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The Gingerbread Man

Inspired by L.C.'s challenge; Fucked Up Fairy Tales; Word Count Much Too Much But I Like It Anyway.

By ROCK Published about a month ago 7 min read
The Gingerbread Man
Photo by Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash

Mormor, ( Swedish for Mother's mother), hummed gingerly as she stood on her very sturdy stool to reach far, far back into the very high, high shelf for the baking goods; her plump white fingers tugged at the shoebox full of tin cutter's, some quite old, older than she, one quite new and sharp. Mice leapt discreetly to the sides of the shelf so as not to fall down with the shoebox, the cherry cheeked Mormor and her plump fingers where they would surely meet the end of her broomstick. Soon it was St. Lucia and this was when her official holiday baking season was launched each year. The winter darkness was a cosy time, one for family sitting around the fire, glogg making, crocheting and knitting with great intent to finishing the grandchildren's Christmas scarves and colourful socks just in the nick of time. In the village the church bells rang and although she would not go to the St. Lucia ceremony this year, her grand-son, Benny would be skating across the well frozen pond afterwards, tromping up the glistening snowy hill that her old red farmhouse sat upon and entering her kitchen with a calamity of excitement. He was always hungry. She threw the ingredients memorised from her mother's recipe into a large wooden bowl, the smell of familiar spices delighted her as she listened to the St. Lucia songs coming from the broadcast on her small television sitting on a small table by the window. Of course she'd already made the Lucia buns in advance so little Benny once defrosted from his frisky jaunt could curl up next to the fire, sip warm chocolaty milk and delight in the spoils of his Mormor's snuggly, warm hearted ways. Being the only grandson in a flock of cousins and sisters was wretched at times, however it gave him more specialness, a sense of well deserved indulgences which he eagerly clamoured for since he was so small that her apron strings swayed above his cinnamon coloured hair. For years they had spent days together, baking, preparing his favourite dinner, mashed potatoes with meatballs covered in ketchup; watching soccer matches on the telly and his specialness grew and grew so very big that he knew that know one mattered more than himself. Mormor had lost her husband before Benny was born, thus showering him with as much affection as she did confections.

By Joshua Gaunt on Unsplash

Benny, like his beloved Mormor Ingrid, began to grow more round, his belly always full, his carefree weekends baking, watching her carry in baskets of wood, insisting he keep his eyes on the timer by the stove didn't help. He grew lazy, content and gluttonous. So, on the day after St. Lucia, he woke to the smell of cinnamon buns fresh from the wood stooked oven. Mormor Ingrid drizzled them with powdered sugar as an extra treat for her sweet doughy boy. With a twinkle in her eyes she took out of her icebox the ball of dough wrapped in wax paper which she had prepared in advance and placed it onto a block of wood in front of Benny. " Guess what we're doing today?" Benny began to squeal like a starved piglet and ran about the house in his jammies, "Gingerbread, gingerbread catch me if you can man!"

She dumped the shoe box full of cookie cutters out onto the table, a few mouse droppings went unnoticed. Benny looked for the oldest, a tiny little reindeer, a quite small gingerbread boy then his eyes widened when he saw a brand new bright silver and quite sharp giant gingerbread man form. "Mormor! I never saw this one before!" She replied that she had been to the village baker's and saw such big cookies and asked where she could acquire one like his; he's happily handed her one for free!" Benny helped her tie on her apron and with a pouty lip said his apron no longer fit. She took another from the broom closet and she looked at his one from childhood tenderly, remembering all their baking days with fondness. " I'll wash it, mend it and save it. Perhaps someday you will have a wife and a baby of your own." Benny laughed. "No way! I am staying twelve forever." Benny scoffed. She gave Benny the biggest rolling pin and he started rolling out the yummy blend of nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon reciting under his bread, "you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man." Mormor swept and swept the hardwood floors, they creaked and despite it being below zero outside she threw open the bedroom windows, something she believed was good for their health. The sunshine was deceptive as the bitter wind blew about the room. She always closed the bedroom doors behind her after a good sweeping but this time left Benny's ajar. While Benny pressed out the figures of reindeer, stars and watched the wood oven she took to her rocking chair and closed her eyes for a wee nap. Benny peeked around from the kitchen and saw that she was sleeping, snoring in fact and had a brilliant, mischievous idea. He took all the dough he'd previously cut into reindeer and stars and crammed it into his mouth raw. Oh, so luscious the spicy, moist dough. With the remains he used the very old cutter and made a small little gingerbread boy and placed him carefully into the oven on a well greased and floured baking tin. He removed him before he was crisp so that he could press in his eyes with two chocolate chips, then he squeezed white, sugary frosting through a baking cloth with a zig-zagged tip and made him a little belt and hat. He added little white boots and placed a red raison on the tip of each boot. He was quite satisfied and put him aside to cool and started with the biggest gingerbread man he'd ever seen. He felt the edges of the shiny cutter and thought they were amazingly sharp. He pressed into the gingerbread like a knife cutting into flesh. He wasn't sure why but he felt a bit uneasy, perhaps it was all the cookie dough, the cinnamon buns and sugar he'd gouged himself with all morning. He carefully placed the gingerbread man onto the baking sheet, why it was so big it took up all the space. As it baked, he checked twice, his eyes growing bigger and bigger as the gingerbread man's head and appendages puffed up, growing to a monstrous size, in fact, he began to think Mormor may have made a mistake with their family recipe. She was getting old now and he felt a shadow of guilt for not helping her out more. After removing the now almost doll sized gingerbread man out to cool, he pressed in two raison eyes and took the last of the white frosting and made him a great big mouth to match his great big body. He noticed the fire by Mormor getting low, and with the guilt of a spoiled child he left the kitchen and went outside to fill the wood basket for her.

Mormor stirred by a noise opened her eyes briefly, smelled a strong whiff of gingerbread then fell back to sleep. Benny proud of his helpfulness placed the full basket next to the fireplace, adding a few logs he returned to the kitchen where he planned a surprise clean-up after baking. Wait, where are the cookies? Surely, Mormor didn't eat MY gingerbread man, he thought. He briefly wondered if he'd left the door open as he felt a chill as well. He doubled checked and all was secure. He began clearing the table, putting away the sugar and decorations carefully. In a plastic round tub in the sink he tossed the cookie cutters into warm soapy water. He began washing them one by one, gazing out the window above the sink. Suddenly, " Ahhhhh!", he screeched. Why he'd cut two of his fingers quite deeply with the new shiny, steel cutter from the baker's. This did wake his Mormor and she sprung from her rocker for the kitchen. " My dear boy, what has happened?" He held up his sudsy, bloody hand and screamed how he was surprising her with cleaning up and had cut himself. Shuffling quickly off to the toiletry cabinet she patched up her best little grandson and gave him a big hug. " Go have a lie down while I finish up; you're such a good boy. How about meatballs and mashed potatoes?" Benny partly grateful for not having to finish tidying up added, "and Mormor, I brough in some wood for you, too!" Pleased, she shooed him off to his room forgetting that she'd left his window open.

By Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash

Benny found his room more than freezing, it was unbearable and started toward the open window; he'd wrapped himself up in his downy bedspread then suddenly he stumbled on something left out on his floor. Boom. He landed, sprawled out like an over-stuffed chicken in the middle of the wooden planked room.

Mormor poured out the water from the kitchen sink and noted that the new cutter was not there; perhaps the boy had already put it away. She stoked the woodstove and put on the kettle for boiled coffee, her favourite syrupy blend. She watched the snow fall and rolled out minced meatballs in her palms, peeled potatoes and tried her hand at adding a few stitches more to her grandson's Christmas socks. She'd noted he was gaining weight so perhaps his ankles would be bigger than in the summer. Time for dinner neared and she was surprised Benny had not shown up at the table, being that he was always early for mealtime.

She started to his room and noticed what looked like small bits of blood in tiny little footprints on the floor. Had that barn cat been in the house again? " Benny? Benny dear?" She knocked then pushed open his bedroom door, she couldn't believe her eyes! There were dozens, more like hundreds of little Benny's jumping about the room, their flesh bloody and raw dangling from their hands and feet. "My God!" Mormor dropped to the floor and just before she fainted she saw what appeared to be an oversized gingerbread cookie with the missing steel cutter in his hand. Beside him was a little cookie boy laughing. " Do it again, Pappa!" The gingerbread man lifted the sharp cutter and sliced into Mormor's plump behind. "How does baking feel now you old codger?" ~ The End?


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Writing truth or fiction, feels as if I am stroking across a canvas, painting colourful words straight from my heart. I write from my old farmhouse in Sweden. *BLOGLINK

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  • Lamar Wigginsabout a month ago

    Ha! This took several, unsuspecting turns that I loved. Well written and entertaining, Rock!

  • Leslie Writesabout a month ago

    Revenge is sweet! 🤣 I love it. 💖 Great entry

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahah the Gingerbread man gets his revenge!! Loved the blood and gore! So delicious heheheheheheh

  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    You like mashed potatos and meatballs with ketchup, I bet. I loved the descriptions of how he decorated the cookies. I loved the story. As usual a ROCK twist at the end. The End. 😉

  • Michelle Liewabout a month ago

    Whoa. The gingerbread man is not one to cross. Worthy thriller there.

  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    Amazing it is very interesting story really enjoyed it alot

  • ROCK (Author)about a month ago

    No comments mean no reads. The Gingerbread Man will get you, mwah ha ha

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