The girls in the hallway

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Some die and move on... Others are trapped by another.

The girls in the hallway

They say spirits move on when they pass as others walk the earth because of unfinished business. Most people don’t know some stay because they’re trapped and can’t leave or move on...

It was a Thursday night when I felt so depressed and I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling fan spinning in circles. Mom’s friend came over so I decided to just be mosey and see what they were up to. We just sat in the kitchen at the table playing 10,000. My back faced the back door while moms faces the hallway. We were minding our business until I started to see something blurring my sight. Honestly I just thought it was me being tired until I started to focus my vision towards the hall doorway. It was blurry alright but not my vision.

“What are you looking at?” Mom asked me with a small chuckle.

I answered with doubt “I think someone is over there watching us”.

Mom and her friend Sharon both looked at the door way, but of course neither of them could see what I was seeing. Though my family is known for dealing with supernatural all of our lives we all have different gifts. Mom's was only seeing their shadow and she can speak and hear them if they want her to speak with them. It’s very interesting really but sometimes tricky because they can choose the person they want to speak to and be heard by.

Grandma is only able to see the white outlines of them. She is able to speak tongue but not as good as mom can. Then there’s me.. the one with all the gifts... the black sheep but I’m used to it all. I’ve learned how to ignore most of them but there’s always some who are stronger than others. Sometimes even more scary than others.

The blur, going back and forth like someone was trying to figure out if I can see them. My mom wanted to talk to whoever it was so we began to do that very thing. Sharon and I began to ask questions while mom focused on hearing what was being spoken by the spirit.

While she spoke and Sharon asked questions; my mind began to go blank, it’s then I realized I had written done two names in my notebook I had sitting in front of me. The names of One man and one woman. Joseph and Sarah. I didn’t know how I knew those names but we asked if they were right. The person we were speaking to was none other than 𝙎𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙝. She had no way of moving on and informed us that Joseph wouldn’t let them go.

“Them? Who are the others Sarah?” Asked mom.

She said there were two little girls as well. We couldn’t really do anything to help her but let her know to watch us do she could figure a way on her self and help those girls. All of a sudden, out dog started barking. You know how you can y’all the difference in a dogs bark? Well our pit stated to bark in defense like someone was intruding behind me. We all decided to get up to take a picture in the kitchen, but before I could take the picture, mom felt chills and the hairs on her arms started to stand like someone walked past her.

Once she had said that, I quickly took a picture, and when I did... A huge orb popped up smack in front of me. I took more pictures in the hallway this time, and spotted a little girl at the end of the hall crouching on the floor holding a teddy bear.. Then Joseph closer to us standing there in a tall hat. Everything looked old fashioned. We moved a year later and to this day those spirits have yet to get away from Joseph.

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Laee Babii
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