocolate in her fountain and begin the count down to the next Hallows' eve.


About the Creator

Melanie Rose

Writing can free your soul. At least it does for me. I am an artist and a mother first, but writing gives me an outlet to let my brain wander and create stories to expand my artwork in a whole new way! Follow me @melanierosecreates

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    Melanie RoseWritten by Melanie Rose

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